Christmas 2013:

“Christian!” I gasp, my hands clasping around his bare back as he makes love to me on the floor of the family room in front of a crackling fire. The christmas tree twinkles in the corner.

Slowly, achingly slowly, he pulls out of me and then pushes back in, pushing, pushing, pushing, Ah!

He leans down kisses me, his tongue rolling through my mouth, and I groan. My whole body is alight with need and sensation.

“You’re body is so beautiful, Anastasia,” he says when his lips separate from mine. He moves my hair to the side and kisses, sucks, and nibbles on my neck just below my ear. He’s moving inside of me at a maddeningly slow pace. It’s torture, but also exquisite to feel every inch of him as he plunges, purposefully, in and out.

“What did I do to deserve all of this?” he asks, and his hand runs over my naked breast. “I’m a lucky man, Mrs. Grey.”

“Christian,” I moan again, desperate for release.

“Are you ready, baby?” He asks, and I can feel rather than see his smile against my skin.

“Yes, Christian, please!” I beg and he swirls his hips around, circling inside of me. His rhythm quickens and I feel the muscles deep inside begin to tighten.

“Oh god, I’m so close,” I moan and he groans.

“I love having you like this, baby. Slow and deep. You feel so good, Anastasia.” His arm reaches up under my leg and pulls it further up, towards my chest and I feel him thrust deeper inside of me. I’m building and building.. fuck!

“Christian!” I yell and I come, gloriously, feeling him move in and out of me as my nerve endings explode.

“Yes, Anastasia,” He whispers gruffly. “Fuck, give it to me baby.” My orgasm goes on and on, intensifying as I hear Christian’s moan of pleasure when he finds his own release inside of me.

We lay together, basking in the glory of our post-coital bliss, and Christian runs his fingers over my skin.

“Can we wake him now?” He asks, and I turn disapproving eyes on him.

“It’s too early, Christian. Let him sleep. The presents aren’t going anywhere.”

He pouts and I lean over and kiss him. “You’re going to be impossible in a couple of years when he’s just as excited about the presents as you are,” I say, and he smiles at me. I kiss him softly once more and stand up to put my robe on. It is still too early to wake Teddy but I can get breakfast started so it’s ready when we do finally wake him. I pick up the baby monitor sitting on the table next to the couch and walk into the kitchen. I’m making homemade cinnamon rolls and Christian inhales deeply and moans approvingly when he smells them cooking in the oven.

I’m just pulling the buns out to ice when we hear the unmistakable cries for “Dada” over the baby monitor. Christian’s face breaks into a breathtaking, overly-excited smile and I laugh as he turns around and practically sprints up the stairs to retrieve Teddy from his crib.

When he comes back downstairs with our toddler in his arms, I’m setting breakfast out on the table. Christian grins as he sits down to his cinnamon roll and mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane sticking out over the side. I cut Teddy’s bun up into tiny pieces and he smiles broadly as he reaches down and pops them into his mouth.

“Mmm,” Christian says, looking over at Teddy.

“Yummy!” Teddy cries excitedly and I giggle. When we’ve finished, Christian wipes down the baby’s sticky face and fingers while I pile the breakfast dishes in the sink.

“Presents?” Christian asks, and I nod. He reaches down, takes Teddy’s hand, and leads him into the family room where the Christmas tree is surrounded by an outrageously large mountain of presents, nearly all of which are for Teddy.

I don’t know if I’ll ever stop loving watching how patient Christian is with Teddy. He sorts through all the presents, handing Teddy his gifts and watching delightedly as he struggles to rip away the wrapping paper. Teddy opens dozens of presents, clothes, toys, and even a model train that is really more for Christian to play with than Teddy. I reach under the tree and grab the small package I’ve wrapped for Christian.

“Teddy,” I say, “Give this one to Daddy.” Teddy stumbles over to me and wraps his little fingers around the small rectangular box. He runs to Christian and holds it out for him.

“I thought I got my present this morning,” Christian says lasciviously and I roll my eyes. I reach out, grab Teddy, and pull him into my lap as Christian tears the wrapping paper of the package. He opens the small box and pulls out a small white stick with a blue cap. His eyes widen as he looks down at the little digital screen that reads Pregnant.

“Really?” He asks, his voice trembling with his held back excitement.

I nod and he launches himself at me, pulling both me and Teddy into a tight hug.

“Oh god, Ana!” He says, and when he pulls away, there are tears in his eyes. “This makes me the happiest man in the world.” He reaches down and places his hand over my stomach.

“How far along?”

“Only about five or six weeks,” I answer and then his lips are on mine. I feel Teddy yank on my robe and we both look down at him. Christian picks him up, lifting him into the air, and spins him around. Teddy laughs and screams with joy as Christian pulls him down into a tight hug.

“Do you want to be a big brother?” he asks.

“No, I want presents.” We both laugh and Christian reaches out and digs with him through the gifts under the tree as I watch, staring at the two men who make my life complete.

The End.


4 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. I was able to read this from beginning to end today! Thank you for, once again, sharing your amazing talent! I am so grateful for the many hours of entertainment you give me.


  2. I read all of your stories in one week and, i am truly pleased I liked all of them. I just accidentally found out about them from a tweet at twitter. I was used to the Fan Fiction web site and did not take time to post any reviews here but I would like to let you know I enjoyed your stories very much, and it is one of them that i like more than the original trilogy. Actually I was so engrossed in catching up and read them all as fast as I could. So thank you very much.


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