Author’s Note

I’m the worst.


I’m moving this weekend and while I was going to desperately try to not let that affect my posting schedule, this week IRL just became waaay to busy for me to find any writing time. I know, I know, this is starting to happen way too often and this definitely isn’t the way I want to run this site, so I have a proposition for all of you.

Chapter 38 looks like it’s going to be a monster, but there is a clear cut transition scene in the beginning/middle where I could theoretically split the chapter. I have about 3,000 words of the beginning part finished and would probably only need to write about 1,000 (ish) more until I get to where I think I could split the chapter. This could be finished today and posted either tonight (Midnight Eastern Standard Time/9 PM Pacific Standard time, US) or tomorrow morning at the time I would usually post on Mondays. Then I will do everything I can to finish the rest of the chapter by next Monday to continue posting as usual.

Pro: no missed updates, just one late one.

Con: shorter chapters, and while there is some important information in both sections, there’s a lot of fluffy goodness (desperately needed, right?) but splitting the chapter over two weeks could feel as though it’s dragging the plot out.

The other option would be to keep them together and post it all as one giant chapter next Monday. IDK. I’ll let you guys vote.


Because I do feel bad, and I don’t want you guys to think I’m okay with not posting as often as I have been, in addition to letting you choose how you want the next chapter posted, I will give you another option of something I can give to you in pennance.

Option 1:

I WILL have this entire chapter posted by next Monday, so I can give you a teaser later in the week, probably Friday, like I did with chapter 37.

Option 2:

I’ve finished the detailed outline of my next story that I will begin posting AFTER I finish A Stronger Shade of Fifty, and the outtakes, so I can post a brief summary of that so you’ll have an idea of what’s coming in the future. Because I’m hype about it!

Option 3:

I can start the post for outtake requests where you all can leave comments about which scenes from A Stronger Shade of Fifty you would like to see from a different character’s perspective, or scene’s we’ve missed because Ana wasn’t there… or unconscious… This will remain open until the story has concluded so you can continue adding scenes until the Stronger is finished.

Option 4:

All or any combination of options 1-3.


Again, I’m sorry there’s no update today. I really hate that I don’t have anything to share, especially since it feels like there weren’t really extenuating circumstances, I just didn’t finish. I hate that, and I am sorry. I’ve been reading your comments all week, and I love all the speculation! I think before the big baddie gets revealed, I might post a poll just to get an idea of who you think it is! Should I give a hint????

very vague hint:

Over the course of all of the comments/reviews, in all of the chapters of Stronger, someone HAS guessed correctly who it is. His name (or at least description of who he is) is out there, but which guess is correct? I am eager to see your speculation continue 🙂

So, in the comments of this very unnecessarily long Author’s note, please leave your vote of what you would like to have posted this week, split the chapters or post all as one next Monday, and your votes for the options listed above.

Again, I’m really sorry I don’t have anything to post this morning. But I promise on all things good in this world (See: Jamie Dornan) that I really am going to make it a priority to see that this doesn’t happen again.

Distracting Jamie Dornan Gif





65 thoughts on “Author’s Note

  1. Option 5 – Write when you feel you have the time and the energy to do so and when YOU feel you are ready to post the chapter. We will wait patiently for you regardless of which option YOU chose. RL gets in the way sometimes and you have to take care of you!


  2. Do what makes your life easier…no matter what we will be here to read when it’s ready! Love your story, and hope you have a great day! Thank you!


  3. It would be great if you could post ( if and only if you’ve got the time) tonight. So the ones who can’t wait like myself lol can read and those of us who have the patience can wait lol. Sending out my love and prayers to all the people affected by hurricane Harvey. Thanks Tara your the best


  4. Post when it works for you. We will anxiously but patiently wait.

    My vote is on the evildoer being Astor Harrington. And I would love an outtake to be Christian’s POV during Callie’s birth and Ana being unconscious.

    Thanks so much for writing. I truly enjoy reading each post.


  5. Con’t – I would love to read from Gia’s POV leaving Elliott and what happened with her encounter with the conspiracy head.


  6. How about you post when you have time I would wait not so patiently for the update. I love your writing so I can wait. I would love to read Christian’s reaction when Carla told him Callie was stillborn and she wouldn’t let Christian have any information on Ana’s condition.


  7. I would love to see a outtake with the Gia & Christian the time she tried to flirt with him when Ana wasn’t around. & id love a summery of the next book❤️❤️


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