The Outtakes are Coming! The Outtakes are Coming!

Hey everyone!

I’ve already had a couple outtakes requests so I figured I’d start ruminating on it. I haven’t even really thought yet about what scenes I’m going to do, so I thought I’d turn to you all. I am also planning something to post later in the year that will essentially be a short story (a futuretake, if you will) made of multiple character’s perspectives (who I haven’t quite decided yet), and since there are so many, this will help me narrow it down:

Please leave specific request for outtakes in the comment section of this post. Reminder, this is only for The Final Shade of Fifty. If someone else has already suggested and outtake you want to see, reply to their comment and back them up– I’m very susceptible to peer pressure and I won’t have time to write everything, so gang up with each other to win lol.

As the story comes to a close, you’ll be able to find this post for further requests at the top of the “Wishing…” page, on the menu above. I’m sure there will be requests for many of the coming chapters….

Does that forecast some drama on the horizon? Maybe.

Have I said eight billion times that this is an HEA? Yes.

Is that still true? Yes.



28 thoughts on “The Outtakes are Coming! The Outtakes are Coming!

  1. Cute family moments, especially between Christian and Calliope, it’s so endearing to see their relationship and how he turns so soft!!


  2. Hello Tara
    Thank you for asking us. You are wonderful a few off the top of my head are:
    1.When Christian flies to Ny thinking Ana cheated on him with Sawyer
    2.When Christian takes Callie to the zoo with Elliot
    3. Luke after he “breaks up” with Jade
    4. Elliot when Kennedy is born

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  3. Hi Tara

    Thank you so much for your wonderful story

    My thoughts on outtakes would be

    1. When Christian flies to NY thinking Ana is cheating on him

    2.Anything Christian and Callopie

    3. When Christian was going through the thought time with the energy project and when it finally clicked for him

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  4. I’d like an Outtake on Ray and the infamous Kim! What’s wrong with her and how did Ray get to the point of moving in with this jealous, envious woman.

    Please, a good woman for Ray. Who has all of her wits about her.

    Thank you.


  5. there are too many to name but anything with Luke and Elliot, Ray and Kim’s issues or breakup and I would like for Ray to find a good woman too.


  6. I love this, these out takes are great. I’d love a Taylor/Gail outtake. I think between the two of them, it should be interesting. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story and talent !


  7. I know this series will be coming to an end….. very very sad about that…. do you plan on writing any other FSOG?? Please please think about it. Your fans absolutely love your writing.


  8. Todo desde la perspectiva de CG, sus sentimientos cuándo enfrentaba la pérdida de Endurance y tal vez GEH. Qué pasó junto con su equipo cuando lo logró. Ros, Andrea, Welch, Barney.

    La situación de Ray, que pensó cuando Kim toma la foto y cuando decide terminar con ella.

    Espero que le des una persona que lo ame y respete su situación como padre y abuelo.

    Que piensa Sawyer con toda la situación.

    Taylor y su equipo de CPO.

    Más sobre pensamientos de la familia Grey

    Y más 💕💐. Amo lo que sea con Ana y CG. Que no sea más angustia. Creo que ambos han sufrido mucho.

    Lo que nos dé es apreciado.


  9. Thank you for accommodating and asking for our preferred outtakes❤ Love to know how Christian felt when Endurance failed so epically. What must have gone through his mind. Having to let go of Gail. I know Ana’s love for him kept him going. On Luke, when broke off with Jade and the final decision to choose Jade over continuing to be Ana’s CPO. Also, Elliot. I am sad your fabulous story is about to wrap and there will not be future Ana and Christian story from you. You write amazing books about them. I am very happy though that you’re going independent with your original materials. You’ll ace it, no doubt about that💯


  10. 1. Definitely Christian’s thoughts when he is flying to NYC thinking Ana is cheating on him with Luke.
    2. Christian’s thoughts when the experiment blows up the building.
    3. Ray, when Kim posts Caliope’s photo.
    4. Carmen/Christian discussion when Carmen hires Ana despite Christian’s call to Carmen.

    Tara, I’ve LOVED your books — they’re better than ALL the other fan fiction versions because they’re an original story of Harvard and growing up, without the emphasis on BDSM, and less and less of ithat as the books move in. Your basic story is far better than E L James’ was.

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    1. Now that I’m reading about your post, I think it would be interesting to know from Christian’s perspective when everyone was against him when he was at his lowest (like Carmen or that man in the restaurant). Or even better: his revenge to them.

      Also, I don’t know if Tara plans to show Kim again in some way (so this may not make sense then) but I would love to read what Kim was really thinking when she posted the photo, don’t you think? after all, I don’t know for sure if she was being malicious or only borderline stupid.

      And, definitely… I think that the first one you mentioned has to be one of the outtakes! Big “shit hits the fan”.


  11. There are so many…I love love love this story

    Moment Christian realizes he failed and thinks his reputation and company are ruined. It would be great to have Ros and Welch’s point of view as well as Gail and Taylor when he had to layoff Gail.

    Of course the moment they realized they’d solved the issues and realized been able to use their solution to harness energy.

    Thoughts of individuals who helped Lincoln when they realized Feds were conducting investigation to keep CG happy in order to get Endurance tech.

    Luke and Jade outtake when they decide to semi break up and scene when they get home after he decides to pick her over his job.


  12. The first outtake that comes to mind would be with Elliot when Kate goes into labor. Maybe it could follow a few days of early parenthood and lead into Elliot noticing smoke coming from GEH. If anything else comes to mind I will for sure be back!


  13. Request of not just a Outtake but an entire book.I would love to read Ana’s novels. It gave Chirstan insight of what Ana went through during the break up. Weird (and time consuming) request but I don’t know I always wanted to read it. Ana discussing the sequel made me want to read them so bad. And coming from you I know that would be mind blowing. You pour your soul into emotional scenes and if you write that books it would be amazing. I love the way you describe the pain through words. Not ready to say good bye to this awesome fanfic any time soon.You are the best. Keep up the great work. All the best.


  14. I would like to know what happened at the party in NYC when Carmen and Christian were talking code?

    Why is there such a hate between them?

    The history of what is behind their relationship.

    The whole kit and kabootle. If it’s coming in a chapter soon then….

    They always said there was more pawns out there of Lincs …..


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