Hey, Guys… Let’s talk.

Hi, everyone! And welcome to our September fire side chat, helped, in part, by the raging fires of the Pacific Northwest (pauses to cough). Is everyone comfortable? Everyone good? You got a drink in the back? Excellent.

I took a lot of time of time off writing, basically all of 2019, because between 2015 and 2019, it’s all I did and I burned myself out. Hard. It legit took an entire year before I could even sit down at a computer and feel creative again.

Then Covid hit and I got so bored I nearly jumped off a bridge.

This one specifically.

I’d already made it a kind of New Years Resolution for 2020 to get back into writing, but that goal became serious when the world shut down in March. Most of the projects I’d been developing at that point weren’t necessarily meant to be published– I just wanted to test some limits and explore some concepts I’d been thinking about without the pressure of an audience.

But there was always this nagging voice in the back of my mind.

Therapy time: I’m a little OCD. And by a little OCD, I mean that when I drink too much, I clean toilets. Believe me, I’m the life of the party.

So, as I started getting deeper into the other projects I was working on, I found myself getting distracted and derailed over and over again because I had this unfinished thing out there, sitting, in limbo, taunting me… I decided to write a one shot and post it, see if that changed anything for me… and it did.

Because of you guys.

When I posted the Covid with the Greys outtake in April, I got so much amazing feedback and support that it kind of derailed my plans a bit. I started thinking about Shades of Fifty again. I re-read A Different Shade, A Broken Shade, A Stronger Shade, and The Final Shade (Which took much longer than I’m proud to admit– haha), and took a few weeks to just think about what I would do if I were to finish it.

Those thoughts turned into an outline, that outline turned into the first few chapters, and now I’m happy to announce:

The Final Shade of Fifty is coming back!

I will start updating again on OCTOBER 5th. I wanted to give you guys a few weeks to re-read Final if you were inclined, because the update I post on October 5th will be Chapter 26– picking up right where I left off. I have once again created an extremely detailed outline that will get me all the way through the end, so I am committed to posting EVERY. SINGLE. MONDAY. (come hell or high water) until I’m finished, which– if nothing deviates from my outline– will be a total of 53 chapters (28 new chapters).

It ends a little differently than I intended when I first outlined book four, which leads me to my first consequence: I’m going to have to delete the Covid outtake. It was written based on how I imagined the story ended before, and there have been major changes that make a lot of what happens in that outtake no longer make any sense. What are those things? You’ll see!

I’m so excited to connect with all of you again and share the new direction of this story. I’m happy with it, so I hope you all will be too. Because despite my long, long absence, it’s still true that I’m…



85 thoughts on “Hey, Guys… Let’s talk.

  1. Finally!!!!!!! Thanks God. honestly. I think i ma extremely greedy because when you said 28 chapters I was like ONLY 28 chapter till all of this is over😫 you got an addict in your hand Tara. But since I already finished rereading all 4 books in just 3 days … 3 sleepless days*cough cough* a sleep deprived person here😅, i will use the remaining days until your update to convince myself 28 chapters are enough and at the end its not goodbye 😭😭
    if it is not too much to ask, how is the storyline looking. as in, is it more intense like ASSOF and ABSOF filled with suspense and intrigue? will we have antagonist, or is it more family and work drama oriented with Scoot, Carmen and the fusion project, or… or is it ore Christian and Ana centric?
    final question, where did torik go? because i always saw him in the comment section and suddenly no theories or even explanation was provided. he/ she really was the highlight of the comment section
    your biggest fan


    1. Well, the GOOD NEWS is that I will still do Outtakes for Final, because it seems silly to have them for Different, Broken, and Stronger but not Final– so there will be more content than just my planned 28 chapters to finish the actual story. Plus, I’ll probably come back and write one offs just like the Covid update whenever I get bored or need a break from other projects– and OTHER PROJECTS. Trust me, I don’t plan on disappearing and I plan on keeping all of my work right here– or at least accessible through this site.

      I would say that the rest of Final is intense like ASSOF and ABSOF. There’s a combination of antagonist drama, family drama, and work drama all in store for C & A, but one of the “lessons” I think I’ve learned about writing romance through this experience is that no matter how much drama there is, it needs to be written through the lense of Christian and Ana’s love, which is how I approached plotting the rest of this story. So prepare for angst and drama, but know that it’s HEA.

      And I don’t know where ToriK went. I miss them too, for all the same reasons you mentioned. I’m glad you’re still here to interact with everyone though!


      1. Oh phew, thanks God for outtakes. By the way, Tara, do you have a playlist for ADSOF, ABSOF, ASSOF, TFSOF? I know it has been a long time since you have written them, but if you do have one i would largely appreciate it. I have recently fallen in love with make u feel my love by adele after reading it at a certain chapter in your book so the more the marrier.
        Also thanks a lot for responding. you are admirable for interacting with ur fans soo… thank you thank you .


  2. I am beyond grateful that you’re going to start updating this story again! I’ve read the entire series a couple of time and it’s my all time favourite (it’s coming from someone who’s been obsessed with reading fanfictions for the past 12 years)! I do believe that your stories are even better than the original books and I’m so impressed with your ability to create a story that’s so engaging and that gives your readers so much pleasure! You’re absolutely amazing and you’ve made my day! 😀


  3. First, I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing okay mentally and that you’re still with us.

    Thank you so much for coming back to this story. I never really commented on the chapters before, and I deeply apologize for not giving the feedback and recognition that this story deserves. You obviously have poured your heart and soul into your writing and we are the lucky ones to be able to read it.

    I have re-read all 3 1/2 books multiple times and I pick-up a new favorite moment or chapter every time. The most surprising is how much I look forward to Kate and Elliot and especially the Outtakes of their story. I really really really enjoy Elliot’s voice in your writing – I hope we’ll get a bit more from them in the new chapters.

    Just thank you so much again for this story and how much work you’ve put into everything.


  4. I’m absolutely delighted I miss this story so much. I always go back to it when I can’t find anything good to read. I really appreciate your time and I personally can’t wait. Roll on Fifty xx


  5. I’m thrilled you are writing again!! I’m rereading it again, probably 5th time, but wanted to be ready to go Oct 5!! You are without a doubt the best of the best when it comes to writing!! You just gave us all something wonderful to look forward to!! Thank you for coming back to us!! You are loved and have been soooooo missed!!💖


  6. I have reread the whole series several times over your hiatus especially during quarantine so to say that this announcement has made my day, week, month, and year is just a slight understatement LOL. Seriously though, I know other people have said it but you have such a talent and I would also be willing to pay for your work. The fact that you gift it to us for free… beyond words. Thank you so much.

    I am patiently and impatiently waiting for October 5th. So excited!!!


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