The Results Are In!



haha, jk. (Although, not really… he is. To be clear)

It looks like the majority of you are okay with posting the next chapter in its entirety next Monday with a teaser on Friday. I will also be announcing my next story tomorrow, not posting a chapter, just posting the title and a short summary, plus some quick facts that I know a lot of you will want to know before deciding whether or not you want to read it. But I hope it will all make you really look forward to it, because I am so excited. I think it’s going to be some of the best stuff I’ve written 🙂

As for this post, I will now be using this to officially be taking requests for outtakes. 


If you haven’t read the outtakes for Different and Broken (you should do so because the outtakes for Broken are my favorite of the whole series), they are scenes from a different character’s perspective, or a scene we know about or have a vague idea about, but didn’t actually get to see because Ana wasn’t there. For instance, maybe you really want to see Kate and Elliot’s break up, or you want to know what was really going through Christian’s head when Ana told him she was pregnant, or maybe you’ve just always had a burning curiosity about what Luke and Taylor talk about while they’re waiting around for Christian and Ana to finish doing it all the time. Just put a description of the scene you want to see and the character’s perspective you want to see it from in the comment section of THIS post, and once we get close to the end of Stronger, I will go through the comments, note which scenes I think will be interesting for everyone or will add new insight to the story.


Note: Please leave your comments/requests on THIS POST ONLY. I won’t go through the reviews of every subsequent chapter to find outtake requests.

If you want to find this post in a few weeks after it’s been buried under new chapters to add another scene or idea for outtakes, it will be categorized under the wishing… section in the top menu bar. Just click the word “wishing…” and you’ll find all of my non-chapter posts.

Also note that while I am willing to accommodate as many requests as possible and I know there will be more for Stronger because so much of the story is shrouded in mystery, I will not be able to accommodate ALL requests. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’d just have to re-write Stronger from Captain Conspiracy’s perspective. haha

Actual photograph of Captain Conspiracy. Photo Credit: Leila Williams

Thanks again for your understanding after I didn’t post this week. I know a lot of you said very kind things to make me feel better about it, but I really do hate not having something to give you every week. I’m going to be better. No more missed posts until the end of Stronger, I promise. That’s only like 8 weeks… 9 weeks? Or maybe 20, who even knows. Sighhhhhhhh.




84 thoughts on “The Results Are In!

  1. I like to see Christian and Elliot’s POV of the bachelor/bachelorette party. I’d love to hear Christian’s thoughts when he sees Anna on the table and the ride back to the hotel. And of course, Eliots thoughts onKate and the moment he saw her scare and realized what it was.


  2. Christian reaction to discovering Gia was really involved (chapter 47-48). Omggg. And I would love to read little scenes between Kate and Christian. They sre so cute.


  3. Christian on finding out he’s going to be a Dad, thoughts having a girl before and after -I believe he wanted a girl didn’t he? (I so love stories where Christian either didn’t care or secretly wanted a girl, it annoys me even with the original cannon that basically he needed to have a boy to get through the idea of fatherhood fullstop or to have an heir to his company, it’s the 21st century after all girls can run companies too! Even though all incarnations of Christian come with drama which is kind of a given, I adore your type of Christian who is protective but not completely in an insane way i.e he was happy to have orhers look after Calliope. His protective nature in your story was always warranted even putting in Luke to secretly protect Ana after Kate’s stalker I totally get it he went a bit overboard when he fired Luke when Ana decided to climb the mountain but his intentions came from a good place even though he couldn’t or shouldn’t have made Luke stop her, if anything Luke being there at this point if the story as far as Ana was concerned Luke was just a friend so it worked out great as a friend he would be there if anything bad happened, after all Ana said she was going regardless as another way of facing her own fears after her breakup with Christian- I believe it was just another bucket list of things to cross off if my memory serves me correctly?

    I kind of would love to see the mushy Christian we all know exists and I love that he’s very hands on kind of Dad, I’d love to see how he incorporates it more on a day to day basis in an outtake like having her with in the office etc. I secretly love when Christian is all domestic- he’s like a girls ultimate fantasy sexy, good in bed and will change a nappy if he has too.

    I can’t wait for your next story you have said your using at least the names of original characters but your such an awesome writer I can’t imagine it won’t be good story , though I wouldn’t be opposed of another story written from Mr C point of view. I just don’t want this story to end. Though if I’m being cheeky or has this been mentioned will Ana and Christian be a couple?

    Are you planning on an epilogue maybe a separate sort of outake as they get older and perhaps try for other children. I would be interested to see how both react if Ana becomes pregnant again particularly given she almost died and that horrible feeling for Christian thinking he not only lost his baby but Ana too. As much Carla thought she was doing the right thing that has got to be one of the cruelest things she possibly could of decided on as a way to break them up. I still will never truly forgive Carla for that. Maybe an outtake on that too on what must have been Christian’s most darkest hour. Even perhaps from Ray’s point of view, security especially Luke but I’d actually also be interested to see what Carla had to say for herself in an outtake and why of all things she would choose to let Christian think his daughter had died and the aftermath that it would seem lead tooincluing Bob leaving? I know it’s easy to say I’d never do something like that but I’d love to know what led Carla to get that far to the point she must of known once Ana survived she was not going to get out of it so easily and why she ran so hot and cold with Christian anyway because she was a bitch to him before Mr C but still loved spending Christian’s money.


  4. Elena’s dead from her point of view (I would love to see the bitch troll suffer… yes, I am evil).
    The Greys and Elliot discover that Kate donated her liver.

    Christian reaction when he saw Lincoln… Or not, if you include it in the new book. But I would love to see his struggle with pain and guilt and not knowing what to do (wow I sound like I want him to suffer but nothing more far from truth 😂).


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