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Hi everyone!

I’ve finally done it! The outtakes have been edited and have been posted.


For those who don’t know, the outtakes are scenes from both A Different Shade of Fifty and A Broken Shade of Fifty from a different character’s PoV, (Mainly Christian’s). There can either be the other character’s take on what happened or scenes we didn’t see because Ana wasn’t around.

To find them, simply go under the main book menu and at the bottom you’ll see “ADSOF Outtakes” or “ABSOF Outtakes”. If you hover over the outtakes submenu, another submenu will come up with all of the coorisponding chapters.

I hope that makes sense, haha.





13 thoughts on “Outtakes

  1. Christian’s POV after Elena’s mistrial trial and the following two years of separations from Ana and the non contact with family were the darkest and most agonizing part of his life that he will forever value the love of Ana and his family and no one will come between them again. He spent his time growing his business but that was just a filler for his time and heartaches. He could really breath again after Elena was finally imprisoned. Well done outtakes.


  2. Have to admit, the Outtakes came at THE perfect time, as I needed to be reminded of just how attached Christian is to Ana. You see from the Outtakes how devoted Christian is to not only Ana but to his family as well. I absolutely LOVE the Father’s Day Outtake from Carrick where you get to actually read Christian’s letter to his father. Ana really DOES make Christian a better person.

    And I love the fact that Grace had heard about Ana before she ever made an appearance at Thanksgiving, as you see from her phone call with Elena. Grace wanted so much for Christian to actually finally be interested in a relationship with someone, even though there were concerns with Christian’s drinking and fighting. (AND I loved that Elena had to realize that Ana obviously DID mean something to Christian and that he was clearly interested in her.)

    Absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the Outtakes for ASSOF. I am even curious to read an Outtake from Gia’s point of view to learn JUST how she expected her scheme to work. And I frankly want to read Christian’s point of view about Gia. I still can’t see why he is so overly friendly with her, even more so than Kate, when he knows that Elliot has been dating Gia for such a short period of time AND that Elliot still loves Kate. So what is Christian’s motivation for making Gia feel so much like part of the Grey family? Does he really buy Gia’s act? Can he really not see through her?

    As the above shows, I am eagerly awaiting ASSOF Outtakes. Of course, that would be after the conclusion of ASSOF. Which I am enjoying immensely, by the by!! With Christian and Ana, it is ALWAYS okay to want “more.”


  3. I am new to your site. You were listed as a fav author by one of my fav authors on FanFiction. I have already read Missing and am obsessed with your work. I may need help with the outtakes for your other stories. You mentioned that each outtake corresponds with a chapter and is simply from another point of view. The outtakes are labelled with titles but each chapter in your story is simply numbered. So before I begin reading the next stories, how should I know which outtake corresponds to which chapter? Please help because I am eager to get started reading.


  4. I love your stories (I am on my second one). Many of my favorite FanFic authors have pintrest pages, so I randomly thought I would look you up. I was so happy to find you. https://www.pinterest.com/wishingmrgreywa/
    I wanted to make a request. I want to be further drawn into your story so would you ever consider creating pintrest boards for each of your stories. I am copying some examples from other FanFic authors that have done so. It makes the stories come absolutely alive because it makes the mental picture we have more real as we read.
    (https://www.pinterest.com/GreyGirl1989/ – GreyGirl1989)
    (https://www.pinterest.com/starshiplight/ – StarshipLight)
    (https://www.pinterest.com/emadisonfanfic/nursing-a-broken-soul/ – ElizabethMadison424)

    Just a thought. I am sure it is alot of work to put together, but would be so much fun to see the story directly through your eyes.


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