I wish I could say that I’m not finished with this week’s update because work has been too busy, or the Cubs being in the NLCS occupied most of my nights this week (all true) but in reality, I think I’m just suffering from a good old fashion case of writer’s block.

I’ve drafted and re-drafted this chapter a few times and I can’t tell if I’m just trying to make it too complicated or if something needs to change. I’ve tried addressing the first, but obviously to no avail, so I’m going to work on the second.

It shouldn’t take me until next Monday to be finished, so just keep an eye out for this week’s update. It will hopefully be up in the next few days. If you haven’t subscribed to my email list, this would be the perfect time to do so.

Sorry guys 😦


24 thoughts on “Update

  1. No problem. Just gives us something to look forward to when it is done. Will keep checking back, stalking. . . .

    Don’t forget that CLUES are ALWAYS welcome. Such as whether this chapter is particularly shocking (like it should come with a warning that we not read it if, say, in an office full of people).


      1. You know, Ana turns the corner of a corridor at [insert location], only to bump into [blank] who is the absolute last person she ever expected to see again.

        And Ana’s gasp of horror actually mirrors MY gasp of horror.

        But seriously, things that would SHOCK me (because although plausible, seemingly come out of NOWHERE):

        1) Stephen Morton making an appearance and turning out to be Christian’s birth mother’s pimp. AND he is mad that Christian AND Ana escaped him and have such successful lives together. HE wants a cut of the money and prestige that CHristian has and to have his way with Ana because he was DENIED before. He had his OWN girls filtered through the club who had been providing him with information and his own power-base over Seattle’s elite until Ana and Mia got Christian to shut Elena’s bar down. Isaac had later come to Stephen to try to plead for help for him and Elena from Andrew Lincoln, who has come back with a vengenance. So Stephen has to decide who to throw his weight behind, and he, of course, chooses Andrew Lincoln, since he sees that ELena has no further use for him. BUT Stephen wants something that Andrew is UNWILLING to give him. . . .


        2) Ana has gone to see her mother’s gravesite. She leaves Luke in the car waiting for her. Ana opens the passenger door in the rear to be yanked fully into the car by Stephen Morton, who sits beside an unconscious Luke, with an unknown man at the driver’s wheel.

        Turns out the unknown driver is Ana’s biological father, who was supposedly killed the day after her birth. In reality, his death was faked to keep the mob from going after Carla and baby Ana. Mr. Dad had agreed to give evidence for the state, only to be sold out from within. So Mr. Dad had to basically disappear from witness protection AND the mob, and had been out of the country for years until Ana’s attack was broadcast on television.

        So it was actually MR. DAD that used a voice modulator to seemingly threaten Carla to have her separate Ana from Christian UNTIL Mr. Dad found out the REAL person going after Christian. And low and behold, it was his own former business partner that had sold him out, Andrew Lincoln, who had gone into business with him after relocating across the country to New York. The timber business had been a front for Andrew’s NEW business ties with the east coast mob that had happened post-marriage and was intended to help Andrew revitalize his empire and reclaim the status that he had once had.

        And Andrew Lincoln had always meant to go after Christian, never knowing just WHO Ana really was, since Ana had Ray’s last name after being adopted.

        So basically, Andrew Lincoln has ended up unknowingly targeting his partner’s daughter and brought the mob in direct conflict with itself. Stephen Morton, who had actually been sent by the mob originally to monitor Carla had actually married her, knowing her connections, because he intended to kidnap Ana and hold her for ransom back in the day. ONLY to be foiled by Mr. Dad, who blackmailed him with things he had on Stephen’s skimming money from the mob.

        So Stephen is supposedly (grudgingly) working with Mr. Dad, but Mr. Dad suspects Stephen is the one that gave Andrew the intel about Carla. Which led to the multiple people being on Carla’s doorstep to murder her or kidnap her. And ISAAC had actually been sent to hand Carla over to Mr. Dad BUT to make it LOOK like at attempted murder, only to actually be murdered by Andrew’s men.

        So now Ana is seemingly reunited with MR. Dad, who she doesn’t trust at all, given HIS ties to Gresham, who is also a financier for him AND the mob. So Gresham has been threatened by ALL sides, PARTICULARLY if his name is attached to ANY of them, which was why Gresham was so afraid of MIA’s identifiying him as a client at the club. Because NO ONE involved with Andrew was supposed to have ANY ties to Elena.

        Oh yeah, Ryan turns out to have been one of Mr. Dad’s plants in Christian’s security to keep an eye on Ana. Which Andrew found out about and had killed, along with Carla, as a warning to Mr. Dad to stay out of it. Which obviously didn’t work.

        AND just when Mr. Dad seems to be connecting wtih Ana, Stephen points the gun at Mr. Dad, having been bought off by Andrew, who’s car pulls directly in front of Mr. Dad’s. . . .


        3) Gia was Kate’s unknown illegitimate half-sister. THAT was why they looked so much alike. Gia wanted the life and family she had always wanted, and she got involved with the very man her sister had just thrown over. ONLY to be approached by Andrew Lincoln, who had learned her REAL identity, on account of having been also sleeping with the same woman that turned out to be Gia’s mother. Who threatened to expose her unless she helped him get Christian. So Gia, in turn, tried to recruit . . . .

        (In other words, anything COMPLETELY and UTTERLY UNEXPECTED. But I’m REALLY waiting for that moment when Ana turns the corner and runs directly into Andrew Lincoln, who asks if she recognizes him NOW?)


  2. You are the only author I know that post a new chapter every week, and not a little one. If you need time, if you need a rest, take it (I’ll only ask you to let us know and not get ourselfs crazy waiting all Monday). But know that you don’t disappoint us with not being able to post today. I want you to know that.
    Regardless, I know how frustrated it is, so I hope you get rid of your writer’s block.


  3. Oh Tara first your Seahawks beat my giants to give them a 1-6 record for the season. Then you post that today’s update will be late a few days. What’s next huh? Just kidding I’m not angry about the update delay but I’m fuming over my Giants loss! I will wait until the end of infinity if I have to for your wonderful story and I share the same sentiment about the cubs. I was hoping that they would advance too.


  4. I think I may of worked this site out. I can post and get replies but I’m constantly being logged out and some said I should check out their blog I’m assuming this is the blog?


  5. I think as long as you fishish this story and we got some closure to why M C hates Christian and Ana so much, we will be right. I know it takes time, courage and inspiration to write an original story that has it roots basically based on many others and their views on the Christian and Ana story which was based purely on an original story on teenager vampires and wolves. But it takes a great writer to actual make it their own and to make
    It like us for fans who have become desperate for your next instalment?

    Is this where we get to know each other? I only ever used fanfic but my favourite stories started to disappear. I hope some haven’t been left to never be finished or are on new platforms continuing their greatness. E.L. James gave us a great story and the bones but so many of you have shon anotherside to our favourite couple!

    I just love you right writing 😘

    P.s did anyone know a story called ‘Mutual Agreement’ has been put on another format?


      1. But it’s not finished, I just wondered if anyone knew if it had been moved, like your story. I was over the moon when I realised you had just moved the story and not just abandoned it and that there was even a book three
        in the process, plus all the awesome outtakes! I had been reading your story on fanfic then realised I hadn’t heard about it in a while and it had been deleted, so I searched hoping to find it and here we are and I’m like a participating commentator which I never was on fanfic.

        I love your story!


  6. Make it perfect the way you want and even lenghten the last part of the trilogy because it will come to an end sooner than we expect and we might not be ready to end yet. Good luck and thank you.


  7. At this point, I know we are heading towards the finish line, yet I am truly wondering how the whole Gresham angle plays out. How did he ever know Ana? I mean, WHY would he expect her to recognize his voice or appearance since we have NO intel that Ana EVER met Gresham. So that is why I still can’t see him being Mr. Conspiracy Head. I can’t even see WHY Gresham would jeopardize his very lucrative career and social standing in the community over this.

    I DO, however, wonder WHY Gresham tried so hard to keep Mia silent. I mean, I get that he feared the possibility of criminal charges, but THE Mr. Conspiracy Head seemingly has the police in his back pocket. So WHY fear charges? But Gresham seemed terrified of being connected to the club and Elena, so I’m thinking that Mr. Conspiracy Head was putting pressure on Gresham to NOT be connected with criminal charges with him being involved in the Conspiracy (because Mr. Conspiracy Head would be afraid that Gresham would try to give away HIS name in return for a plea bargain).

    So tying everyone and everything together seems like it could take some time. I’m dying to see how it all connects. AND we still have to get everyone to the final confrontation. (So yeah, understanding why there would be a writer’s block at this time—I mean, what do you address first???)

    So I KNOW explanations are forthcoming along with drama and action (whether it be in the form of a car chase, etc.). A lot has to happen in remaining chapters. Looking forward to seeing how this all ties together and especially how it ends!

    (AND really REALLY wanting some incredibly adorable Calliope and family OUTTAKE moments throughout her childhood. Can’t wait to see how Christian tries to get around Miss Mini-Ana!)


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