Elena PoV: Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen…


There is no sense of welcome in the dark windows that greet me upon my arrival home after the interminably long day I’ve spent in the King County Detention Facility. When I woke up this morning, I hadn’t even considered that this was how today was going to turn out. It was supposed to be Ros, not I, who was taken into custody. Anastasia would be gone, the rest of the Greys would be so appalled with Christian for making another deal with me that they’d cut him out again, forever this time, and he and I would finally be back on track. It was never supposed to be me in handcuffs. Hell, it should have even been Christian himself before me.

That was the less ideal scenario, but his father would have made some kind of backdoor deal to get him a plea bargain, or possibly even reduced charges so he wouldn’t serve any time at all. It didn’t really matter either way, whether it was from spending time in prison or because of Anastasia’s absence at Harvard in a few weeks, Christian was once again going to be alone. Right where I wanted him. From there it would only take six months or a year and he’d be back in my grasp. We’d pick up right where we left off. But none of what was supposed to have happened, happened. It’s not Ros or Christian who is facing prison time now, it’s me. Somehow, he and that noisy little bitch who just can’t stay off his dick have bested me. I’ve lost, and even my lawyer, who is the absolute best that money can buy, doesn’t have any hope for how I’m going to get out of this.

This isn’t how I raised him.

Thankfully, Isaac was able to pull enough money out of the accounts for me to make bail and spend what few days I have left before the trial in the comforts of my own home, though even that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. My eyes shift down to the blinking light on the ankle bracelet that will keep me locked within the walls of my house until the beginning of September.

House arrest.

Apparently, I’m a flight risk.

“Alright, Elena,” Ms. Novik says when she finally kills the engine of the car. “We’re here. Do you need anything before I leave you?”

“No, Isaac will be here.”

“Alright then, you have my number. Remember, you’re not to leave the house for any reason, under any circumstances. If you need anything, call me, and I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you, Anne.”

She nods. “I’m sorry, Elena. I really thought we had them.”

“Don’t be, it’s my fault. I should have never taken Anastasia’s bait. I got cocky. I should have known better.”

She gives me a tight smile as I reach for the handle on the door and then step out of the car. Momentarily, my attention is captured by the light that suddenly comes to life in the previously dark car that Novik had pulled up beside, and a small amount of relief fills my chest when I see Isaac climbing out of the driver’s seat and making his way around to me. This house may be its own kind of prison over the next few weeks, but at least I’ll have my submissive with me. I’m looking at a long stretch of time without any kind of sexual release or gratification. So, until I’m taken away, I plan on using him as often as possible to get it all out of my system. And possibly to work out some lingering frustrations I’m feeling towards a certain ex submissive.

He puts an arm around me as we make our way into the house, then takes my coat and my bag to put away while I trudge dejectedly into the sitting room.

“Can I get you anything, ma’am?”

“Bombay. Lime. Neat.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I collapse onto the sofa as he turns to make his way into the study off the side of the sitting room where I keep a very well stocked liquor cabinet, but before he even gets through the glass french doors, a lamp flicks on across the room from me. I blink as my eyes adjust to the light, and once I see who is sitting in the armchair beneath the window, my entire body seizes with trepidation.

“I’ve already taken care of that,” Andrew says, holding up a tumbler filled with clear liquid and a wedge of lime. “It’s not as cold as it was. You took longer to get home than I planned for.”

His gaze is imploring as he tries to hand the alcohol to me, but my eyes are not fixed on the gin gripped between his fingers. Instead, I’m transfixed by the woman at his side. Young. Thin. Beautiful.

“I see you haven’t lost your penchant for blondes,” I tell him ruefully. He glances sideways at the girl, and then shakes his head.

“It’s not like that. Elena, this is Gia. She’s my daughter.”

Daughter? The word takes the breath out of me. This girl looks as though she’s nineteen or maybe twenty, but I would guess based on her clothes and the way she holds herself that she’s more like twenty-five or twenty-six. Andrew and I have been divorced now for just over two years, but before that we’d been married for twenty-five. There’s no way this girl is older than that. So, in one word, almost thirty years of suspicion is confirmed.

I swallow the bitter taste in my mouth and sit straighter on the sofa. “Well, then. I’m glad that while I spent countless nights here waiting for you to come back from your business trips, you didn’t have to feel the same loneliness that I did.”

“Were they lonely though? I think Christian Grey might have something else to say about that.” I feel my lips press together into a tight line and he smiles. “You’re not the one to lecture me about extra-marital affairs, my love.”

“Is that why you’re here, then? To gloat? Christian turned on me, I’m undoubtedly going to prison, and you’re here to say I told you so?”

“Hardly. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of you spending what’s left of your prime years locked away in a jail cell after what you’ve put me through is extraordinarily vindicating, but you’re not the only person who should have to pay some kind of restitution for the crimes in your past. Christian isn’t innocent either, and yet he’s going to walk away unscathed with everything he’s ever wanted and more.”

“So,” I counter. “That still doesn’t explain why you’re here in my sitting room, Andrew. I won the house in the divorce, you don’t get it back just because I’ll be in prison.”

“I’m here–” he begins, his patience wearing thin. “Because I’m going to ensure that Christian Grey does not walk away from what he’s done unscathed. Because of what you two did together, I’ve lost my company, a sizable portion of my fortune, my marriage, and a great deal of my self-respect. When I’m finished, he won’t have any of those things either.”

I snort. “Oh really? And what is it that you plan to do, exactly? Let’s face it, Andrew, this is my arena, not yours. You don’t get to know people well enough to understand what will best hurt them and Christian is not as vulnerable as you may think he is. Believe me.”

“I know what my strengths are, Elena, and that’s why I’m here. Because you’re right. This is your arena. You do know how to best destroy him. You’ve done it over and over again. Your fatal mistake is that, despite this hard exterior you try to put on for the world, deep down you’ve always cared about him. And you’ve always wanted something from him. I don’t. I only want his pain. I only want to destroy him, and I will stop at nothing to make that happen. I want his company. I want his money. I want his reputation. And I want Anastasia.”

“Ana? Really?” I turn and glance at Isaac who is hovering uneasily in the doorway behind me, then snap my fingers and point to the floor at the side of the sofa. Without hesitation, he moves to his knees on the carpet at my feet. Gently, I run my fingers through his hair as a reward and then move out of my seat to fetch the drink from Andrew. My eyes narrow in on him as I take a long pull of the burning liquid and settle back down into my seat. “She’s innocent, you know. She had no part to play in what happened two years ago. In fact, she’s the only thing that might have prevented it. Hurting her isn’t vengeance, it’s cruelty.”

“And you care about that?”

“No, but you said you were after Christian because he deserved retribution for what he’s done. Anastasia didn’t do anything.”

He lets out a dark laugh. “I respected Anastasia Steele for quite some time, because she chose to leave Christian after what he did. I’ve only seen him a few times over the years, but even through the mask he put on for business events and charity balls, I could see the pain he was in. I could only presume that was because of Ana, and it almost felt like justice in a way. He had won the battle, but lost the war, so to speak, and I had made peace with that. And then she came back here, and she took him back, and now he’s a man on top of the world. She gave him everything I wanted to take away. Anastasia has been my biggest disappointment.”

I raise an eyebrow as I take another drink, considering what he’s said.

“So, I need you to tell me how to get to him, Elena. He’s got security and money, I need you to tell me how I get past all of that and take what I want from him.”

“Me?” My eyes narrow. “Have you missed the part where I’m going to prison, Andrew? I tried to beat him and I couldn’t. He won.”

He shakes his head. “No, you weren’t trying to defeat him, you were trying to control him. This isn’t about some power play, this is about destruction. Most of that I can handle, but I need you to tell me how to get to him. How can I hurt him the most? Who will turn on him? Who won’t? How do I get into his life without him knowing I’m there? You made mistakes after the trial, I’m here to learn from them.”

“And what do I get?”

“Excuse me?”

“By helping you. What am I going to get out of giving you all of my inside secrets to the vulnerabilities of Christian Grey? He has more power than you, more money… it seems to me it’s smarter to invest my loyalties in him and focus my energy on bringing him back under my control. It’s always worked for me in the past.”

“You’re delusional,” the girl at Andrew’s side, Gia, says. I turn a sharp glare on her. To her credit, she doesn’t falter. She stares back at me calm, confident, and poised. “You’ve been exposed. Not just for what you’ve done to him, but for what you’ve done to all of those young women you’ve had working for you, including his little sister.  He’ll never forgive you. All that money and influence is going to be put into making sure that you stay in that prison for as long as possible. What you get out of helping us is protection from everything else he will inevitably do to you to make you pay for what you’ve done to him.”

Again, I glance down at Isaac. He’s staring dutifully at the floor between his legs, displaying no outward reaction to what’s being said. I can’t help but make comparisons between him and Christian. I never have, and it’s always been a touchy subject for him. He doesn’t like living in my first submissive’s shadow. Still, I wonder if my participation in any retribution against Christian will frighten him. As much as he hates it when I make comparisons, I’m sure he’s made his own fair share, and I don’t want him to be fearful of me because of the way I have behaved towards my ex. I’m going to need him more than anyone else for the foreseeable future and if I’m going to keep him, I have to make sure he trusts me.

“Isaac, my pet,” I say, and he turns to look up at me.

“Yes, Mistress?”

“What do you think about what Mr. Lincoln has said? Be honest with me.”

“I think he makes a fair point. Christian Grey is not a good person, and bad people deserve to have bad things happen to them. He’s certainly ensured enough bad things have happened to us.”

“You see?” Linc adds.

I take a long breath and re-cross my legs, ignoring the extra weight from the ankle monitor, which adds stress to my calf muscles.

“Fine. You want to get to Christian, I’ll help you, but it’s not going to be easy. Unfortunately for you, Christian has an intrinsic distrust of people and expects that everyone is out to get him. You have to find a way around that and it takes time. GEH will be easy, so long as we can get people on the inside…”

“I’ve already begun that process,” Linc interrupts. “I’ve got a tech guy who worked for a sideline I invested in years ago and he was just hired in the GEH R&D division, and Gia here is already employed with Grey Construction. She’s going to be on the construction team for that skyscraper he’s building downtown.”

I settle back into my seat with my lips pursed together and swirl the liquid in my glass. I’m impressed. “I have a few more names that may be useful, and some dirt that will help you persuade a few others. The real challenge with GEH is going to be Ros. And Welch. Those two hold that company up just as much as Christian does. Anything that gets past him, they’ll be all over. If you’re going to get anywhere, you’re going to have to find a way to get rid of them.”

“I may know some people in New York who could offer Bailey a job. She’s good, right?”

I shake my head. “Ros Bailey helped build GEH and she and Christian have a very rare working relationship that she has to know she won’t find anywhere else. You won’t find anyone who will pay her more than Christian does, or who gives her the same amount of freedom or input. She’ll never leave willingly.”

“Then what do you suggest, Elena?”

I purse my lips together in thought and take another drink. My mind runs through a few different ideas, each of them more implausible than the last, until I lock eyes with Gia again. The insider.

“You said you have someone in R&D? What does he do?”

“He’s working as a programer,” Andrew replies.

“Right, but what does he do. What makes him useful to you?”

“He’s a hacker. Once he gains some trust within the company and is given a little more freedom, he’s going to work on a few of the GEH security systems for me. Get me access so I can start undoing things from the inside.”

I smile. “Perfect. Except Welch will find you the second you end up anywhere you’re not supposed to be. He’s phenomenal at his job and he watches that system like a hawk.”

“So, him before Ros?”

“Yes, and luckily for you, I’ve already planted the seeds to help you oust him.”


“My fail safe for Kink was to entwine it as thoroughly as possible with GEH while still keeping it secret, so that if it were ever exposed, it would look like Christian himself had set it up and was using his own company to launder the profits. It’s the defense we tried to use in court, and while it failed, it will lead to an investigation. Welch is very protective of the work GEH produces. He keeps his value by ensuring he, and only he, can produce the kind of technology that sets GEH apart from its competitors. He’s not going to like auditors going through his systems and taking notes for public record. Perhaps the people in his department could make those feelings more… potent.”

“And what will that do?”

“It’s like I told you. Christian thinks everyone is out to get him. If Welch expresses his own displeasure and the negative reaction of his team, Christian is going to feel attacked because it’s essentially his fault the audit is going to take place at all. It’s a trigger for him, and he when he’s angry, he makes rash and illogical decisions. He lashes out, and Welch isn’t the type of man to just take shit from Christian. It won’t ruin their relationship, but it will place a seed of doubt in Christian’s mind that you can exploit later. Perhaps by having your hacker place some damning evidence against Welch for Christian to find, evidence that shows he was planning on betraying him, we might end up with something. Betrayal is very hard for Christian to deal with, second only to abandonment. It was usually what I used to turn him against Carrick. It’ll work the same here. Fabricate something, plant it in the system for Christian to find, and he won’t even listen to Welch’s excuses. He’ll be fired, and you’ll have free reign over the system.”

Andrew stares at me for a moment, considering what I’ve said, then turns to Gia. “Make a note to have Walker try and subtly create bad blood in the R&D team over the audit.”

Gia rolls her eyes, but takes out her phone and starts typing. The screen illuminates her face and as I stare at her, I can’t help but think how familiar she looks.

“You know, Andrew. Gia looks an awful lot like Kavanagh.”


“Katherine. Elliot’s girlfriend. Consequently, he’s your second biggest hurdle. It was always easiest for me to manipulate Christian when he felt alone, and with Anastasia going back to school, you have the perfect opportunity to prey on that very deep rooted insecurity. Except for Elliot. I don’t think even a crow bar could separate him from his beloved brother. I tried everything I could to get rid of him, but he sticks around like a fucking cockroach.”

“So, what do you suggest I do?”

I purse my lips for a moment, then take another sip. “Gia, how well do you flirt?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never really had to work that hard to get men’s attention.” She uncrosses and recrosses her legs, then nibbles on the end of her thumb, and even Isaac sits up straighter. I reach forward and twist my fingers harshly into the roots of his hair.

“I saw that.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Mhm. Here, go get me another drink.” He fumbles with the tumbler I thrust into his hand and scurries out of the room to the bar in the parlor, while I settle back into my seat and stare appraisingly at Gia.

“Katherine will be going back to school too. If you could find a way to seduce Elliot, break him and Kavanagh up, and even have him take up with you, then…”

“Then he’ll be very easy to control,” she answers for me.

I let out a breathy laugh through my nose and give her a pointed stare. “You do realize what I’m asking you, don’t you?”

“To win Elliot’s affection and use that influence to keep him away from Christian. Maybe even come between them.”

“I’m asking you to fuck him,” I say bluntly. “Repeatedly. Over and Over again, for as long as it keeps him happy. Is that something you’re comfortable with?”

She smiles. “I’ve been promised ten million dollars at the end of all of this. There’s not a lot I’m not comfortable with.”

“Good. You know, it’s a shame I didn’t know you before. You would have been a very welcome addition to a business I used to run. We could have made a lot of money together.”

“Alright,” Andrew says, cutting me off. “Welch, Ros, Elliot. Anything else?”

I narrow my eyes. “Is that not enough? Must I mastermind the entire plan for you?”

“I asked you for GEH, his money, his reputation, and Anastasia. You gave me GEH.”

“A quarter of the way there. You’re welcome.”

His jaw tenses and he slowly gets out of his seat. I sit, unmoving, watching him stalk towards me, then I climb to my feet to take the drink my submissive brings back to me. “Issac, my pet. Why don’t you show Mr. Lincoln and his daughter out?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Isaac moves around the couch, stepping aside to create a path for Gia and Andrew to take in front of him, but when Andrew moves, it isn’t towards the door. His hand flies up and wraps tightly and securely around my throat, making me drop the drink. I wheeze and start to struggle against his strong, crushing hold, then look to Isaac for help, but before he can move, Gia pulls a small pistol from her bag and places it firmly against his temple.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you,” she says softly, and he freezes, pleading to me with his eyes.

“Perhaps I should tell you the other places I’ve managed to get inside access,” Andrew sneers. His fingers flex around my throat, loosening only enough so that when he tightens his fingers again, more this time, it feels as though he’s going to squeeze the life out of me. “The Washington State Women’s Correctional Facility, for example. I promise you, Elena. If you don’t give me the things I want now, willingly, I’ll find another, much more painful way to get them out of you. I can make your sentence easy, or I can make it very, very difficult. In fact, I could make the few years you’ll be sentenced to more time than you have left on this earth. Understand?”

I try to answer, but I can only make a horrible, shallow wheeze as I struggle for air.

“Money. Reputation. Anastasia,” he demands. I nod, fighting the dizziness and pain exploding in my head from oxygen deprivation. His fingers instantly unfurl from my neck and I collapse to the floor, panting. Each breath feeling like fire as they move down my windpipe.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you insane?” He kneels onto the floor in front of me, bringing his face a few mere centimeters from mine.

“I’m not playing games with you, Elena. I am here for information and I’m not leaving without it. I meant what I said before. If you want to fight me, if you want to defy me–” He pauses to grip my face roughly between his thumb and fingers. “I will fucking kill you.”

I’m practically thrown to the floor with the force he uses to pull his hand away from my face. Slowly, he gets up and moves back across the room, settling down in the sofa where he was seated before and motioning for Gia to join him. She shoots a cocky kind of smirk at both Isaac and I, and then returns to her previous spot.

“Mistress,” Isaac says, moving as quickly as he can to my side and helping me back on the couch.

“I’m waiting,” Andrew says.

With my hand, I motion for Isaac to take his place next to me again, then work to swallow several times so I can speak more clearly.  

“Christian’s financial advisor was a client of mine. A top secret client who I can help you persuade to do whatever you need. To give you whatever you want. Even access to Christian’s fortune.”


“He’s one of the more vicious dominants that I’ve ever worked with. A sadist, to say the least. And his preference in submissives was always young women. Too young. Underage. The last girl I tried to provide for him was… Mia, and I have proof that he tried to rape her.”

“Jesus, Elena,” Andrew says darkly, and I glare at him. The man who just had me by the throat, who has threatened my life, and who had his little blonde psycho holding my submissive at gunpoint only a few seconds prior to this very conversation, is implying I’ve gone to far.

“Christian double crossed me. He needed to be punished.”

Andrew shakes his head in dismay. “So we have the money then. What about Anastasia?”

“She won’t leave him.”

“That’s fine. I’ll just take her. She’s small, she shouldn’t be hard to overpower.”  

“It won’t be that simple. She has her own security team and she’s about to move all the way across the country. How do you intend to get to her?”

“I don’t know, Elena. How do I intend to get to her?”

I press my lips together, and Gia lets out an impatient sigh and lifts the gun again, pointing it directly into Isaac’s chest. “How much for his heart, Daddy?”

“Oh… ten thousand?”

She smiles and pulls back the hammer.

“Leila Williams!” I scream, feeling and ignoring the pain ripping through my throat with the same thought. “Leila Williams despises Anastasia Steele. She’s only too willing to do whatever you want so long as it means Ana suffers. Her parents live in Connecticut, which means you have the perfect excuse to get her to the East Coast and she’s one of the best liars I’ve ever met. Set her up in Cambridge, give her a plausible cover story, and she’ll do whatever you need. I promise you.”

“Leila Williams,” Andrew repeats. “Gia, make a note.” She does, and once she sets her phone down again, they look expectantly at me. “Reputation, Elena. Whenever you’re ready.”

“I don’t know,” I say, shaking my head. “He’s not the same person he used to be. He doesn’t live the kind of scandalous life that you can expose. He’s surprisingly ethical in his business practices, despite his line of work, he’s charitable, he doesn’t cheat on his girlfriend or have late night rendevouz with transexual hookers. I don’t know what you’ll be able to dig up on him.”

He’s still sitting across from me for a long beat, and then, slowly, a smile stretches across his face. “I do. There’s a very important event in his life that the public doesn’t know about. A trial.”

I swallow. “Those records were sealed. You can out him but he’ll deny it. Anastasia will vouch for him, Carrick will defend him, his publicist will spin the story to make you look like a jilted man seeking revenge for your lost company… You don’t have proof, Andrew.”

“No, you’re right. I don’t. Which is why I’m not going to be the one to tell the world his secret. You are.”

“Me? You think I’m going to tell the world about my past with Christian? About the things I did to him? That we did together? What do you think I’m stupid?”

“No, I think you have a very strong sense of self preservation. Or do I need to remind you again of the predicament you’re going to be in with my people while you serve your time?”

“Or that little Isaac is going to be in once you’re no longer here to protect him,” Gia adds with a malicious glint shining in the pale green of her eyes.

I glance down him and see his head hang, undoubtedly in fear, and then swallow back my own trepidation.

“If it’s you who lets the cat of the bag, he won’t be able to fight it,” Andrew says. “Telling your own story isn’t defamation. If you expose him to the world, what will he say to defend himself? That you’re lying about molesting a teenager? No, it’s perfect that it’s you.”

“And how exactly do you expect me to out myself in this grand way that will capture the world’s attention and destroy his reputation? Hold a press conference from prison?”

“No. You wouldn’t be able to share near enough detail in a press conference and I want it to be explicit. A book. An autobiography. You can give some background on yourself, try to make it look like you’re trying to explain why you did what you did or became the person you became, and then you’ll lay out everything the two of you ever did together and how you convinced him to lie about it under oath so that you could take my money and avoid prison. Well, until you got caught again.”

“I’m not a writer.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll make do. After all, you’re going to have a lot of time to yourself, Elena.”

I take a deep breath, pushing down the mixture of nausea and humiliation tonight has brewed inside of me. “How do I know you’re going to have any kind of power over me once they take me away? How do I know that this isn’t all some lie to try and terrify me into giving you what you want?”

He shrugs. “You don’t. And, if you want to find out how serious I am, by all means, ignore me. That’s your choice.”

I don’t respond, but instead focus on his eyes, looking for any hint of a lie or a bluff. I don’t see one. Could he be manipulating me? Yes. But I know the kind of power he’s wielded in the past, the kinds of connections he’s capable of making, and I’m not sure testing what he’s telling me is a good move for either Isaac, or myself. But is writing a tell all any better?

For Isaac, yes.

“Come, Gia,” Andrew says, finally getting out of his seat. “Let’s give Elena here some time to mull over what we’ve discussed.”


“Gia!” She’s silenced by the harsh bite in his tone, and reluctantly gets out of her seat. Her glare follows me as she leaves the room, but I don’t watch her go. My eyes stay transfixed on Andrew.

“We’ll talk soon,” he tells me, then looks to Isaac. “And you, you I may be able to use. Perhaps you could even… make life easier for Elena on the inside. I don’t know. We’ll see how well you cooperate going forward.”

He gives us both a sadistic smile as he moves past us and out of the room after Gia, and both Isaac and I wait in tense silence until we hear the front door open and close. Several second pass as we wait through the silence to make sure we’re alone, but no sound travels up the hall towards us.

“Mistress, what do we do?’

I stare back at him, speechless. I don’t know how to answer him. For the first time in a very long time, I’m helpless.

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30 thoughts on “Elena PoV: Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen…

  1. Of all the Outtakes, I would have thought that THIS one from Elena would be the one I would like the least. But it is INCREDIBLY insiteful and revealing, particularly of how Andrew put everything together and how he got Elena to cooperate. And Gia really IS a chip off the old block, and she is every bit as ruthless and manipulative as Elena. I mean, she willingingly did it ALL for money. She didn’t care what she had to do or who she had to sleep with. Cold.

    And this Outtake actually manages to humanize Elena, albeit only a little bit. She really DOES care for Isaac and wants to save him. AND it shows Elena’s characteristic belief that she COULD somehow, still, get Christian back under her heel. At least until Andrew shows up.

    And Andrew had ALREADY cultivated prison guard help. Make you REALLY wonder how Andrew did that.

    So wow. Tara’s Outtakes have always been eye-opening, and she starts out with a bang once again. Loving this. Can’t wait for more.


  2. I’m actually now sorry that we only get one Outtake from Elena. Tara’s Outtakes really DO add so much to the story. If I had my way, I’d probably want Outtakes from everyone from each and every chapter. Tara has a real gift with this–getting into another character’s mind and really presenting the situation from their POV, all while actually ADDING to the story. (Sadly, it makes you see what really COULD have been done for “Grey” and “Darker” had Tara written them instead.)

    Tara gets better and better at this as she goes along, which is practically impossible, given how good the original ADSOF was and the Outtakes for it. Makes me even MORE excited, if possible, for Book Four (which, if I haven’t said so enough before, I am SO VERY GLAD AND GRATEFUL that Tara has decided to do. Otherwise, Mondays would NOT be my favorite day of the week!!).

    So REALLY REALLY looking forward to more Outtakes. Especially from Christian. Kudos to Tara, as always, for the wonderful start to my Monday morning!!!!!


      1. YYYYYEEEESSSS. (I don’t suppose we will get all 13 today? Yeah, yeah, I know. WAY too much at once. I’d actually go into spastic fan-happy overload. But one can always hope, as Christian would say. . . .)


      2. Not all today, but more often then normal. I’m really just going to use the time I’m posting Outtakes to get a head start on Final. I will be writing two books at the same time now, so I think having a little bit of a posting buffer is going to be necessary if I’m not going to be missing Monday posts 🙂


    1. Completely agree with what you said how amazing it could have been had Tara written the 50 shades franchise. She really gives life to the characters!!!!


  3. Interesting final note. You actually get a clue as to why Andrew waited so long before putting his revenge plan into motion. He actually HAD made peace with everything, seeing Christian so miserable. GEH clearly didn’t bring Christian the happiness he had expected because he did NOT have Anastasia. So as long as Anastasia stayed away, Andrew felt he had his revenge.

    And that is the thing–you see Elena’s grudging respect for Ana here. She blames her downfall on Ana’s interference, yet Elena doesn’t want to see Andrew go after her. She actually points out that Ana is an innocent. BUT, Elena being Elena, she is willing to sacrifice Ana in order to preserve what is important to her. (AND Elena’s callousness in WILLINGLY trying to hand Mia over to the absolute worst kind of rapist JUST because Christian had made her mad and “needed to be punished” shows how much like Andrew she is—willing to sacrifice an innocent girl to get revenge. So she really is NOT altogether different from Andrew, although she would like to THINK that she is!)

    So Elena KNEW before she ever went to prison about Andrew’s revenge plan. Yet she does nothing. She could see what Andrew was capable of, and she didn’t try to reach out then when it would have made so much of a difference. ALL because Elena had to burn every bridge out there by her selfishness. Just wow. Elena and Andrew really WERE a match made in the realm of Hades. They deserved each other.


  4. Wow, just wow. They were just pure evil weren’t they? I glad they all got what they deserved Issac included. He should have hit the road the minute Elena was arrested with all her hidden stash of money. I hope Lincoln POV in the end gets covered. His misery started with Elena molesting and raping a child. I’m glad you are back. Thanks


  5. Evil twin. The BT was manipulated. They’re worst than poisonous, Gia included, planned so far ahead. They deserved their outcome. Very insightful outtake. Thank you, Tara. Glad you’re back, it is a pleasure reading your excellent work, more to come. Xoxo daytona


  6. Yay and she’s back!

    Yeah agreed for a split second Elena was slightly human but she still wanted something and as soon as she asked what do I get for helping that she really was a soulless bitch. Even with her appalling childhood experiences, Elena turned her grief into evil and ill never see her other then a sadistic bitch troll from hell! Elena may have shown a brief sense of I don’t know ‘affection’ for Issac but she still was always about Elena. I think at one point I thought this Elena cared for Christian but I think deep down she was pissed off that Christian chose Anastasia over her and for love! For someone like Elena that must of been a punch in the guts particularly because she really believed she controlled him so much and yet no matter how successful, sexy and everything that goes with being a hot shot 21 year old billionaire that is ruling the world Soto speak the only thing he wanted was Ana even when they were apart and that must of killed Elena’s ego despite all the manipulative control she still had over him even though they were no longer sexuality involved.

    I have to still wonder how did Linc still manage even before this revelation in this outake did he still manage to have so much money? I mean with the type of stuff he was pulling the money needed to influence such an operation after he lost everything has always baffled me, maybe you will shed some light? He may of promised money to help but let’s face in the criminal world money first action later, except for Gia who was likeim getting $10 million out of this but I still think she was about but daddy wants me to help getting paid is a bonus.

    I’m a little taken a back that even though Gia was Linc daughter that Elena was still surprised or as she put it my suspicions of 30 years finally confirmed that lid did have affairs, I am not saying that all business or people who travel for work don’t always have affairs but if Elena was doing what she did she think Linc wouldn’t either or was capable (I think again Elena’s ego strikes again that she was just the perfect irisistable woman that no man would ever stray from) Oh and how did Linc never know he had a bloody playroom or in Elena’s case a dungeon just conviently in their home they shared for over 25 years and what he just never noticed? I get in the originals Christian’s was under lack and key and for all purposes he was single to those who knew him outside of BDSM and his home was his home as much as his family were annoyingly nosey he could lock it and go it’s storage and given his rather surly nature no one including his family needed to question it because it wasn’t their home todo so, but I just can’t imagine married and living in the same house and not knowing? I suppose it was quite hidden with some special book case opening is that right or am I confusing stories? I’m just talking out loud here, but did anyone ever wonder the same thing?

    Wow Gia what a piece of work yep the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, but Elliott was a bloody idiot to have been that naive she must have done things to him in the bedroom that Kate wouldn’t do to allow her in his life as quickly as he did after him and Kate broke up.

    Love your work Tara glad your back something to look forward to!


    1. I think this Outtake provides the final intel on how Linc got the money—after all, he demands Elena tell him how to finance this revenge plan as well. Christian’s finance guy was someone Linc could blackmail, and he got the name from Elena here. (Still, Linc was so overconfident that he could manipulate Elena into providing someone that he had already promised Gia the 10 million. THAT is overconfidence galore. But Elena DID have that finance guy in her pocket who knew about the 65 million that Christian had placed in that AWFUL man’s care for Anastasia, if he had gotten sent to prison. Makes you wonder why Christian would trust his finance guy that far when he trusted SO FEW other people?)

      So the 65 million meant for Anastasia that Christian left with the finance guy (Gresham) was the man that Elena offered to fund it all. So THAT is where Andrew got the money.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Weirdly no updates are coming to me? Tori, I actually have been re-reading some of the original story again now that we are being blessed with these outakes and the final instalment of this triology I’m at chapter 45 after Mia’s confession at the hospital after Ana’s Mum was shot. I had forgotten about Gresham when I originally posted and then I went of course Gresham (I know! I need to pay attention to details) but in this outake it just came across that Linc had already started with a plan and he needed serious money to have already started to put his plan in motion before he turned up on Elena’s doorstop demanding she help him. I am just trying to work out when Linc would have been aquatinted with Gresham at this point?

        I agree with your earlier comment that Linc was perhaps happy enough that Christian was miserable without Ana and maybe that was enough for him to feel some vindication BUT I think when Christian took his company and he still had everything else festering for his reasons to hate Christian including Christian lying for Elena, taking his money in the divorce settlement to start GEH he wanted something more then Christian suffering by not being with Ana, yes we all know about the true love story that is Christian and Ana. It who was to say that Linc really knew more then they had split up and Christian had just gone back to being sullen like he was as a teenager? Linc did have compassion for Christian originally when in the outake from his perspective to me was one of great shock he was married to such a monster that preyed on a child, a child he knew had already suffered before he was adopted and a child he thought needed help – his help.

        I guess what I am asking is how much money and influence Linc would have still had after he lost his company and even though Elena got half in the divorce I assume Linc was still quite a rich man but once he lost his company I assume in business world he would have lost his reputation and given this severe blow he may have wanted revenge but given the type of stuff he was pulling he would have needed money but most importantly influence which he would have lost. I just can’t imagine people wanting to help him achieve revenge on the premise of ‘you do something dreadful for me but I’ll pay you later for it’. Gresham was Elena’s ‘customer’ at this point and Linc was already putting his plan into motion and given he was a fallen business person at this point so did he have cash stashed perhaps in his shell company in case of emergency funds in case of divorce and maybe being preemptive his prenup might fail?

        It just seems at this point more importantly he wouldn’t have had the cash but the necessary influence to be able to ask for favours, he had already told Elena that he had someone on the inside in jail doing his bidding which of course would need to be funded or that he had dirt on someone to already be asking for these kind of favours? Or is there something else we just don’t know about Linc and perhaps more of these outakes will fill in? I get how some people become psycho after they have a distorted their perception of events they feel they have been wronged against but up until Elena and Christian were outted, Linc to me seemed decent especially after the outake from his view of what Christian had gone through. It’s like Elena was obviously good at fooling everyone including her extremely gullible best friend Grace that she loved being a (albeit trophy) wife, who loved and supported her husband, a woman who dedicated her life to charity by being on all the right committees raising money for the poor and abused, while keeping a lovely home and being there for her three adopted children (in more ways ways then one) a surrogate mother of sorts who showed compassion and support to her troubled son and being a wonderful and engaged godmother to little Mia oh and let’s not forget maintaining a well kept dungeon in her basement!

        I just think Linc has a backstory we don’t know about but need to know about! and yes he was wronged but his revenge is just so diabolical no one just becomes that unhinged just like that and goes on to plan a revenge like did where it’s a sick game of punishing someone by dragging it out for as long as he did and not caring of the consequences, it’s like you get a sense of Elena became the woman she was because of her past but lots of people survive horrible childhood traumas but don’t turn into sociopaths/psychopaths as a coping mechanism. Linc for me was portrayed in the earlier part of the story as being being loyal to Elena not someone who would have mistresses on the side let alone illigetimate children, a honest businessman who cared about his company and by default the people who worked for him and their livelihoods and loyal friend to Grace and Carrick by as we all know there was obviously darkness in Linc for him to do what he did. I am just so grateful to Tara for this wonderful story and continuing it for her us all to read knowing we all have questions we want answers for to make sense of what really went down and how it all came into place for Linc to execute his hatred.

        Again agree with the reader which I have said repeatedly myself, this is one of the best fanfic stories out there and in my opinion this story is way better then the original. Still grateful to E.L James don’t get me wrong without her story we obviously wouldn’t be here, but just wow when you read a story that shows characters with backbones, vulnerabilities and real flaws, believable drama that makes you want to keep reading and re-reading but most importantly well written! The fact you knew as a reader yourself Tara that there were a lot of unanswered questions that this story couldn’t just end with Linc and his inner most circle dead and they all lived happily ever after, too much was done to just end it there. I can’t wait for more outakes, your updates etc and the next story!


    1. Yes, you wonder if Andrew ever intended for her to live in the end. Most likely not. He ALWAYS intended that gruesome end of everyone that had helped/been blackmailed by him, and I can’t imagine him wanting Elena alive in the world, knowing what he had intended from the get-go.

      I’m hoping Tara will answer one question I still have in the Andrew Outtake—did Andrew always plan to eliminate GIA as well? She was his daughter, so he might have taken pride in having his evil seed in the world. But his desire to kill even those that had seemingly been his devoted servants makes you wonder. . . .

      (My other question is if Elena ever tried to save Isaac. Again, doubtful. I think he was always disposable to her, no matter how much she “pretended” to care for him. I mean, Elena HAD to know that her book was the ONLY thing keeping her still alive, and she had Isaac deliver it to Ana. And there was no WAY Andrew wouldn’t know that it was Isaac that did that, so Elena had to know that would get Isaac killed.)

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Tara, I want to thank you for continuing this amazing story with a 4th book. You have true talent. Now that the last Fifty Shades movie is out, I was afraid I’d go into withdrawals. Your fabulous story helps ease the pain. Great writing as usual! Can’t wait for the next out take.


  8. ❤️❤️❤️

    I was shocked when she (sorta) defended Ana but then….snap! right back to pure evil. Knowing this stuff makes their takedown later on SO MUCH sweeter.


  9. “I was lonely when I was young. Not in the way people usually mean. I was lonely for all the things I wasn’t gonna get.”
    ~ Lillian Hellman
    “Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell.”
    ~ Walter Scott
    “When someone is mean to me, I just make them a victim in my next book.”
    ~ Mary Higgins Clark


  10. So that’s how the “master plan” was made!
    Thank you for being back. Your trilogy is my favourite FSoG story by far.
    So happy you’re doing a fourth part.


  11. Excellent outtake. Three psychos in one room. The only sane one is Isaac, and that’s not saying much. I’m glad you wrote this because it was important for us to know the plans these three criminals plotted to take Christian down. Love love love your writing, Tara. I look forward to more!


  12. Now I understand why Elena was so frightened and where Andrew received his information to use in his plot against Christian. That man was seriously out for revenge. I’m so glad that both he and Gia are dead.


  13. You really fill in important pieces of informations that were missing in the story. In fact this outtake was really needed in the role that Andrew and Gia played that affected most of the third book. Thank you, Tara.


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