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  1. Bro u cannot do this to me! I felt my heart skip a beat when i saw the Email that you posted!

    Its crazy I’ve been reading and rereading this story since i was in high school and im almost done my second degree in law school. Im soooo hyped :)))))))

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  2. Omg I was like yeah an outtake but then a cryptic message. Lol

    Hoping for an original story and more outtakes/ future takes of Christian and Ana. Been waiting patiently on the chapters you asked we wanted to see.

    Happy holidays


  3. I’m excited for you and your dedicated fans/readers like myself! I’ve missed you! I’m actually reading wishingmrgreywashere for the millionth time! I can’t wait to see what’s happening at the end of the countdown! Happy Holidays! ♥️🎉


  4. You have all of us so excited!! What ever it is…we will love it!! We all love you and love love love this fabulous story and any story you write. I am so excited,!!! It’s like you are giving us all a Christmas present!!!💝💝💝


  5. Ok so I’m thinking you are going to have all the outtakes that you still want to post done

    New book or you are being published👏👏

    So we need to hurry and get the last story on our thumb drive!😊


  6. Comment from Tara during her let’s sit by the fire

    I actually met with some people in LA a few weeks ago to begin work on copyrights and purchasing ISBNs and meeting with cover art artists for my own original novel. That wouldn’t have happened without all of you, so THANK YOU. Truly. For everything I’ve given you these past three years, you’ve given me so much more. And for that I’ll never be able to fully express my gratitude

    So is this what you mean???
    If so, cant wait❤❤❤❤❤


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