A day in the life

Hi everyone.

Let’s have our very first fireside chat, shall we?


Cozy? Good.

So this last week, I was obviously behind on posting. I finished the last chapter on Wednesday, and posted the same day. That meant that the first day I could start chapter 47 was Thursday, which was coincidentally the day I got to go to the emergency room.

Unfortunately, my body hates me and I’ve spent the last few days on opiates. For those of you who have never taken opiate (as was the case for me before this week) let me tell you about some of the fun things I learned.

  1. They make you itch like you have the freakin’ chicken pox. Everywhere. What even in the…?
  2. They work really fast. Great if you’re in pain, bad if you’re hoping to get something done before you conk out, which leads me to…
  3. The sleep. Since Thursday afternoon, I have been awake only a total of MAAAAYBE 16 hours. I literally am astounded by the amount I’ve slept. Apparently, I’m a lightweight.

This morning I woke up feeling great. I was sure the worst was over and I was going to force myself to write an entire chapter in one day AND watch the Seahawks. I was even feeling so good that I decided I could go grocery shopping with my husband (to ensure he didn’t come home with an $100 worth of IPA beer and sunflower seeds).

But there, in the middle of the aisle of my local neighborhood Safeway, the pain struck again and now I’m home in bed looking down the long orange tube of an Rx bottle. So, here’s the deal. I’m still going to try and finish this chapter today. I got a good start this morning, so I’m hoping momentum will get me through. But if the pain killers win and manage to knock me out once again, I’m probably going to be late posting this week.

Wish me luck.

And wish my husband luck, because if I end up sleeping the Seahawks vs. Texans, my house is not going to be a place you want to be for the next week…





39 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. So sorry your in pain and not feeling well. Just take care of you and when your better and feel like it then write. I know what you mean about sending husband shopping alone. I’m recovering still from my knee replacement and his shopping choices had been interesting. Take care and enjoy your Seahawks.


  2. Hope you feel better soon :). Thanks for keeping us updated and post when can completely understand. So love this story and your writing and will wait for greatness. Take care!


  3. Ugh, so sorry you’re still feeling so crappy! Your chapters are worth the wait! Rest up, and get well. Hate to say I’ll be rooting against your beloved Seahawks today though.
    Sending well wishes from Houston!


  4. You are never on a time line. Im greatful that you always try to post on Mondays and you tell us when your not able, but take care of you and I hope you feel better soon. Thats most important.
    And I hope can stay awake for the game!!! *crosses fingers*
    Update when you can and ready… no rush you’ve given us like a million chapters already …
    We will wait patiently for an update when your feeling better.
    Take care.


  5. Gosh, im so sorry Tara, Im glad youre feeling better, good enough to even think you could go grocery shopping. Dont worry about updating and just focus on yourself.


  6. I hope you are feeling better soon. I can’t imagine being in that kind of pain!! I think it would probably consume me, rendering me unable to think about anything but the ache and hurt. We will absolutely be here waiting to partake in more of your excellent story!! But we would rather our dear author feel good first!!


  7. Tara please forget the story right now and take care of yourself. Your health is so much more important than a wonderful fantastic well written thought out story! Hey the way I see it the longer it takes you to get the chapter out the longer you prolong ending this marvelous brilliant fantastical creative story! Get well seriously and go Seahawks!


  8. Ugh, you must be in A LOT of pain if they gave you opiates. Whatever is going on, I hope for a fast recovery. Opiates are a bitch. They can kill the pain but oh the effects, like the semi-conscious dreams. Or the number they do on your bowels. So sorry you are going through this. We support you and wish you well!! While we LOVE your writing and look forward to updates, we also understand what is most important. Take it easy and get well!! In the mean time, I will reread your “Shades” trilogy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Listen to me, Tara. Take care of yourself, honey. Be well, be comfortable. The week of Christmas last year I had a severe case of hives all over me. They itched like a mother you-know-what, so I know the feeling. Write when you are up to it. Your fans will be patient. Enjoy the game😊


  10. Please, please take care of yourself. You have been beyond diligent in posting a complex, multi-character story(ies) for some time now. Your fans will wait.

    Sorry you are ill. Take some time off. Heal. You have had a difficult couple of months. I personally know that one has to process unexpected events in our lives.


    Carol Alexander


  11. You’re really awesome. Not that we’re entitle to an explanation. However, you have always always kept your fans in the loops. For that we appreciate everything you do for us. Please know that we love you too.

    Please Tara follow the instructions of your physician. Just relax and rest and allow your boby to heal. We’re near the end and you have giving us amazing chapters after chapters. I promise you we’re not going anywhere. You have taken care of us, now we need you to slow down and take care of yourself.

    Your Fan


  12. Hi, so sorry to hear about the day in ur life. You are an amazing writer & even more you sound more like an awesome human being in this world. Even with your pain & meds, you are thinking ab us readers & putting out notices of what to expect. Thanks for ur effort & for ur wonderful writing. Please take lots of rest & get well soon.


  13. So sorry you’re unwell,Tara. Rest up and hope you’ll feel better soon. Just want you to get well, don’t worry about the update. Take care, speedy recovery. Xoxo daytona


  14. Oh, I don’t know….Tara writing on drugs could be REAL interesting. (LOL) 😎

    Get better quick. Opioids ain’t no joke, sister.

    Go ‘Hawks! Watching them now from the Upper Heartland (a.k.a., Minnesota)


  15. Sending MAJOR ‘HEALING HUGS’ and warmest wishes for a speedy recovery, along with a Seahawks Victory. So far, tied – however, with Houston 3/3 and team and fan intimidation today, I do see a Victory in Seattle’s ‘house.’ Hopefully, you will rally soon; However, please feel no pressure. Your killer, right-on writing is always the quality worth waiting for, Tara.


  16. Oh Tara, I know I haven’t commented in a dog’s age (whatever THAT is) but I have to tell you, even in distress – you write the very best author’s notes. Though uppermost I want you to be careful with that prescription, in a perverse way, I’d love to read the warped bizarritry (yep, made it up) you’d invent in your induced state. I believe you’d probably leave “Snapshots” Christian looking staid and tongue tied!
    Please take good care of yourself, follow up with your doctor, and don’t let the spouse head to the supermarket with the debit card – Cash only! Sending hugs, Sheryl


  17. I hope your feeling better soon. I hate the feeling of pain killers. I am too a lightweight.
    I hope your team wins! After the week you have had, you deserve a victory 😀 ]

    Get feeling better! 😀


  18. So sorry to hear you’re not well, Tara. Hope you were able to watch the football game today. Take care of yourself and get well; we’ll all be around when your story resumes. And if you need more groceries, maybe you should just email a list to Jeff Bezos and let his minions handle it — makes for a happier marriage.
    Feel better! Marlene


  19. As someone with chronic back pain I understand oh too well, I try not to pull the big boys out unless absolutely necessary (typically means I can’t walk)…They make you feel loopy and tired.

    You writing under their influence may cause your chapter to take some unwanted turns LOL…take care of yourself first, your fans will wait patiently.


  20. Don’t know what is causing your pain, and it ain’t none of my business, but I well understand the opiates since I am very sensitive to drugs. I’ve always taken 1/2 dose of pain meds and waited a bit. If that amount doesn’t do the trick, I can always take the other 1/2. Discomfort I can take, pain not. If you haven’t already thought of the 1/2 trick, it’s probably a little too late. Whatever, take care of YOURself and we can wait for updates.


  21. You poor thing. We are all eagerly awaiting the ending to your epic story but we should but the last consideration on your mind.
    My thoughts are with you, and like the mom I am – please take it easy on yourself.
    Ps – Thanks for all of your hard work.


  22. Ditto to what others have said before me—take the time to get better. Seriously. I mean, waking on a Tuesday to realize that you posted a opioid/drug-induced chapter on Monday that literally had Ana being turned into an actual banana by Mr. Conspiracy Head’s pet puppet would be just impossible to write around! (I mean, it IS almost Halloween, and that combination with opioids could produce some REALLY strange, Stephen-King-like fiction!) So really, write when meds no longer required!!

    After all, you can’t rush genius, and we are willing to wait on the next jaw-dropping adrenaline-rushing chapter, considering what it is likely to cover!


    1. I wrote a little after the Seahawks game yesterday and deleted all of it this morning. There was some interesting stuff between Kate and Ana that I’m sure sounded good at the time…

      On the plus side, this is a big chapter so be excited 🙂


      1. I am, admittedly, ridiculously excited for the next chapter, whenever it comes out.

        After all, if I’m reading the signs right, then SOMEONE has orchestrated a Seattle potential death match. AND our side is down its regular security force. BUT something tells me NOT to count Taylor out yet, particularly since he has Ray to help him out. Taylor has lost one of his own, and he will NOT take this lightly.

        Both sides are seeking REVENGE now for former losses/blights, and a showdown is inevitable and a long time in coming.

        There are still SO MANY unanswered questions and holes that need to be filled (maybe literally, but hopefully, it will be THEIR side 6 feet under rather than ours!), and I’m hoping this chapter gives SOME answers, although the action and adrenaline-rushing parts that I anticipate may leave little room for those pesky answers.

        (And, oh yeah, speaking of the Seahawks—did Calliope ever get to wear the Seahawks stuff that Kate got for her?)


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