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haha, jk. (Although, not really… he is. To be clear)

It looks like the majority of you are okay with posting the next chapter in its entirety next Monday with a teaser on Friday. I will also be announcing my next story tomorrow, not posting a chapter, just posting the title and a short summary, plus some quick facts that I know a lot of you will want to know before deciding whether or not you want to read it. But I hope it will all make you really look forward to it, because I am so excited. I think it’s going to be some of the best stuff I’ve written πŸ™‚

As for this post, I will now be using this to officially be taking requests for outtakes.Β 


If you haven’t read the outtakes for Different and Broken (you should do so because the outtakes for Broken are my favorite of the whole series), they are scenes from a different character’s perspective, or a scene we know about or have a vague idea about, but didn’t actually get to see because Ana wasn’t there. For instance, maybe you really want to see Kate and Elliot’s break up, or you want to know what was really going through Christian’s head when Ana told him she was pregnant, or maybe you’ve just always had a burning curiosity about what Luke and Taylor talk about while they’re waiting around for Christian and Ana to finish doing it all the time. Just put a description of the scene you want to see and the character’s perspective you want to see it from in the comment section of THIS post, and once we get close to the end of Stronger, I will go through the comments, note which scenes I think will be interesting for everyone or will add new insight to the story.


Note: Please leave your comments/requests on THIS POST ONLY. I won’t go through the reviews of every subsequent chapter to find outtake requests.

If you want to find this post in a few weeks after it’s been buried under new chapters to add another scene or idea for outtakes, it will be categorized under the wishing… section in the top menu bar. Just click the word “wishing…” and you’ll find all of my non-chapter posts.

Also note that while I am willing to accommodate as many requests as possible and I know there will be more for Stronger because so much of the story is shrouded in mystery, I will not be able to accommodate ALL requests. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’d just have to re-write Stronger from Captain Conspiracy’s perspective. haha

Actual photograph of Captain Conspiracy. Photo Credit: Leila Williams

Thanks again for your understanding after I didn’t post this week. I know a lot of you said very kind things to make me feel better about it, but I really do hate not having something to give you every week. I’m going to be better. No more missed posts until the end of Stronger, I promise. That’s only like 8 weeks… 9 weeks? Or maybe 20, who even knows. Sighhhhhhhh.



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    1. AMEN. That is now numero uno on my Outtake Request list. Even though there will certainly be painful parts, I would like to have Christian’s POV from the time they reach the hospital, Carla’s deception regarding Callie, Christian waiting for news of Ana, his plea to Ana, meeting his daughter, hearing him tell Calliope about Ana, and his refusal to let anyone take Ana off life support. He apparently made a wonderful speech about Ana doing everything “in her own time,” and I would love to hear his thoughts when he was thinking about that.

      I mean, that hospital stay must have been one long, incredibly fierce rollar coaster for Christian, with incredible highs and lows. And it gave him time to REFLECT on what he wanted and undoubtedly to re-visit other moments of his relationship with Ana. Even to see his thoughts on raising Callie.

      Yep, definitely my current Number One choice for Outtakes—the whole hospital experience from beginning to end through Christian’s eyes.


  1. Ok, Id like to read the outtakes of: Christian finding out Ana’s pregnant – all from the moment she asked him to come home.
    The hospital: Ray, Carla, Christian
    And oh yes, Carla, what the hell happened to make her turn so much against Christian – although I suspect Mr. Villain approached her – it would be cool to read.
    Also, I would love to learn why the Villain hated Christian so much – again I think it was the original premise from the book – it would make perfect sense.


  2. Of course, we have to see Christian’s perspective of the hospital happenings when Anastaisa was unconscious. Actually, I would also love to see the strip club scene with Christian and Elliot from Christian’s perspective and of course Anastasia finding out where he’d been. πŸ™‚


  3. I would love to see Christian’s POV of the entire hospital stay during Ana’s delivery. I would also like to see his POV of seeing Elena Lincoln again behind bars.


    1. I want to see Christian’s WHOLE hospital experience, including first meeting Calliope. But I also like the idea of knowing what Kate and Elliot (and yes, Carla, as well) were thinking.


  4. I really would like to know what happened with Carla, the 360 degrees change in her behavior towards Christian and his family, and why she lied about Callie being a stillborn. And please tell how was she planning to take the baby out of the hospital, without Ray or anyone else noticing, and what she had in mind for the baby, was she planning to raise her or give her up on adoption? I still believe that Steven Morton has something to do with it and he’s the head of the conspiracy team, that in my opinion includes Gresham, Hyde and Barney, I’m not sure about Linc. I’m glad that the majority vote to have the whole update to read next Monday, it would have been my vote too. Thank you Tara, as always you’re very considerate with your readers and I appreciate it, and don’t worry because I understand that real life is a priority. Bend your knees when moving heavy boxes.

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    1. Like you, I don’t know what to make of Carla. I DO believe that SOMEONE (probably Mr. Conspiracy Head) HAD approached Carla. And Steven Morton was someone that she knew. But WHY would she listen TO HIM? After all, she had managed to finally get HERSELF away from him. So why would she do anything to HELP him? Of course, maybe Steven offered to let Ana GO if Carla got Ana and Calliope away from Christian, but I can’t help wondering WHY Carla would EVER trust Steven?

      So I have thought, at times, that you might be right. After all, WHY throw his name into the mix NOW if it wasn’t going to come back up again? STILL, for it to be Steven Morton, there would seemingly have to be SOME reason WHY he is targeting CHRISTIAN that we don’t yet understand. Even if it is over Christian getting the girl that HE wanted for himself, it seems like there has to be still MORE. Such as Steven ALSO being the guy that attacked Mia, etc. After all, HOW ELSE did he come into contact with Elena? And how ELSE would he KNOW what had happened after the FIRST trial? I don’t even know if Ana ever even TOLD Carla about that.

      But yeah, I WANT TO KNOW WHY Carla changed. SOMEONE manipulated her, and I want to know WHEN AND HOW. So I am with you there.

      I DEFINITELY THINK GRESHAM is part of the Conspiracy, as is Hyde. AND WE KNOW THAT TECH MEMBERS WERE THE ONES MOST UPSET about not having patent rights to their investions. So that seemingly DOES point a finger to BARNEY being a part of the Conspiracy. AFTER ALL, there was NEVER a plan to “implicate” Barney. BUT I LIKE HIM from the Original Works AND from what we know of him earlier in Tara-World, so I’m hoping against hope that Barney is NOT part of the Conspiracy!

      But YES, I am from hearing HOW AND WHEN Mr. Conspiracy Head approached EACH IMPORTANT member of the Conspriacy. In fact, I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW EXACTLY WHEN the plan originated for Mr. Conspiracy Head. And to know WHY THE OTHERS HELPED HIM. What did he promise them? DID THEY KNOW about the DEATHS OF OTHERS? What did they think THEN?

      BUT your Conspiracy Theory makes sense and nearly covers all the bases, NOW that we know that Elena provided the necessary NAMES from GEH as well as the METHOD OF ATTACK in going after Christian. But WHY would she help Steven Morton? Steven MUST have approached her through the BAR, SO I WOULD LIKE THAT SCENE OF STEVEN RECRUITING ELENA FROM BOTH of their perspectives.

      (Would LOVE to hear more about your Conspiracy Theory!)


      1. I’m sorry Tori, I didn’t see your reply before. I believe that Morton married Carla because in reality he wanted Ana, but he was ‘grooming’ her and verbally abusing her, waiting “perhaps” till she was at least sixteen or who knows what he was waiting for, fortunately Ray saved Ana on time by taking her home with him. Carla was sooooo in love with Morton 😍$$$$$$$😜 you know that kind of love $$$$, as soon as Ray took his daughter home Carla and Morton divorced, that should had told Carla who he really wanted. He was a rich businessman with his own company which I’m guessing that Christian got maybe in a hostile takeover or maybe bankrupt it. Leila’s lawsuit brought Ana into the limelight, he saw her with Christian on TV and added her to his revenge, ‘two birds one stone’. I think that he knew Elena, maybe from the Club or the BDSM community, Elena admitted that she gave HIM the information about GEH, and he enrolled Barney (I don’t know Barney’s reason for being part of the scheme, maybe money?) and Hyde (SIP is part of GEH) wasn’t happy because he didn’t get Ana’s job, and Gersham from Elena’s Club, who enlisted Gia the money hungry social climber.
        Of course this is speculation because only Tara knows what happened and who is Mr Villain and I hope that we will learn who HE is soon, because I’m going crazy trying to guess who HE is, but this is so entertaining and at the same time obsessing. I love this story.
        What do you think Tara? Am I somewhat warm, cold or hot.


      2. GigiM,

        I have to say, your Conspiracy Theory makes a lot of sense. I would add that Steven Morton would obviously be a predator who wanted young, underage girls that were 15/16 years old. AND that he was the man that tried to rape Mia at the bar, BUT ANA STOPPED that as well. Would INFURIATE a man like Steven if he had FAILED originally to get Ana, but then Ana kept him from getting someone ELSE as well.

        And Elena was always frightened of THAT CLIENT at the bar, so much so that she offered Mia tons of money to sleep with him and then just outright tried to let said client have Mia DESPITE knowing of Mia’s aversion to the man or BDSM. So Elena ALREADY was frightened of this man.

        Still, I had earlier questioned how Morton would have Seattle contacts, but if he was THAT CLIENT from Elena’s bar, then he obviously had been a Seattle native for some time. But I do wonder WHY he would have such a deep-seated need to target CHRISTIAN. Was it all because Christian got Ana? There would have to be something MORE there, in my opinion.

        All in all, though, your Theory makes sense. I still feel like we are somehow missing something. ANDREW LINCOLN still makes the most sense to me, since he would be a person that would be REALLY motivated to go after Christian. If we had MORE history for him, HYDE might also have motivation. ISAAC was trusted enough to help Elena run the bar, and he would have lost everything when Christian exposed Elena, BUT I can’t see Isaac then turning on Elena, unless he had figured out that he was a VICTIM of hers as well.

        Lincoln, Hyde and Morton have all been heavily featured as the ultimate villains in Shades of Grey fanfiction. Tara will either find a NEW twist if it is one of the regular bad guys, OR she will choose someone entirely different. Sigh. At least we will soon know, one way or another!


  5. Honestly, if you’re writing I’m reading. I’d love any christian POV you know how I feel about him.

    You’re amazing !!! Spoiling us so xxoo


  6. I would like to see how Kate reacted to Carla’s news about calliope and if elliot did something to comfort her and if she had a conversation with Christian after that.

    Also, what happened between Kate and elliot before the gifts and how did she break up with Carter like conversation tears and all. Im thinking she did love him but not enough to marry him.

    Oohh and maybe the graduation speech or having a conversation with mia. I was really touched when Ana and mia talked and mia mentioned that Kate had been a great friend and sister. I would love to see more of that.

    Kate has always been my favorite character and any scenes you do any her I will be very happy to read. Sometimes different pov help improve the story line.


    1. AGREED—would love this. Add my VOTE, especially as to Christian’s CALL FROM ROS when he would have realized that something had happened to Ana. I would want ALL of this, INCLUDING when he learned she was at the hospital.

      And yeah, I would still like to hear that brother-to-brother conversation at the hospital. We KNOW that the brothers had tension for sometime after this, so I would want to hear how Elliot justified himself.

      I haven’t yet decided if I want something from Gia’s standpoint. At this point, I don’t know if I want anything more from her other than for her to stay gone. HOWEVER, it would probably make me feel better about hearing of her inevitable death if I knew she basically had it coming. So maybe a Gia POV, especially if she was willingly recruited for the Conspiracy, may be in order as well. (I MEAN, DID GIA INTEND TO COME BETWEEN THE BROTHERS?? Was she trying to USE this? Was she sent to ACCOMPLISH this? So yeah, MAYBE a GIA POV as well.)


  7. Well there’s so many I would like to see like Elliot and Kate’s breakup , when Elliot finds out about Kate and Carter ,when Leila gets caught by the bad guy , everyone’s pov of when Ana went missing those couple of hours , when Ana tells Ray about Christian and that she’s pregnant , what was going on with everyone while Ana was in a coma , Kate breaking up with Carter , when Elena gets contacted by the bad guy, there’s probably more but can’t think of them …lol


  8. I would diffidently want the outtake for Christian during Ana’s and Calliope’s hospital stay, how he thought he was losing Ana and the first time he laid eyes on his daughter. It would be also interesting to see what happened in the waiting room and the others thoughts when they found out Carla lied. Also, I’d be interested in Kate and Elliot POV when she decided to win him back and over heard him telling Gia he loved her.


    1. DITTO as to this one. I don’t know that I need Kate’s POV from the GEH ball, as we really seem to get that when she talks to Ana. HOWEVER, Tara ALWAYS finds something to bring out about the character in EVERY Outtake. She really shines with this, and I admit that I ended up REALLY loving the Christian character mainly FROM the previous Outtakes, ESPECIALLY when Ana finally took his first call. You really SEE how much Christian LOVES Ana, and all the beautiful reasons WHY that had nothing to do with her looks.

      So Tara would undoubtedly give us new insight to Kate with her commentary about this pivotal moment when she DOES decide to move on. And how she realizes that she had NOT done so before this. So yeah, Tara could do a lot with this one, so that might be a good Outtake to have.

      (And if I haven’t said it enough before, Tara, you ARE one of my favorite authors ever, in that you REALLY are able to get into the individual character’s eyes and give it a WHOLE other perspective. That HAS to be a powerful skill to be able to take a scene and COMPLETELY rewrite it from an ENTIRELY new perspective AND make it actually believable. Like I said, the OUTTAKES made me love Christian when I wanted to originally reach into my computer and somehow strangle him after ADSOF. I couldn’t imagine where he could possibly be coming from, but you actually made me see it from his eyes. And his absolute despair afterwards was just telling, and made me want Ana to eventually forgive him somehow.)

      So while I am primarily Ana/Christian oriented, I have ended up loving the OTHER Outtakes that were from Grey family members. We really ARE lacking in KATE Outtakes, so I wouldn’t mind MORE from her. Maybe ALSO in regards to her sister-like relationship with MIA.


  9. I would love any outtake on Kate and Elliot. Elliot’s pov of the break up, or the texts between him and Kate or when they get caught by Ana talking.

    I also would really love to see Christians pov of the whole birth chapter.


  10. Christian’s pov when he meets Ray for the first time, when he finds out Ana is pregnant, during the delivery and when Carla tells him Calliope didn’t make it.

    Gia’s pov when interacting with the Grey’s and Ana and her flirting with Christian.


  11. I would love to see a scene between Christian & Gia, Gia had already told Ana that he made it clear he wasn’t interested in her and in later scenes he was pretty chilly towards her also , the hours between Ana’s abduction and her being found. What made him suddenly take Ros’s call what did she say ? what was Christians immediate reaction afterwards

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    1. I, too, have always suspected that Gia made an overt play for Christian. Still, he never said anything to Ana, but Ana got that suspicion as well. Christian had tried to be FRIENDS with Gia for the sake of Elliot, but that HAD to make him furious to know that a woman was seemingly playing his brother and STILL trying to “upgrade” at the same time!

      So yeah, I HAVE always been curious about what Gia did that completely made Christian anti-Gia, no longer doubting Gia’s REAL intentions. So I am DEFINITELY for that Outtake. I can’t decide if I would want it from just Christian’s POV. No, I think I WOULD like to know what Gia was thinking and just WHY she thought she could just so EASILY take Christian from Ana.

      And SOMEHOW, Ros got Christian to take her call. My thoughts were that she told Andrea it was an emergency involving Ana, and THAT was how she was put through to Christian. That could be an VERY interesting Outtake, because following that, Christian didn’t doubt Ros again. So she CONVINCED HIM THEN that she had been wronged over how the Ana situation was handled. So yeah, that would be a worthwhile Outtake. It would also show Christian’s immediate REACTION to what was going on.


  12. I would like to know what was Christian thinking and the fears when Ana was unconscious and Carla informed that Calliope was stillborn. What changed that Christian became so cold to the point of hate on Gia. Seeing the BT again in jail (he must be repulsed!) and the gratefulness of having the unconditional love of his Ana.
    Thank You, Tara. Please do not apologize. We’re very lucky to read your fantastic books. I appreciate your considerations❀. Take care, safe move. Xoxo daytona


  13. Outtakes requests: Christian’s thoughts when Ana told him she was pregnant and when she was unconscious.
    Taylor and Sawyer’s conversation while waiting for Christian and Ana.
    Why the Conspirator hates Christian so much. Someone they both know but don’t suspect. Someone in politics?
    Any other outtakes is good to read. I have read all that had been posted. Thank you, Tara.


  14. Most of my favorites have been listed. I would like to have
    Gia’s POV- The breakup of her and Elliott? What really happened on moving day.

    Why did Mia practically have an attack upon hearing name?
    Carter’s POV – How did he really feel about Kate or was it a ploy to stay close or keep tabs on Ana.

    Elena’s POV – What were her thoughts after Christian declined her offer of sending her to an island with the financial support to live happy ever after.

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    1. I have gone back and forth with requesting an Outtake from Grace’s POV from the time it becomes clear that it is a placental abruption forward.

      After all, it will probably be VERY painful to read. Grace would have blamed HERSELF, as if she had JUST sent Ana to the hospital that morning, all might be well. ESPECIALLY after Grace learns Calliope is supposedly dead. MORE THAN ANYTHING, Grace had wanted that grandchild, and she was SO HAPPY to learn of Ana’s pregnancy. ALL that time spent in the waiting room, NOT being allowed to know ANYTHING about Ana, all while thinking Calliope was already gone.

      And Grace sees Ana as being the person that SAVED Christian (which, let’s face it, she WAS the person to save AND change Christian). So thinking that she might have killed Ana as well, when her son had relied on HER recommendation, might have had Grace in probably the worst state of her life.

      So I imagine that Outtake would be almost terrible to write. And painful to read. But it would be powerful and revealing. IF this Outtake were undertaken by Tara, I would probably request for the Outtake to follow through with LEARNING THE TRUTH about Calliope AND seeing her for the first time. As well as Grace’s thoughts for Ana AND Christian through the whole thing.

      Ray has already hinted at how hard Grace was understandably taking everything. But yeah, it would be another POWERFUL Outtake, though I think we might send Tara into emotional overload in having to write it. So while I might want to read it, I’ll leave it up to Tara as to whether or not she feels up to writing something like this, given that she has experienced her OWN family loss so recently. So if there is ANY residual ANYTHING in having to write about potential family grief and survivor’s guilt, then I DON’T NEED it.

      (Tara, we are obviously grateful for ANY Outtakes you give us, and if anything might be potentially hard for you to write about now, then consider my request withdrawn. I’ve heard of Method Actors, so it seems reasonable to think there are Method Writers that might actually WANT to write about something after having experienced it. Might even help. But if there is a chance it HURTS, then never mind, considering the Outtake request here covers Family Grief and the potential sudden loss of a loved one. There are SO MANY OTHER possible Outtakes anyway, so nothing would be missed here, and no one wants you writing anything now that would cause you pain. Period.)


      1. Oh this one I already had on my list before I started taking requests. Actually, I found that chapter really difficult to write because when I got to it, I realized I’d always seen it from Christian’s perspective and had never thought about it from Ana’s. It’ll be painful, but I think it’s necessary. There’s actually a scene coming fairly soon (within the next three weeks I would say) that I’m actually way more nervous about. Hopefully you’re right and it’ll be kind of like therapy. 😬


  15. First, I loved, relished and savored all the outtakes!!!! Some of them were doozy’s too that sent me into another stratosphere!! Talk about excited, I had to speed read and then go back and read word by word lol. They were all delicious!!! Okay, so since I’m obsessed with Christian, I would like to know what was going on his mind from the very first time Gia came on to him, how many times they worked out/met for lunch, etc and how Christian thought about Gia.We know she was a very attractive woman and even though we also know Christian would never cheat, he’s still a man lol. Also would like to know how Christian filled the long periods of time when he and Ana were apart — did he go anywhere and do anything fun with Elliot, etc? I need details lol. Want to know what Christian was thinking about Elena, because I know in some way, shape or form, thoughts of Elena haunted Christian. Also what was Christian thinking about Kate when she was pursuing Carter while Elliot mourned the ending of their relationship? Other thoughts — did Christian harbor a hidden jealously about Luke and Ana’s friendship? When Christian went to see Elliot to console him after he and Kate broke up, what did Christian say or do to comfort Elliot? How did Ros and Christian spend the off time during their business trips — did they ever go out and have drinks or talk? I could go on lol. THANK YOU FOR ANY AND ALL OUTTAKES YOU CHOOSE TO DO, I WILL LOVE THEM ALL!!!


    1. Good to know there is another person out there seemingly as obsessed as I am about wanting the WHOLE thing from Christian’s POV! We really saw Christian CHANGE through this whole book from someone that still COULD be manipulated by Elena (she WAS right, after all, about how easily Christian assumed he COULDN’T trust Welch and Ros) to someone seemingly no longer affected or under her thumb AT ALL.

      So given Christian’s transformation throughout (I mean, he didn’t even really WANT kids originally, but from almost the moment Ana tells him about the baby, he is HAPPY.), I would LOVE to have more of Christian’s “inner thoughts” over ALL the changes. AND seeing him try to impress Carla AND later Ray.

      And I can’t help but wonder if Christian ever compared GIA TO ELENA. After all, there are MANY similarities, and I can’t help but wonder what all went through Christian’s mind. And did he ever realize just how insecure ANA actually was?

      And we saw Christian still OVERREACT with Ana, yet call her back with a compromise (like over Halloween). While I can guess at his reaction and reasons for changing, I would LOVE to know what he actually thought over that long plane ride and what caused him to CHANGE HIS MIND.

      So since I know we can’t just ask Tara to rewrite the whole thing from CG’s POV, any particular HIGHLIGHTS from Christian are ALWAYS welcome, in my opinion. AFTER ALL, Christian’s OUTTAKES from ADSOF and ABSOF are some of the most powerful ones out there. I HAD ORIGINALLY thought Christian was just “going through the motions” of seeming to reconcile with his family due to ANA’s request, BUT YOU ACTUALLY SEE that Christian realized how much he WANTED his family back. ANA’S WORDS were the catalyst to make him seemingly break right through what ELENA had made him believe. AND that said SO MUCH about WHY Ana and Christian truly WERE BETTER TOGETHER than apart.

      So I’m with you in requesting ANY Christian POV Outtakes that we can get!!!


  16. Hi! Would love to read Few POVs, 1) Christian’s POV when he got to know about Carrick’s cancer, and when he got to know he is not the donor match , oh , and yeah when he got to know about Kate being the donor. 2) Christian’s POV when Ana got attacked and how he felt and find about it. 3) Kate and Elliot Break up. 4) Ray’s POV when he talked to Luke about Christian. 5) Christian POV of the entire hospital scene and Ana’s delivery. 6) A POV of Ray’s Conversation with Carla and his intentions towards Ana and his reaction. 7) A POV of Ray’s Christian on Plane when they were on plane for seattle and Baby Callie. and last but not the least.. Christian’s thoughts when he got to about Elena’s Book.
    P.S- i know its so much but i can’t help it.. i am so in love with your writing.. you are one terrific and an amazing writer. Keep the good work up ❀


  17. I love your outtakes. Really want to read C & E talking after he breaks up with Kate. What Elliot thinks if Kate’s behavior falling out of clubs. Gia and Christian hanging out alone


  18. Christian and Ray’s conversation on the plane back to Seattle. Christian’s conversation with Ros when Ana was kidnapped and his conversation to get her to come back to GEH.
    Really enjoy your “outtakes;” they add a lot to the story.


  19. Hi Tara! It would be really cool to read about what Luke and Jason talk about or do while waiting for Ana and Christian to finish doing the deed, lol!!

    PS. What did you think of GoT?


  20. Our takes
    Diff Gia– her drooling… Of Elliott ever noticed and any time what happen when she was alone with Christian
    Carla- diff when she told Christian the baby was still born
    – more Elena — your wrote perfection


    Christians POV when he discover Ana is pregnant.
    Christians letter to Ray.
    Christian and Ros, the day of the kidnapping.
    Christian and Kate chapter 33 (and when she discovers that he knows about her surgery).

    And I know that this was already asked, but so you know that I want it to: Christian and Carla’s POV when Ana is giving birth chapter 35.

    Annnnnnd every little chapter you would gift us.
    I really never want this story to end 😭

    Right now I think that there isn’t any story in the world that could superate this, but you authors seem to superate yourself with every new story. I’m scared. If I’m even more addicted to something than I already am with a different shade… my heart wouldn’t take it.


  22. NOT knowing who Mr. Conspiracy Head actually puts a real crimp in my request list, at least at this point. Some seemingly insignificant scene may have GREAT merit once we learn HIS identity, so I can’t really make a complete Outtake request list yet. (For example, if someone like Carter WERE to end up being the Conspiracy Head, then I would DEFINITELY want more on his interactions with Kate and reasons for each thing he did. As it stands NOW, I don’t really need anything else from Carter, UNLESS he turns out to be something else entirely later on.)

    Obviously, I would HAVE to request any “pivotal moments” and “recruiter moments” regarding Mr. Conspiracy Head. WHAT IN PARTICULAR caused that “moment” when he snapped? WHY did he target ANA? So MANY possibilities, depending on who HE turns out to be.

    But OUTTAKE possibilities regarding Mr. Conspiracy Head that I will probably want REGARDLESS of outcome:

    1) THAT FIRST MOMENT when he contacts ELENA. How he manages to get her to cooperate. WHEN does he suggest/ORDER the book to be done?

    2) When was his first kill for the Conspiracy? HOW LONG has he been insane? Does HE see himself as SANE? Does he feel JUSTIFIED in his activity? DOES HE FEEL LIKE THE SUPER HERO THAT LEILA represents above?????

    And I GET that certain Conspiracy Head things WON’T necessarily relate DIRECTLY to a certain chapter in ASSOF.

    Tara, obviously YOU know who HE is, so you would have thought through those IMPORTANT moments when Mr. Conspiracy Head did and planned things. BUT THERE MAY BE OTHER moments where he was DIRECTLY watching somehow, and those would probably DEFINITELY be on my Request List.

    (Oh Tara, I don’t suppose you could give a HINT as to when we ALL will know FOR SURE who Mr. Conspiracy Head is???? Pretty please??? Will beg on hands and knees if required!!!!)


    1. A lot of these requests are actually going to be redundant once the actual conspiracy unfolds, so I understand waiting. I honestly feel like I could write an ENTIRE BOOK about the conspiracy head, I’ve spent so much home planning his moves and counter moves from his perspective. But I’m not going to do that… I’ll do some highlights though.

      The book should be finished in (hold on let me think this through…) 10ish chapters. You’ll know by then. πŸ™‚


  23. I also don’t know when ASSOF will conclude. If it is directly after a trial or something like that, then I would be REQUESTING FUTURE MOMENTS from various character’s POVs. After all, CALLIOPE can’t give us a POV yet, being a newborn.

    I REALLY want to see “Future Moments” with Calliope. Are Christian and Ana able to have more children, or did something happen in delivery that prevents Ana from having more children?

    EVERYONE has seemed to indicate that Calliope ALREADY shows having a “mind of her own.” That can be both GOOD and bad, deciding where you take it. I’d LOVE to see Calliope, ESPECIALLY when she tries to wrap Christian around her wee little finger. AND if she tries to play her parents against one another OR if she is actually a sweet BUT STUBBORN girl.

    (And hey, can’t you just SEE little Calliope, in pigtails, marching into Ros’ office and telling her that she wants HER job so she can work with HER DADDY! I mean, cute little moments or milestones with Calliope will ALWAYS be near the top of my list!)

    And PARENTING STYLES with Christian and Ana—there just seem to be SO MANY possibilities here, potentially comical ones AND serious ones. YOU KNOW that Christian will worry about EVERY LITTLE THING. So seeing Ana and Christian REACTING to something Calliope has done or WANTS to do has SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. (I mean, we might ALL want a POV from a Security guy after CHristian makes a seemingly unreasonable and IMPOSSIBLE request regarding an invasion of privacy issue as to his daughter, ESPECIALLY when she even BEGINS to reach dating age.)

    I mean, Christian trying to explain WHY all his daughter’s potential future dates must disappear off the face of the earth, and whether or not “contact” has to happen before they are put on a future hit list. You know, obvious Christian moments that YOU KNOW he will be trying to work out in his mind that are COMPLETELY unreasonable. CAN’T WAIT for this! And how ANA will handle being dragged INTO THE MIDDLE of it all, as you know she will be!


      1. I love that idea, it would be wonderful to read about their family and business life too, as I’m guessing that Ana will eventually take the helm of SIP, Kate will take Kavanagh Media, and having more kids, etc. I can’t wait to get into their ‘future’.


      2. YES!!! That would be amazing! Love the idea of seeing an older Calliope. I admit I had vision of young Calliope and Christian having play tea together wearing fairy wings and princess crowns. Also, love that their keeping the house in Harvard as a writing sanctuary for Ana and a place to stay for them to go to games with Calliope and maybe other siblings???? And of course the circle of life when it comes time for Christian and Ana to drop off Calliope at Harvard. I wonder if Christian will try to get her floor to be girls only πŸ˜‚ Karma for Ray!


      3. I love the idea of futuretakes. I’ve always loved reading about Daddy Christian and happy ever after, and with you extraordinary writing, it has to be a joy to read it.


  24. Other possible Outtakes not mentioned previously:

    1) Important Brother contact moments, although I am NOT one of those requesting the stripper scene! HOWEVER, a moment between Christian and Elliot where Christian is PLANNING his daughter’s bedroom, with Elliot trying to convince him to place a NEON Seahawks sign directly in Calliope’s room. (Or even trying to convince Christian to make Calliope’s bedroom in Seahawks colors!)

    I mean, seriously, you don’t think that Elliot SUGGESTED painting the room like a football field, with Seahawks players running around the room? And was Elliot an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in planning things for his NIECE? Was he ALREADY beginning to change his mind about FAMILY?

    2) CHRISTIAN’S THOUGHTS on planning Calliope’s room. OR even in finding the HOUSE for him and Ana. OBVIOUSLY, from the moment Ana tells him that she is pregnant, Christian starts ENVISIONING his future life with his family. SOME INSIGHT into his thoughts AND plans, INCLUDING ENGAGEMENT.
    —After all, you KNOW that Mia asked Christian to take her to NY over CHristmas. I’D LOVE THAT CONVERSATION when Christian OBVIOUSLY told her about the PARIS PLANS. Definitely an OUTTAKE moment that I would love to see.

    3) CARRICK. Being asked to spend Dad Weekend with Ana. Maybe even some details there. His THOUGHTS on how far they had all come, and how happy he is with his relationships with ALL of his children AND Ana.
    —ALSO Carrick’s moment when he DECIDES to have treatment. The THOUGHTS that went through his mind as the situation progresses. HOW GLAD he is that he made up with his son AND has his close family back.
    —Maybe possibly even when Carrick finds out he is IN REMISSION.

    4) Christian’s THOUGHTS on parenthood. Just WHEN did he go out to BUY THOSE baby books? What ELSE was he thinking about? Did he discuss it with anyone else? WE KNOW he discussed a little of his parenting fears with ANA, but did he approach GRACE OR CARRICK for advice? What did they tell him?

    5) The Grey family, as a whole, do NOT presumably know YET that KATE was the donor. Obviously, I don’t think I am alone in thinking MANY of us would like to know what goes through ELLIOT’S or CARRICK’S minds when they find out!


  25. I’d really like these, too:

    The conversation when Christian OBVIOUSLY told Mia about the PARIS PLANS. Definitely an OUTTAKE moment that I would love to see.

    Carrick being asked to spend Dad Weekend with Ana. His THOUGHTS on how far they had all come, and how happy he is with his relationships with ALL of his children AND Ana.

    Do any of the Greys besides Christian know about Kate donating the kidney? Would like hear what goes through their minds when they find out, esp. Elliot. And how/when does he find out — he’d wonder why she doesn’t wear bikinis any more.


    1. And THAT is something that may write itself without even needing an Outtake!—IF Elliot gets back together with Kate, then he WILL see her obvious SCAR at some point (bed, shower–really, the possibilities are endless). After all, we ALL KNOW how much Elliot loves jet skis, so that scar is going to be seen on a boat if not before.

      So I see Elliot gaining the knowledge at some point because of the scar, and you KNOW that he would tell the rest of the Grey family immediately.

      (And, by the by, wonder if CALLIOPE will share Elliot’s love of jet skis? Don’t you KNOW that Christian would FREAK over her doing something like that? An OUTTAKE of Elliot getting caught by Christian while he is trying to teach Calliope how to pilot her OWN jet ski would be HILARIOUS.)

      I seriously see Elliot as being the kind of “fun uncle” that is perpetually driving Christian crazy with all the places ELLIOT thinks Calliope should go while overprotective Christian thinks otherwise. AND Elliot then loading Calliope up on sugar and caffeine and dropping her off RIGHT when the sugar FULLY takes place!!!!! AND laughing at Christian because Calliope will “be up all night,” thus keeping Daddy Christian from “SNUGGLE” time with Ana!)

      OH TARA—DEFINITE OUTTAKE REQUEST ADDITION: You just KNOW that Elliot will be guilty of certain “Elliot-isms” and will feel entitled to tell Calliope that her parents are having sex all the time as well as OTHER inappropriate things that could end up in Calliope saying something innocently that is WAY INAPPROPRIATE for “show and tell” at school! And Christian calling up Elliot, trying to scold and yell at him BUT not clue Calliope in further! HeeHeeHee! Then Ana having to get Kate to “intervene” and threaten to sideline Elliot as to his OWN sex activities if he continues to give Calliope certain kinds of information without talking to her parents first!


  26. I would love to Gia’s POV with the Grey Family and what she really thought of Ana and her flirting with CG. I would love to see Elliott breaking up with Gia and his reaction to Kate being with Carter. If he finds out Kate gave Carrick the liver then his reaction to that.

    CG and Carla and all the hospital stuff

    The Paris plans from CG POV and his giving her the ring

    I would love anything from CG POV to be honest


  27. Christian’s POV of the family Christmas trip to Paris, planning the proposal at Versailles, feeling the baby kick for the first time and the impromptu proposal on the bridge.


  28. Can’t wait for the Outtakes, Tara – Your writing will make them ‘pop!’ Most of my requests have already been covered, but I would like to see Mia’s POV from when she heard Charles Gresham’s name mentioned at the barbecue dinner with Ray and all the family. Thanks.
    Most anxious for tomorrow’s Teaser and, of course, can’t wait to see what Monday’s l o n g chapter will reveal.


  29. Ray & christians conversation

    Christian at the hospital waiting for the baby

    Christian noticing Gia coming on to him ( because I no it happened ) 😭

    & Christian visiting Elena in jail


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