Trigger Warning


I know that several people have a difficult time with certain topics, so before I post the next chapter, I wanted to put out a warning. Chapter 28 contains material that may be sensitive to some people. If you are someone who would like to avoid difficult subject matter, I would encourage you to reach out to me privately (which is actually easiest through Facebook) and after the chapter is posted I will give you the basic information you need to know in order to move on in the story from here, without all the gory details.

Additionally, for those of you who are having difficulty with the pronunciation of Calliope, please see the helpful video below:



29 thoughts on “Trigger Warning

  1. Well after hearing the name in how it’s pronounced I like it. It sounds different certainly it looks weird written down but I like it especially when u add kates name to it. Interesting choice but then ur story is just fabulous πŸ¦‹


  2. I like the name. Kinda interested on what the trigger warning is.
    I love this story AND ALWAYS look forward to my Monday alerts.

    Thank you for the alert…looking forward to Monday.


  3. I’m always excited for an update, but now with your warning post I’m waiting on pins and needles till you post on Monday. It’s going to be a looooooooong weekend! ❀


  4. Nope still don’t like it. I am all for uniqueness but this one is kinda, bully me after school and laugh at me unique.
    But it’s your story so what you say goes.


    1. I must say, your response made me laugh outright, which I needed now, because I am SO SCARED for our main characters now. I mean, Tara has made me love these characters like they were FAMILY, so something of a horrific nature happening to ANY of them makes me almost physically shake!

      But when people are often kidnapped, (which is what I am expecting here), an OFFER OF PROOF of kidnapping sometimes get sent. Meaning, a finger or toe could be sent to the family as proof that the kidnappers have the person and that the person is still alive. Even THAT is more than I want to read happening to Ana or Kate or ANYONE (well, Gia. . . .no, not even Gia, I suppose, UNLESS she is truly a Conspiracy member that KNEW about planned harm to Grey members).

      SO I’ve been trying to prepare myself for this possibility. But now that the Trigger Warning has come out, some character(s) is OBVIOUSLY going to be in some SERIOUS pain shortly. AAAUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


      1. I am SO with you….whatever Tara is cookin’ up, ain’t gonna be good. Time to gird our loins, I guess.


  5. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
    – William Shakespeare

    “Naming a baby is an act of poetry, for many people the only creative moment of their lives.”
    – Richard Eyre

    “Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smith.”
    – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


  6. OMG! What are we in for. This is going to be along weekend. I hope no one dies. I love all your characters. Well, on second thought, Gia disappearing would’t hurt. I do love the name. It is unique just like she will be. Good job!


  7. I have so many scenarios going through my head about what the trigger may be! I hope nothing happens to Ana to put the baby in jeopardy (I love Calliope!). We are all waiting for Gia to go down, so don’t think it is anything to do with her…I’m really liking Carter right now so I hope nothing happens to him, unless he is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing…ugh, what can it be?!?! Like a previous review said, it’s going to be a long weekend of waiting and wondering, but I know it will be worth it!!


  8. Oh jeez, I knew it had to be coming eventually but now I’m super nervous! This weekend needs to hurry up! Actually, this whole next week needs to hurry because I’m sure the wait between chapters 28 & 29 will be excruciating πŸ˜–


  9. I do not have a Facebook account but SERIOUSLY want/need to know about the Trigger Warning. If a character is going to be sexually assaulted, then I would need to know in order to stop reading the story NOW.

    These are characters that I have come to know and love. And if something of the above nature is going to happen to one of them, I would be someone that would NOT want to continue reading. PLEASE let me know somehow about how I can know before Chapter 28 so I will NOT read if either Kate, Ana (or Mia, Grace, etc.) is going to be raped.

    (It is a given that some sort of torture will occur to whoever gets grabbed by the kidnappers. I guess I can bear through if it is not TOO graphic.)

    But please tell me how to get a Warning if I need to stop reading now. I won’t ever join Facebook, so if there is another way to find out before Monday, I would really like to know. If not, I guess I will wait until someone has posted Comments on Monday to figure out if I should just stop reading the story now or not. But definitely THANKS for the warning!

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    1. ^ I’m with you. I can handle almost anything except for sexual assault. I just can’t emotionally handle stories where rape is heavily involved. I’m hoping that we are worried for nothing and that the ladies in this story won’t be sexually assaulted but now I’m paranoid about it. And unfortunately I gave up my Facebook years ago (good riddance).

      I understand if Tara decides not to elaborate further. So if she doesn’t I think I will check the comments before reading the next chapter like you said. As much as I hate to say it I think you are right about it most likely being a kidnapping and that may very well just be the best case scenario… I just hope Ana and the baby don’t have to go through too much… or Kate, Grace, and Mia either. Argh, I’m probably going to have ulcers after this!😬

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  10. Uggg. Now, I’m obsessing. Is what is going to happen WORSE than what happened in the original books???? And PleaseOhPleaseOhPleaseOhPlease don’t let anything happen to that poor baby! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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  11. I was wondering if Carter would hurt or play a part in hurting Kate since they’re away in Cabo.

    Phoebe Katherine Grey.


  12. REQUEST to other readers:

    PLEASE OH PLEASE when the chapter gets posted on Monday, after you have read it, can you PLEASE post in the comments regarding just WHAT the Trigger Warning referred to??

    I will check the COMMENTS first in order to see viewer reaction and determine if I then want to read it or not. Anyone posting in the COMMENTS would have already read the chapter, so no one would be spoiled by reporting/commenting on what happened AND TO WHOM it happened.

    I will greatly appreciate any information given in the Comments regarding JUST how bad it was, so I can determine if I want to read it or not.

    (I used to represent abused and neglected children in foster care, so for many years, I had to read every sordid thing that a monster could do to children that would be in the records AND have to prepare some poor children for trial where they actually had to re-live the nightmare. So now, I just try to avoid reading things of a certain nature. I DON’T want to accidentally read something that gives me a flashback to a case and the utter depravity of human beings. SO IF SOMEONE could clue me in through the Comments, I would be EVER SO GRATEFUL!! THANKS in advance!!!!)


  13. Thank you for the heads up, Tara. Very nervous and worried. I am just like ToriK, no fb and will wait for some comments before reading. Can’t bear any pain on our girls especially Ana and Kate even Carter whom I feel will be sacrificed. We worry so much about everyone being tortured but will Christian be the one instead? Hope not. He needs more team Christian manpower to fight this.
    I love the name. It is unique not common at all.
    Thinking of C28. Have a great weekend. Xoxo daytona


    1. Oh God, I was so focused on Ana and the baby I didn’t even think about Christian getting kidnapped/hurt! I guess I wasn’t thinking that scenario since the conspiracy seems to want to hurt Christian by taking away everything he loves. But they could pull a 180 and go straight for him!


  14. Hey! I tried to contact you on Facebook, but I’m not sure if I did it right. I have a Facebook account , but I rarely (if ever) really go on it, so I’m not sure if I’m posting correctly or not! Oh well. Anywhoo, I was wondering if you could email the gist of what is going to happen in chapter 28? I rather not have to read the gory details as I am of the faint of heart, lol! Please? Thank you so much!


      1. Tara you’re a wonderful person. Over the years I and most of your followers have read so many stories on this site. Most writer gives a warning in an A/N at the beginning of the chapter. But you have taken the extra steps to your fan base. Now you’re being asked to take it further by emailing readers. Not sure that any other writer would do that.


  15. While I love your stories, I am also very worried about the next chapter and the rest of the story, particularly after your warning as you would not have made it if it weren’t necessary. I don’t have Facebook so if it’s not too much trouble to fill me in on what will happen so I can pick back up in a few chapters I’d greatly appreciate it!!

    Thanks for sharing your stories!


  16. I agree will lots of the above comments. As someone who has been attacked in a sexual manner shall we say. I really cannot read about anything like that in stories. Can you please let me know whether I have to skip this chapter and maybe others completely. And please let things start taking a turn for the better for our beautiful couple. As through all three books, they’ve had so much shit thrown at them and they’ve been through so much. Are they going to get their happily ever after and together?


    1. As it is, Elena will get out of prison in a short amount of time, and given her obsession with revenge, I’m REALLY hoping that she is somehow behind all this or put things in motion to get someone ELSE behind all this. If Elean (or Andrew Lincoln) can be found to be behind the Conspiracy, then state AND possibly federal charges could put them away for GOOD. AND leave all those that would help them behind bars as well!

      After all, anyone that is BEHIND the Conspiracy gets charged with the complete fallout, just as if they HAD been right there committing the crimes. And until Elena and the others so motivated to work against Christian are in prison for life, they could keep coming back again and again and again.

      So I’m hoping that everyone lives and that it is not TOO bad (although something tells me that Carter, Champ or some other characters may not make it through OR may have permanent injuries).

      But this Conspiracy has obviously been in the works for some time and took A LOT of planning, so SOME permanent harm is bound to come of it. I guess we will find out soon JUST how bad it can be!

      (For once, I am glad to have a lot of work to do Monday morning, so by the time I get to reading the next chapter, I will be hopefully ready for the outcome. Here’s hoping there isn’t a cliffhanger for the next chapter!!!!!!)


  17. Pleaseeee do not be anything traumatic or something of a horrific nature happening… and thank you so much for the warning! I LOVE SO MUCH this story BUT I hoping is not going to be any character being sexually assaulted, I really can’t handle that kind of subject, because I would be someone that would NOT want to continue reading too! And I reallyyyyy love this storyyyy!!!! Pleaseee nothing too traumatic!


  18. Pleaseeee do not be anything traumatic or something of a horrific nature happening… and thank you so much for the warning! I LOVE SO MUCH this story BUT I hoping is not going to be any character being sexually assaulted, I really can’t handle that kind of subject, because I would be someone that would NOT want to continue reading too! And I reallyyyyy love this storyyyy!!!! Pleaseee nothing to traumatic!


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