Trigger Warning


Once again, I just want to give those readers who are sensitive to certain topics a heads up before I post the next chapter. Chapter 48 is rated M for intense situations, strong language, and violence. If you are someone who would like to avoid difficult subject matter I would encourage you to reach out to me privately and after the chapter is posted I will give you the run down of what happens without all the gory details.

19 thoughts on “Trigger Warning

  1. As long as not Ana or Christian or Callie end dead, and there isn’t any rape (not that Christian would let it happen), I think I can manage everything.
    You just increased the level of expectation! How can I wait three full days until Monday? Really, I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

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    1. I agree with you andiegrey, as long as Ana, Christian, Callie, the Greys and Ray and Sawyer and the good CPOS are not harmed, I’m good. I can’t read rape either to me that’s the ultimate infamy that a person (because unfortunately nowadays there are women and men raped), can endure. It’s time for the bad people to pay for their slow torture of Christian and Ana, I can’t wait to know the why and the who.


  2. I am on edge wondering what will happen.. Quick question will there be rape involved if there is I am sorry I don’t read Rape.. I hope no one died.. Is Gia the master mind behind all this.. Thank you for writing..


    1. I may be totally wrong about this, but I suspect that Gia’s being out of the game for awhile was because she was being held by someone. Gresham was a sicko that even Elena at her highest stage of power feared to make unhappy to the point of being willing to offer up Mia to him the way her poor sisters went. Awful things probably happened to Gia until she managed to gain the upper hand. Which could be because of any number of reasons. GIA may have purposefully screwed Gresham over in the end. We just don’t know enough yet. The Conspiracy may have had some SERIOUS internal squabbles. HOW could it not, when you had people like ELENA, who made it her business to screw others over whenever it suited her and sometimes just for her perverse pleasure.

      And Christian KNOWS that Sawyer will be entering Escala after an hour, so he has every reason to get Gia talking on all her reasons for having grievances against the Grey family. But Gia being there means she wants something. AND she will give her reasons for feeling she is owed it. So it could get pretty grizzly.

      I’m just hoping nothing horrible happens to our main three as well. OR to other characters we know and love.


  3. I’m hoping the warning means it’s coming today….got me sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation!

    Tara thanks in advance for another chapter that surely won’t disappoint.


  4. I can take anything except don’t touch the main casts anymore please. They had enough. Christian Grey can’t be constantly be underpower or what life is going to be looking forward to for them if he is. All his manpower and richest has not been enough when he is constantly compromised. No rape and killings for them please. Thank you.

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  5. Now i am super curious and anxious as to what’s in store for us, i can handle if Ana, Christian, Baby Callie and grey’s are save and fine.. gia can go to hell lol.


  6. Agree with andiegrey and GigiM. Gia, she can die fast and painful I don’t care. Can’t wait for the thrilling chapter. Thank you, Tara, for the advice. Xoxo daytona


    1. I don’t know I kinda want Gia or anyone who has been behind this to have a constant reminder of what hideous behaviour they have exhibited especially to the people who have innocently lost their lives due to lies and manipulation.

      When Elena described her boredom in prison it made me angry as someone who morally believes that everyone deserves a second chance and prison should be about rehabilitation, she showed she was just bidding her time she never cared what she did to Christian as a child and then to Mia and let’s face probably other young innocent girls and boys. Though, we all know that Elena never showd any remorse for anything she had done, being a victim of abuse didn’t make Elena a strong and better person it made her unfortunately evil. Elena was prepared to let Christian take the fall for the club and told Ana she would get over it eventually and demanded Ana break up with Christian in order for her to tell the truth that Christian was innocent and pin it on Roz. Even when Ana asked of Elena had ever loved Christian she said no and I actually believe her. I think Elena enjoyed her sadism knowing all Christian really wanted was love.

      On a personal note I have had a real first hand on being on the receiving end of somone who I trusted and love hurt me without remorse. While I still believe that there is stilll good in people even when they have behaved badly and this isn’t some weird Stockholm Syndrome situation on my part – but I do believe that some people are beyond redemption and they deserve true punishment because they are actually evil and beyond help.

      A bullet is to easy and I want them to suffer, I am not sure in what way as I said it’s a moral dilemma for me even in a story what that would be but at the same time doing something to whomever to remind them what they really did. Maybe being locked up Hannibal Lecter style in solitary confinement no view, nothing, no tv, books, magazines or visitors – just horrible hospital/ prison food and white walls and being forced to talk to a psychiatrist about what they did as the only real contact they ever have, but even if they show remorse they will never be released.

      This person is responsible for death and suffering and torturing of innocent people they deserve to suffer for the rest of their days, they will be begging for a bullet but it will never come.

      As far as the warning goes of course I don’t want anyone to suffer anymore especially of course our favourite couple, Calioppe and their immediate friends and family but as reader I accept that in order for his story to have a semblance of realism bad things are about to happen. But I get for some readers what you have insore for the next chapter this is a hard limit.


  7. I recognize that the Trigger Warning could apply to anything. After all, we don’t yet know if Gia has been behind all of this OR if she was another victim, similar to Elena. Christian should be MOTIVATED to keep Gia talking, so he will probably ask when and how Gia got involved, and what happened to her after she disappeared.

    So GIA may have been the one to go through some awful stuff at the hand of Elena’s co-conspirators/toadies or others responsible for the conspiracy. Gia may even know what happened to Leila, which could also have been a violent and gruesome end. So the Trigger Warning could apply to what Gia has to tell us.

    Like others, I’m hoping nothing happens to Christian, Ana or Calliope. I have faith, though, in Tara for not dragging us through unnecessary violence/horror, though there will undoubtedly be unpleasant facts, given the nature of the Conspiracy and the truly horrendous people involved.

    So I’m for at least starting the chapter read, and then if it looks like it is going to go down a path I don’t want to read, then I’ll go for Option 2. Still, I can’t imagine getting this far AND the story being titled “A STRONGER Shade of Fifty” if too many horrible, unspeakable things happen to our main characters.

    So here is to getting answers and finding out the true nature of the Conspiracy. (And let’s face it, if even ELENA was truly scared of some of these people, then there IS some horrifying things that have happened that we will have to learn about here.) At least we are prepared and have options if it truly does get bad.


    1. I agree, I assume that the violence etc might be things of in-depth recounts of either what Gia experienced or witnessed. I forgot to put that in my last post but yes I think when you deal with people involved in any underground criminal behaviour especially given that people of power and those who worked in the law and police inforcement were covering and working for Mr C it was a bit of a red flag that extreme violence was involved at some stage.

      I think the other point to make is that there is a huge difference between consensual BDSM and what the likes of Elena and the clientele that frequented her club did. That has always been a big thing for me in real life when people have talked about the books and haven’t read them or have read them to be critical and tried to label the books by labeling Christian as a man who is abusive because he is controlling and is a stalker which he is in someways but it is in contex. This is also a man who wants to make sure the love of his life is looked after and people neee to remember that even at 27 he’d never had a healthy relationship. Let’s face it when your young and think your in love (c’monwe have all been there) we all get a little over zealous and stalkersish and if we can find information about them we will. As a woman of a certain age 😉 the internet wasnt quite like it is now but these days everyone uses Facebook or whatever social media etc to find out info on their new love interest – Christian just did background checks!

      Christian experienced the bad side of BDSM through Elena but practiced safe and consensual BDSM himself even with the subs who meant nothing to him, their welafare was important to him as to being a good DOM.
      Even if you don’t practiced BDSM, over excitable sex can cause injuries!


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