Hi guys,

I just wanted to give everyone an update as to why there’s no update this week. Last week, my husband and I got a call that his aunt was in critical condition and we needed to get to Las Vegas to say our final goodbyes.

I live in Seattle and flights on a holiday weekend were exorbitant, so he and I got in the car at 5 AM last Wednesday and drove to Las Vegas, which is insane and was terrible (to be clear). Needless to say, I’ve been travelling for over a week and couldn’t write, so there was nothing to post. I just got back yesterday, so hopefully that’s enough time to get a new chapter finished by Monday (I’m optimistic).

Additionally, I want to let you guys in on the big secret as to why my posting has been so irregular over the last few months. It’s not tragic or sad, just the result of a plot that didn’t work. I told you all that for the first three books, I worked off an extraordinarily detailed and long outline, so when I decided to write a fourth book, the first thing I did was sit down and plot the whole thing out. But then I started posting and the reaction wasn’t great. I pushed through, as I usually do, but it became apparent that holding on to what I wanted to do wasn’t really worth it when my audience wasn’t connecting to it.

So I decided to make a change.

I’m taking the story in a completely different direction from my plan going forward, and am going to try writing without an outline. I know what is going to happen and how the story ends, but I haven’t plotted out every detail the way I did previously. Instead, I’m going to work in small archs. I’m worried it’s going to affect my ability to throw in the little nuggets of foreshadowing, but if it makes the story better in the end, that’s what I’m here for. I might go back and change the beginning when the story is done, we’ll see.

The result is, however, that I’m writing outside of my comfort zone and that affects productivity to a certain degree. I really do try and get updates done every single week, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen and I really am sorry for that. Every time I have to post one of these, I feel like I’m not upholding my end of the bargain. But I do want to reassure everyone that I WILL finish this story. I’ve spent too much time with these characters to just abandon them.

The plus side is changing my plan means this story is going to be much longer, so we can all look forward to more chapters. And, through this experience, I learned how to write for this genre better and will use that for all of my works going forward, so thank you for your feedback, both good and bad. This is a prime example of how much it really does help.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart (Britney reference) for all of your love and support through the years! You guys keep me wishingmrgreywashere.


37 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Oh no… Your family is in my thoughts and prayers ! Don’t stress about not posting every Monday ! You’re human and life is not always easy ! Looking forward to see what you do with the story ! Big love from the French West Indies ❤️


  2. Thank you so much for keeping us posted on what is going on with your story. You are so amazing to be so faithful in getting a chapter out every week with very few exceptions. You are also such an amazing writer. The depth of the emotions you express is incredible.

    Thanks again for keeping us updated. I look forward to continuing to read your story for a long time.

    I am not one to post much, but just know that I anxiously look forward to your chapters each week!

    On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 9:08 AM wishingmrgreywashere wrote:

    > wishingmrgreywashere posted: “Hi guys, I just wanted to give everyone an > update as to why there’s no update this week. Last week, my husband and I > got a call that his aunt was in critical condition and we needed to get to > Las Vegas to say our final goodbyes. I live in Seattle and fl” >


  3. My condolences on the death of your aunt in Las Vegas.
    Thank you for the ipdate. Which ever way you lead this story can only be a great tale. I kinda want Ana to put Scott in his place and turn the Seattle publishing company around. Christian needs to slow down with the asking for tax breaks from the City Government. This is how the rich get richer!
    Tara, this is a great story no matter which direction you take it.


  4. You just take all the time you need in RL, you have given us such a great story with so many chapters and I think I can speak for a lot of your followers – those who wait for something great can never wait to long!


  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your family member. They are so much more important that updates! Please take the time you need. I promise to stop wondering where you are out loud :). I personally think the story has been great so far and know that in the end it will all make sense, but i never will complain about a longer story either! Take care and know that your fans got your back!


  6. So sorry about your family. Prayers your way. As I said before I went back and started reading from the beginning. I love your stories and writing. Can’t wait for the next update.


  7. First, I hope the stress life has been dishing out to you and your family is soon replaced by peace and happiness. You sure do deserve it!! I am absolutely *thrilled* you are going to extend this story — that’s how much I love it!! I am going on probably the 10th re-read of the whole thing and only love it more. I think you’re quite adept at balancing an ample amount of angst between our favorite couple with lots of good ‘ol fashioned loving. Just a random thought here – I do think Carrick has suffered mightily throughout the years as a direct result of Christian’s pursuit of the almighty dollar. Of course Christian wouldn’t be Christian if he wasn’t so tenacious and formidable in his efforts to succeed and dominate in the business world. Well, this is my favorite story ever, bar none, and the caliber of writing is excellent. You take as much time as you need to write, as it will always be worth waiting for! Oh, and did I read correctly that you are going to write more FSOG stories? Again I am so very happy about this — we are lucky, lucky fans indeed!!! Many thanks for everything!!


    1. This book started out as a role reversal, Ana doing things in the shadows and slowly devolving until Christian had to save HER, which is the opposite of the rest of the story. That’s where I was going anyway. But now, a major theme going forward is going to be about whether or not all the trails, tribulations, and life lessons that were learned in the last three books made an impact or not. #Mystery lol


  8. Thanks for your update, Tara. Good to know you’re OK, and my condolences to your husband. That Seattle to Las Vegas drive sounds grueling.
    You’ve woven a tremendous story so far, and I look forward to many chapters to come.


  9. Take as much time as you are comfortable because I personally love this story. I find that I have reread your story 2 times and look forward to many more. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.


  10. So sorry to hear that about your husband’s situation. I hope and wish her a peaceful goodbye when the time comes. I will wait for your stories anytime. Be there for your hubby first. Is it possible you can share in what direction you were taking the story before you changed directions.


  11. Tara, very sorry about your husband’s aunt. Glad you were able to go out to be with her though. Thinking of you both.

    Exciting news about the story….a new arc! Love it. Can’t wait to see what happens. And, writing outside your comfort zone may be a great thing for you. It will expand your talents as a writer and keep it exciting for you. You’re like a seasoned screen actor who wants the challenge of live theater. 😀

    Hopefully you still find a way to incorporate Callie and those baby gates somewhere. (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). ;-D Take care until next time.


  12. Sorry about your husband’s aunt. My condolence to your family. You are the most dedicated, committed, thank you for always reaching out to let us know RL status. Please take all the time, family and you come first. We’ll always be around waiting patiently for your fine updates because they’re so good and worth the waiting. Glad to know the book will get longer. Take care, Tara. Glad you’re back home safely. Xoxo daytona


  13. I love your books and I get excited when I see updates. As soon as I get done ready the book I started 3 days ago I plan on rereading your books as I love them. Keep up the good work.


  14. I feel for you driving long distance in short span of time. Sorry about the aunt of your husband. Take your time as long as you finish the story and no long periods in between chapters. You are one of the better ones in updating stories and I thank you very much specially you also have a job and a family to take care. Have a good week.


  15. Your life situations ALWAYS comes first. Sorry things have been so stressful for you and your family. You are worth any wait for the next chapter. There are so many of us that love this story and the way you write. We arent going anywhere and you are NEVER letting anyone down. We are in it for the long haul with you. Hugs to you.


  16. Your story and chapters are amazing. You take me into their lives, I know it’s all make believe but you have a way of making them feel real. Your imagination is unbelievable I have no words, oh I have one perfect. Please continue to where your thoughts bring you to and I can’t wait to read. You are brilliant and an excellent writer.


  17. Damn it. I was in Vegas Nov 8-12 on vacation with the boyfriend. I would have bought the coffee and brought the tissues- every day if necessary.

    Sorry you had to do that kind of driving. Travel for family emergencies just seem to magnify the pain, suffering and emotional toll of the loved one’s sickness or injury for everyone involved.

    Ain’t a one of us leaving this story or you.
    Remember as we do, we have no fourth book, or any of them, without you.



  18. I love this story and appreciate you writing this

    On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 10:09 AM wishingmrgreywashere wrote:

    > wishingmrgreywashere posted: “Hi guys, I just wanted to give everyone an > update as to why there’s no update this week. Last week, my husband and I > got a call that his aunt was in critical condition and we needed to get to > Las Vegas to say our final goodbyes. I live in Seattle and fl” >


  19. “You don’t plan life, it just happens. And you sure as hell can’t control the things that happen to you. They just do.”
    ― Ines Vieira

    Tara, Thank you for your tenaciousness and dedication in creating/writing these great stories.


  20. So sorry about your husband’s aunt especially before the holidays. Tara, don’t worry your pretty little head about regular updates. Take your time and figure out how you wish to write this wonderful story. Life gets in the way sometimes, and we need to balance that out . Rest assured, that we are always here for you. If we have to wait for an update, so be it. You’re worth it. Love ya.


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