Author’s Note

Hello Readers! Please, gather round…


Everyone comfortable? Great!

My life has been hectic. I know in my last author’s note I promised that I would be back with a new update on October 8th, but that’s tomorrow and I’m just no where close to being finished with the next chapter. Not for lack of trying! I spent my entire Saturday this week locked in my home office trudging to get through this chapter and it just didn’t happen.


Part of it is because this is a very emotional chapter and it’s a little difficult to navigate through, which I think is something to look forward to, right??? But most of it is because my work load at my job has exploded in the last few weeks and hasn’t slowed down as I expected it to by the time this particular Monday rolled around. The chaos has made finding the motivation to do anything at night other than binge watching old seasons of Grey’s and eating entire pints of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked literally impossible. Which unfortunately includes writing.

Actual picture of me last Thursday night.

The silver lining is that, fearing my imminent mental break down, my best friend thought we needed a weekend at La Push to unplug, be unreachable, and de-stress. That’s right Twilight fans, in real life that cell phone Edward gave Bella for when she was with Jacob would have been utterly useless because there is no cell service on the reservation. I assume because of werewolf magic.


To be clear, I’m #TeamEdward

(Christian 1.0)

And since my weekend away will mean fewer days to finish the next update as well, I’ve decided that it’s best not to post mid week and get off my normal routine and simply delay posting chapter 23 until October 15. I know, I suck. And I’m sorry. But it looks like chapter 23 is going to be a long one so hopefully that counts for something? IDK… but I did want to let you guys know in advance not to wait for an update and that I really am sorry to leave you high and dry two weeks in a row. If it makes any of you feel better, I had to watch the Seahawks lose to the Rams today, so Karma is alive and well.

Have a great week everyone! I’ll be thinking of you from the ocean!




25 thoughts on “Author’s Note

  1. I was really looking forward to reading your chapter tomorrow, but I totally understand. You are so faithful posting almost every single week and you let us know when you can’t, which is so very considerate of you. You also post really long chapters and you are an absolutely awesome writer. Enjoy your time and thanks again for sharing your amazing


  2. Hi Tara
    Thank you for keeping us informed. That’s the thing about you, so responsible and reliable. Totally understand. Please take your time, it is worth the wait. Thank you for your time and sharing your tremendous talents with us. Waiting paitently. Enjoy! Xoxo daytona


  3. Thank you for the update but you have a lot of nerve… Omg kidding! Everyone should be thanking you for sharing your brilliance with us! Inspiration cannot be held to a timeline…though as a reader of your work I wish that it could because it’s just so good! So take your time. Your devoted fans will wait and will be grateful for your next chapter. Thanks again for sharing your gift with all of us. Trish Sent from my iPhone



  4. Thanks for dropping the message. Your story is worth the wait and it should be written and posted at your time and connivence. Thanks and hope things get better for you.


  5. Thank you for informing us but do not worry too much, you have a life too. Your faithful followers will be here when you have an update. Don’t ever feel guilty when you cannot fullfill the planned update. There are plenty to do and to read to in between. Until then when you are ready for the next update. Thank yiu again for sharing your stories.


  6. La Push??! Awesome. And yeah, Edward is a cell-service dumb dumb, but he IS a Centarian, after all. I should cut him a little slack. 😉

    My job gets cray with hours, too so I feel your pain. Sending lots of gird-loining, strong-shoulder energy to get you through this week. As my father used to say, “Chin up, girlie.” 😘❤️


  7. girl, you’re not superwoman,……..well you kind of are, but even superwoman needs a break sometime……we will be here…….you don’t have to feel guilty about anything…..


  8. Everyone needs to be recharged. Your writing is exceptional and as such, waiting for an update is just building the anticipation. Thank you sharing your talent with all of us readers.


  9. I hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be and that this week will be calmer.
    I love your story and eagerly await every chapter. Chapter 23 has be very emotional. I really want to hear what Christian and/or Taylor say to Luke and his explanation for his and Ana’s actions. Luke is so sharp, I do hope Christian keeps him on at GEH or gets Carrick to hire him for a city position. If you don’t cover that in a coming chapter, please make it an outtake.

    What has happened with Kate and Kennedy? It seems like Ana has only seen them once (Calliope’s birthday) since the birth about 6 weeks ago.

    What’s Christian and Carmen’s history? Christian’s only been a businessman for about 6 years, unless they knew each other in school or something.

    And I’m still wondering about Scott running into Ana in the out-of-the-way Vietnamese restaurant and offering her the job. That, and mistaking Luke for “Mr. Grey,” was really bizarre and unprofessional.

    Anxiously awaiting Monday’s chapter ….


  10. Hi, are you still planning to update today? I’m missing your story. I totally understand if you can’t, I just want to know either way. Thanks Tara, Melissa



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