Chapter 04



Day Four:


From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Only a day away

Date: July 9th 2012, 07:16 AEDT

To: Christian Grey

I’m on my way to the airport. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to get you alone, Mr. Grey.


Anastasia Grey

Commissioning Editor, Grey Publishing


How many times have I read this email since I got it yesterday afternoon? I look at the alarm clock. 2:30am. I’ve looked at the clock every 5 minutes, willing it to move faster. I know I’m not going to find sleep tonight.

My lawyers have officially filed suit to retain the property and profit we’ve lost in Taiwan. Fortunately, they had the foresight when drafting the original contract to ensure a protection of assets clause. And Ana is coming home today. In 7 hours, she’ll be in my arms. I sigh and place my hands behind my head as I run through all of the plans I have for her when she gets home. I’ve decided to keep the nanny on for one additional night. Tonight, I will take Ana out to dinner with my family and then I’ll whisk her off to Escala and my playroom.

I feel myself begin to harden as I think of all the things I’m going to do to her tonight. Patience Grey, all in good time.

I spend the next few hours drifting in and out of sleep. Eventually, I haul myself out of bed at 5:30 and drag myself to the basement gym. After a hard workout, I’m covered in sweat and in desperate need of a shower.

Gail is in the kitchen when I get downstairs.

“Good morning, Mr. Grey. What can I make you for breakfast this morning?”

“An omelette, please,” I say distractedly as I looked down at the screen of my blackberry. I scroll through my emails from this morning. There are two from Andrea, six from Ros, one each from Barney, Welch, and Taylor, and an odd number from department heads throughout GEH. I don’t have any emails from Ana. I thought she would email me when she landed. Her flight from LAX doesn’t leave for another 15 minutes so I decided to call her.

Hi, you’ve reached Anastasia Grey. I’m unable to answer my phone right now so please leave me a message.

Why is her phone off? Has she boarded the plane already? I frown and leave a quick message telling her to call me. Gail sets an omelette in front of me and asks if I want some coffee.

“Yes,” I say shortly, and she furrows her brow with concern before filling a mug with coffee and setting it in front of me.

“Is everything okay, Mr. Grey?” She asks. “Have you heard from Mrs. Grey this morning?”

“No,” I snap and slam the cup of coffee in one scalding hot gulp.

“Good morning,” Mia chirps as she enters the kitchen in her fluffy pink bathrobe. “How did you sleep last night, Christian?”

I frown down at my phone and brush her question off with my hand as I read through Ros’s email. I hear her snort as she pours herself a cup of coffee.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” She asks.

“I haven’t heard from Ana and her phone is off,” I say as I respond to Taylor’s email.

“Well she’s been flying all night, maybe she forgot.”

“Forgot what? How to type?” I spit, looking up to glare at her.

“Forgot to call you. She’s probably asleep. The time difference from Sydney is a lot, she’s probably exhausted.”

She better not be, not for what I have planned for her. I might have to refine my plans in the playroom for her decision not to contact me when she landed. A smile creeps across my face as imagine the pale skin of her ass burning and pink.

“What?” Mia asks, confused by my sudden mood change.

“Nothing,” I say, regaining my dark tone. “I need more coffee, Gail.”

She pours me another cup as I quickly type an email to Anastasia.


From: Christian Grey

Subject: Your transgression

Date: July 9th 2012 6:54 AM PST

To: Anastasia Grey

I’m displeased you haven’t contacted me yet this morning. I expected you to call or email me when you landed.

Christian Grey

Twitchy Palmed CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


“Ugh, what a miserable night,” my mother groans as she enters the kitchen. “Teddy was an absolute nightmare. I don’t know if he slept more than two hours throughout the whole night!”

“Sorry, Mom,” I say as I finish the rest of my coffee and return to my emails.

“Sorry, Mom? That’s all you’re going to say to me? Geesh, I’m glad Ana is coming home today. You’re grumpy when she’s away.

I ignore her as I type an email to Andrea asking her to send me my schedule for the weekend.

“Excuse me, Christian. I’m talking to you,” she snaps.

“Don’t bother, Mom. He’s in a bad mood,” Mia says, picking up her plate and walking into the living room. She turns on the news as she begins to eat her food.

“Are you going to work today?” my mom asks me.

“For an hour or so,” I respond. “Ana’s flight gets in at 9:15 and I’m going to pick her up.”

“What do you have planned for tonight?”

“I thought I’d take the family out to dinner,” I say, not looking up for my phone. It buzzes in my hand and I don’t hear what my mother says to me as I walk away from the kitchen to answer it.

“Ros,” I say sharply.

“Christian, you really need to re-think taking the afternoon off. We’re hitting a snag in the Sudan deal and I don’t think I can handle it without you.”

“South Sudan,” I say, annoyed.

“What?” Ros asks, confused.

“The deal is with South Sudan, Ros. They won their independence in 2011 and it’s kind of a touchy subject. Perhaps you should try to approach the meeting with the right country and you’d have better luck.”

“South Sudan, East Sudan, I don’t care, Christian. I need you in the office today!”

I’m distracted from the phone call by Mia shouting in the living room.

“Oh my god!” She gasps, her hand flying up over her mouth. I turn to see what’s wrong with her and it takes me a moment, but, when I see it, my body seizes with terror. There is a breaking news bulletin flashing across the television screen.


Breaking News: Australian flight missing


“I’ll call you back Ros,” I snap, hanging up the phone and nearly running into the living room. The newscaster is speaking but I’ve missed the beginning of the news report.

“What was the flight number?” I yell, rounding on Mia, who cowers under my fire filled glare.

“Uh… I think they said… umm Q107, I think.” I turn back on the screen and the flight number flashes in the text box at the bottom of the screen. Mia is right, Q107.

I pull out my phone and scroll through my emails until I get to the email Ana forwarded to me last week with her flight itinerary.


From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Fwd: Qantas flight confirmation

Date: July 2nd 2012 11:36 AM

To: Christian Grey

Qantas Itinerary Information:

July 6th 2012:


Departure: 09:00 AM PST Arrival: 11:13 PST

Passengers: Two

SEAT A101/A102

Flight Number: UA 603



Departure: 12:30 PM PST Arrival: (July 7th) 09:30 PM AEDT

Passengers: Two

SEAT A101/A102

Flight Number: Q 3312


July 9th 2012:


Departure 09:00 AM AEDT Arrival: (July 9th) 05:46 AM PST

Passengers: Two

SEAT A101/A102 Flight Number: Q 107



Departure: 07:00 AM PST Arrival: 09:15 AM PST

Passengers: Two

SEAT: A101 and A102

Flight Number: UA 889


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