Chapter 42

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We both fumble with the buttons on our jeans and as he reaches over for the door handle, I quickly readjust my bra. Christian opens the door and we see Bob standing awkwardly a few feet away, trying not to make eye contact with us.

I can feel the heat burning bright red in my cheeks as I stare blankly back at my step-father. Surprisingly though, Christian remains fairly calm.

“Excuse us, Mr. Adams,” He says politely, stepping aside so that I may exit the cramped space first. Bob tries to give him a tight, acknowledging smile, but it’s really more of a grimace. I hurry forward down the aisle, collapse into my seat and bury my face in my hands.

“You’ve been gone forever,” Elliot says, leaning forward. “What were you two doing back there?”

“Making summer plans,” Christian says, shrugging at his brother. Elliot looks suspiciously between the two of us but eventually nods and then turns sharp eyes on his brother.

“No fighting,” He says warningly, “We’re on vacation.”

“Shut up, Elliot,” Christian says, reaching up to switch off the overhead reading light before turning to me. “It’s getting late, do you want me to have the flight attendant bring you a blanket?”

I nod, but see out of the corner of my eye that Bob has returned from the bathroom and is leaning over to speak quietly to my mother.

“What?” Grace shrieks from the seat in front of them only seconds later, waking up several people around her. I shrink down into my seat as I see her getting up and throwing a book angrily down on the seat next to her. Even Christian blanches as she begins storming towards us and I turn my eyes forward, focusing my attention solely on the seat in front of me.

“Christian, I need to talk to you for a minute,” Grace says sternly.

“It’s late, Mom. Can’t we talk in the morning?” Christian asks innocently. Grace’s jaw tightens.

“Now, young man!” She says, and she steps to the side to let him out of his seat and points down the aisle. I give him a last apologetic look before he gets up and follows his mother to the back of the plane.

“What’s that about?” Elliot asks, but I just shake my head. It’s a tense few minutes while I flip distractedly through a magazine until Christian returns looking appropriately chastened. I give him an inquisitive look, but he doesn’t give me the gory details of his mother’s lecture.

“You should get some sleep. It’ll be morning when we get to Tahiti,” He says gently. I nod and pull the neck pillow I packed out of the bag tucked under the seat in front of me, and cuddle against him. He presses the call button overhead and asks the flight attendant to bring a blanket and once I’m wrapped up and warm next to him, I drift off to sleep.

It’s not the early morning sunlight that rouses me a few hours later, but the harsh bump of the plane landing on the runway at Tahiti Faa’a International Airport. I look around excitedly at the palm trees set in pristine white beaches next to the turquoise water through the windows, but there isn’t any time to enjoy the view as the second we’ve departed the plane, we immediately make our way over to a second, smaller plane next to a dock by the airport. Christian, Kate, Elliot, Mia, Carrick, and I take the first trip, but Grace and my parents have to follow behind us as there isn’t enough room in the small plane for everyone.

Again, we’re whisked into the sky, flying low over the water, which is so clear that even from this height, I can see straight through it. Once we’ve landed and have been joined by the others, we board a boat that cruises around the coast to a resort tucked into a lagoon against the backdrop of a lush rainforest. There are dozens of small bungalows connected by a long winding dock over the water. I look over excitedly at Christian sitting next to me, and he smiles down at me and kisses the top of my head.

“Are we staying in the bungalows?” I ask.

“I think so,” He replies. “Mom really loves the water.”

At the end of our journey, we file onto a dock and make our way across the powdery white sand to the beautiful resort sitting on a sandbar completely surrounded by the crystal clear water. We’re offered cool, fruity drinks as refreshments when Grace and Carrick head up to the front desk, and while they check us in, Kate, Elliot, Mia, Christian, and I stare anxiously out the windows at the scenic view. I’m absolutely dying to get into the ocean. Swimming has always been one of my favorite hobbies but, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the only ocean available to swim in is cold and sometimes fairly choppy. Nothing like the clear water here that looks refreshing, and inviting, and is waiting just on the other side of this glass.

After what seems like ages, Grace and Carrick finally leave the desk and we follow them out the doors and back across the beach to the long wooden walkway that connects the thatched roof bungalows scattered about over the water.

“Okay, let’s see,” Grace says looking down at the room numbers on the keys. “Bob and Carla, you’ll be in 10 over there, Carrick and I will be in 12, and you kids will be in 15, the big one there down on the end.”

“Kids?” Christian asks, stopping me as I reach down to pick up my bag. “As in all of us? Even Mia?”

“I thought you’d be delighted to spend the week with your favorite little sister,” Grace says, pulling Mia into her side and smiling innocently back at him.

“I am…” Christian begins, looking and sounding as though he’s choosing his words very carefully. “But I was hoping to spend time alone with Ana as well. I’m sure Elliot and Kate feel the same way.”

“Don’t you think you and Ana have had enough time alone for one trip?” Grace asks sharply.

“No,” Christian says, and his mother’s eyes narrow.

“Well I’m sorry to disappoint you, son, but these are the sleeping arrangements,” Grace says, and she holds out the bungalow key for him.

“I want to stay with you, Christian,” Mia adds. “Mom and Dad always go to bed so early and they never want to go out and do stuff on the water. We can wake up early and go surfing.”

“I’ll take you surfing, kiddo,” Elliot says. “Christian’s boring now that he has a girlfriend.”

“That’s not true!” Mia says defensively. “Anyway, Ana will come with us. Won’t you, Ana?”

“Sure, but I’ve never been. You’re going to have to teach me,” I say.

“Great, another family vacation with you dabbling in extreme sports. I don’t think there’s a hospital close by, you know,” Christian says, disapprovingly. I glare at him.

“It won’t be like Aspen,” I argue. “It’s not like there is a black diamond wave Elliot can take me on.”

“True, but there’s also no beginner wave for you to spend a whole day learning on.”

“Alright, alright, alright,” Elliot says, pushing both Christian and I forward. “You can argue about how much Ana sucks at staying on two feet later. Let’s get unpacked and do something.”

Unable to argue the room arrangements any further, Christian sighs with frustration, picks up his bag, takes my hand, and continues on to the huge, house-like bungalow at the end of the dock. When we step inside, I’m floored by the grandeur of it.

It’s more than big enough for the five of us with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a sitting room, dining area, four scenic balconies, and a small, square pool set over the ocean on the deck off the back of the house. In his hurry to get into the water, Elliot drags Kate into the first bedroom off the right and begins unpacking. Christian seems more concerned about privacy than getting out and enjoying our vacation, so while he points Mia to the bedroom off to the left of the front door, he grips my hand and then leads me up the stairs to the final bedroom suite.

Our room is beautiful. There is a huge white bed in the center of the room and it looks directly through a floor to ceiling length window, giving us a breathtaking view of the ocean and reef. The walls and floor match the ubiquitous teak found throughout the rest of the house and the gargantuan on-suite bathroom has a double vanity, cavernous shower, and a huge, deep, egg shaped tub. We have our own private balcony with white padded lounge chairs and a small hot tub.

“This is incredible.” I say, nearly awe struck.

“I’d trade it in a second for one of the smaller bungalows if it meant not having Elliot and Mia as roommates,” Christian grumbles. He puts his bag on the bed and unzips it, and as he begins to unpack, I frown and meander over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist and resting my cheek against his back.

“Please don’t be in a bad mood,” I say quietly. He pauses for a moment and then places his hand over mine and sighs.

“I’m sorry. I was just hoping for some alone time with you on this vacation. After these last few months, all I really want is to relax and indulge in you over and over again,” He says.

“You can. We’ll find time alone,” I tell him, encouragingly. He squeezes my hand tenderly and I release him to begin unpacking my own bag.

“This will be easier once I’ve made my first million,” He says a few moments later. “I’ll be able to take you wherever you want to go and we won’t have to have our entire families around.”

“I like that they’re here, Christian,” I say, placing a handful of bikini tops in the drawer of a dark wood dresser across the room. “I’m glad to be here with you, but I’m also excited to spend time with your parents, and your siblings, and my parents, and Kate.”

“You are?” He asks skeptically.

“Of course I am. They’re family and we don’t get to see them very often. Okay, we see Kate everyday, but not any of the others. Don’t pretend you’re not happy to spend a week Mia.”

“Of course I’m happy to spend time with Mia,” Christian says, placing his now completely unpacked suitcase under the bed. “I just wish her bed wasn’t directly below mine on a week where you’re not distracted with class or work or homework.”

I smile and saunter over to him. “I can be very, very quiet, Mr. Grey.”

“I’m quite aware of that, Miss Steele. But it seems you’ve had to exercise your exceptional restraint too frequently lately. I miss the sound of you screaming my name when you come,” He says lasciviously. I bite down on my lip and stand up on my tip toes to kiss him but the moment my lips reach his, Elliot is yelling at him from down stairs.

“Christian! Mom wants you!”

“Of course she does,” He says darkly, grudgingly letting me go. We walk down the stairs and find Grace talking to Kate, who is already in a swimsuit.

“Yes, Mother?” Christian asks.

“Oh good, Christian,” Grace says, turning to face us with a smile. “Your father wants to go and rent some equipment from the resort for you kids. Would you be a dear and help him bring everything back?”

“Won’t someone working at the resort do that for him?” Christian asks, annoyed.

“I think the two of you can manage,” Grace says. Clearly she’s still not happy about our airplane tryst. It sounds to me like this is his punishment, a day spent working and lugging things back and forth from the resort rather than relaxing and having fun with the rest of us. It seems a little unfair that he should have to face these consequences and I don’t, but also, having him away for a little while will give me time to spend with my mom. I don’t know how much time I’ll get alone with her having Christian around. Christian grimaces at his mother but doesn’t argue any further.

“You’ll be fine here alone?” He asks me when Grace gets up to leave.

“I’m not alone,” I reassure him. “Besides I’m a little tired from flying all day yesterday. I’d like to lay out and relax for a while.”

“Have fun,” He says, looking down at me remorsefully before leaning in and kissing me tenderly on the cheek. “I’ll join you when I get back.”

“Okay,” I tell him. He squeezes my hand and disappears through the door after Grace.

“I think I’d like to lay out too,” Kate says. “I need to get started on my tan. Should we just use the back deck? The view of the ocean is beautiful.”

“Sounds good to me,” I tell her.

“What?” Elliot complains. “You want to just lay around? I want to go swimming.”

“I’ll go swimming with you,” Mia offers.

“I guess…” Elliot says unexcitedly, though I think he’s teasing her.

“Hey!” Mia responds indignantly. “You don’t have to be a jerk. I could just hang out with Ana and Kate and let you swim alone like a loser.”

“You better watch your mouth, miss, or I’ll take you out back and drown you,” Elliot says.

“I’d like to see you try,” Mia replies, sticking her tongue out at him.

“Come here,” He growls, and Mia shrieks and runs through the sitting room and out the back sliding door. Kate and I laugh as we watch them both leap from the deck and hear the subsequent splash.

“I’ll meet you out there?” Kate asks.

“Sure, let me change. I think I’m going to go and see if my mom wants to join us,” I reply.

“Cool,” She says, and then turns around to disappear into her room. I head back up the stairs to Christian’s and my room, and change into the strapless, turquoise bandeau top and a black, string bikini bottom that shows a little more of my butt than I’d normally be comfortable with, but I figure is fine for tanning. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I head down the stairs and out the door to the bungalow with the number 10 on the door. I knock twice and then turn around to take in the breathtaking view again.

“Hi, baby girl,” My mom says when she opens the door. “Are you all settled in?”

“Yeah. Kate and I were going to lay out on my back deck. Do you want to join us?” I ask.

“Sure, just let me change,” She replies. She closes the door behind her since her bungalow doesn’t have the sitting room ours does, only a single bedroom, so I occupy myself by staring at the water sparkling below. Several colorful fish swim under the dock and a smile crosses my lips as I watch them.

“Ready?” My mom asks, when she opens the door a minute later. She’s dressed in a sensible, navy blue one piece and it makes me feel kind of awkward about how revealing my bottoms are. I don’t think I’ll wear these to swim.

When we get back to my bungalow, I grab a book from my room and, after my mom gushes about how amazing the presidential suite is, we head out the back glass door where we find Kate already laying on one of the white padded lounge chairs with a pair of over-sized sunglasses over her eyes and a fashion magazine in her hands. I take the seat next to her and stare out at the ocean. The sound of the waves rolling over each other and slapping against the long wooden posts holding up the deck is drowned out by the sounds of Mia and Elliot splashing and laughing below.

“This is just incredible,” My mother says. “I’ve never seen such a view in all my life. We must do something to thank Grace and Carrick for bringing us along on this amazing vacation.”

“I wonder what Grace is doing,” Kate says, setting down her magazine. “I think I’ll go find her and see if she wants to join us. Should I order some cocktails from the resort to have delivered to us?”

“Can you do that?” I ask.

“Sure, the drinking age in French Polynesia is eighteen.”

“Sounds great then,” I tell her. My mother waves at her and she turns around and disappears into the house, leaving my mother and I alone.

“So how is everything going with Christian?” She asks, taking advantage of our brief moment of solitude. I want to roll my eyes as I wonder how long she’s been waiting to pounce on me for information about our relationship.

“Everything is great, Mom,” I tell her, knowing that won’t be enough to quell her curiosity.

“You seem to be very serious, him even more than the last time I saw you two together. He’s very attentive towards you and affectionate. I’ve been watching the two of you and he’s nearly always touching you.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Of course not. I love seeing you so happy, it’s just that I worry a bit…”

“About what?”

“Well, relationships take a lot of time and effort. They can consume you and shift your priorities. Christian is handsome, wealthy, smart… someone your father and I always dreamed of for you. But more than that, we always dreamed that one day you’d graduate from an Ivy League school and have a career that you loved and that mattered and that you were successful in, without the help of a man.”

“Mom, Christian goes to Harvard too. We’re going to graduate together. He’s not pulling me away from school.”

“Well, according to his mother, he’s been trying to get out of school since before he was even accepted to Harvard. Christian has certain advantages in life that you don’t. A college degree might not be a necessity to him, but it will be for you. If he chooses to leave school…”

“I don’t think he’ll leave,” I say, really more as an affirmation to myself than to my mother. “I mean, he’s the top of his class, captain of his crew team, and now that Elliot has been accepted to MIT, we were just talking about renting an apartment with him and Kate next year. That doesn’t sound like someone who isn’t invested in staying at school. He’s ambitious and driven. He works hard and pushes me to be better every day. I promise you, I’m focused on school and so is Christian. He supports me.”

“Okay,” My mom acquiesces, holding her hands in front of her in surrender. “I trust you. Just promise me that no matter what happens, you’ll never lose focus on your degree.”

“I promise,” I tell her, and she reaches over and squeezes my arm affectionately just as Grace and Kate step through the sliding glass door and onto the deck.

“Grace this really was far too generous of you,” My mother tells her, smiling broadly. “I can’t even begin to thank you for inviting us along on your family vacation.”

“Carla, please,” Grace says, returning my mother’s smile as she settles into the chair next to me. “Ana is part of our family now which means so are you. This vacation simply wouldn’t be complete without all of you here.”

My mother winks at her happily and I feel a comforting sense of relief cross over me. Our families get along, I’ve assuaged any doubt my mother feels about Christian, and I and I’m lying on a lounge chair over the south pacific, staring out at paradise.

We spend the next few hours talking about school and my mother’s new life in Georgia, and a gala Grace and Carrick recently attended in Seattle. I’m surprised by Elliot and Mia’s stamina swimming in the water below. In all the time we are laying beneath the tropical sun, they only climb up the ladder to the deck so that they can jump off of it and into the water again.

“Mom, I’m getting hungry,” Mia says eventually when she finally emerges from the water. She and Elliot both wrap themselves in towels and flop down onto the lounge chairs next to Kate. “When are we going to get some dinner?”

“Not until your father and brother get back,” Grace replies.

“They’ve been gone a while,” I say, looking up at the sun which is much lower in the sky now than it was when we first came out here. “When do you think they’ll be back?”

As if in answer to my question, we hear a low rumble coming from somewhere off to the right of our bungalow and seconds later both Carrick and Christian pull up to the lower dock astride heavy looking jet skis. Elliot’s face lights up as they climb onto the small pier and tie the machines off before coming up the stairs to the deck.

“Jet skis?” Elliot asks excitedly, “All right!”

“For the whole week, son,” Carrick says, smiling as he places the key in Elliot’s hand. “Are we ready to get some dinner?”

“Screw dinner, let’s ride the Jet Ski’s,” Elliot says.

“There will be plenty of time for that later,” Grace says, setting down her book and standing next to her lounge chair. “Let’s get some dinner and spend some time together as a family. You can ride the jet skis all day tomorrow.”

Elliot looks disappointed, but he doesn’t argue with his mother. Everyone disappears back through the bungalow but as I stand up and stretch, Christian’s arms wind around me and he kisses my neck softly.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” I tell him. “What took you so long?”

“My father had to learn everything there is to know about Bora Bora from the man working at the resort,” Christian says, annoyed. “He went through every booklet and pamphlet they had to book things for us all to do this week, and the machine rental was a nightmare. We dropped a couple more off at our parents’ bungalows before bringing these ones here.”

“That sounds exhausting. I had a rather relaxing afternoon here, laying in the sun, and doing absolutely nothing at all.”

“Good,” He says, kissing me again. “You look like you’ve already gotten a little color.”

“That was the plan,” I laugh. He takes my hand and leads me to the stairs, purposefully allowing me to go ahead of him so he can enjoy the view my barely there bikini bottom offers to him, and we both change for dinner before heading out the door of the bungalow towards the resort.

When we arrive at the restaurant, everyone has already been seated. I’m grateful to see that the two empty seats are set beside one another. Hopefully, Grace feels Christian has been punished enough for the airplane ordeal and won’t try to keep us apart any longer. We sit in the chairs between Elliot and my parents and take a look at the menu with our fingers entwined together under the table. I choose the grilled mahi-mahi, coconut rice, and mango salsa, and after we’ve cleared our plates and the happy chatter around the table dies down, we all relax back into our chairs and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing against the beach and the smell of the cool, sea breeze.

“What are we doing tomorrow?” Carrick asks, once he has paid the bill.

“Jet Skis,” Elliot says quickly.

“I’d like to go for a hike at some point,” Kate suggests. “I’ve heard the trails up Mt. Pahia are beautiful.”

“Do you think we could find one of those glass bottom boats to take us on a tour around the Island?” My mother asks. “The fish swimming around our little bungalows are so beautiful, I’d love to see what’s out on the reef.”

“Perhaps we could go snorkeling?” Carrick says.

“No, no, no,” Elliot argues. “The answer is jet skis.”

“What do you want to do?” Christian asks me.

“I’m game for anything, but I would love to snorkel at some point,” I answer.

“Snorkeling it is!” Carrick says.

“No Dad, you’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s Jet Skis.” Elliot says, slowing the words down and speaking each syllable carefully as if Mr. Grey barely speaks English. Everyone laughs as Carrick rolls his eyes.

“Well the Kavanaghs will be here in the morning,” Grace says. “Maybe we should all just sleep in a little, get some rest, have breakfast back here, and then once Kate’s parents get settled in, we’ll all head out to the reef?”

“Excellent plan, dear,” Carrick says, kissing her on the cheek.

Groaning slightly, as we’re all a little too full, we stand from the table and amble slowly back towards our bungalows. Once inside, Mia asks to play a game and so we all sit down and answer the questions she asks us on a mad lib she brought for the plane ride. Eventually though, Christian makes a big deal about how late it is and how we should all be getting to bed.

“Good night, Meems,” He says, leaning over and kissing her on the top of the head.

“You’re getting as bad as Mom and Dad,” Mia grumbles. “I don’t want to go to bed yet.”

“Neither does Christian,” Elliot says, pointedly. Unfortunately, at fourteen, Mia is now old enough to get her brother’s innuendos and she makes a face at both of them. Christian rolls his eyes and then takes me by the hand and together we ascend the stairs to our room.

The view is different at night, but still just as breathtaking. A long sliver of silver moonlight twinkles over the inky black sea and the violet colored sky is punctuated by more stars than I’ve ever seen. As I stand there and admire the beauty of it, Christian comes and wraps his arms around me from behind.

“It’s so beautiful,” I whisper, in awe.

“This?” Christian asks. “It’s alright.”

“Alright?” I scoff. “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“You should look in mirrors more often,” He says, and he presses his lips to the skin of my neck. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, everything else pales in comparison.”

I moan a small approving sound, both at his compliment and the sensation of his lips on my skin. His hands move from my waist up to my breast and as he massages me softly. I turn my head so I can capture his lips with mine. Our kiss is deep, sensual, and when his tongue eases past my lips, I feel the gentle caress of it in every sinew of my body.

Gripping me tightly by the hip, he turns me so that we’re facing each other and I immediately wrap my arms around him, holding myself to him as tightly as I can. My body is electrified, every brush of his fingers over my skin is intensified, leaving traces of hot desire in their wake. With a feather light touch, his fingers skim over the thin straps that secure the long sundress I’m wearing and begin peeling them over my shoulders so that I feel my dress slide down my body inch by inch until I’m standing before him in only my panties. Slowly, his hands reach down to my behind, and he pulls gently on me, lifting me from the ground. I wrap my legs around his waist and allow him to carry me off to the giant four poster bed.

He places me on the full, white down comforter and I feel myself sink deeply into the mattress as he climbs over the top of me and takes my lips again. I want to kiss him like this forever. Even if we never got any farther than this, I would be satisfied. The love I feel pouring from him at this very intimate point of contact is nearly overwhelming and I surrender myself to him completely. His hands run greedily over my body, gripping me, holding me against him, and I begin to tug at his t-shirt, desperate for the feel of his skin against mine.

He leans up onto his knees and pulls his shirt over his head. I stare longingly at the perfectly sculpted muscles on his chest and abs. He’s like Michelangelo’s statue of David, a perfectly sculpted example of the male human form, and he’s mine.

I sit up and press my lips to his stomach, running my tongue over the well-defined lines of his abs, and begin eagerly working on the buttons of his jeans. He moans as I reach down into his pants and grip his erection. His fingers clasp my chin and tilt my face up so that he can kiss me again, and I fall backwards into the pillow as we remove his pants together. I relish in the feel of him on top of me. His skin against mine, his weight pressing down on me, the heat of our bodies moving together, and the pressure of his erection, urgent against my panties. A whimper escapes my lips as he breaks our kiss and his lips begin travel over my jawline, my collarbones, and down to my breasts. The gentle tug of his lips and teeth on my nipples sends a jolt of pleasure straight to my groin.

I’m writhing beneath him, now nothing more than a physical manifestation of sensual need. As he continues his lascivious attention to my breasts, I feel the heat between my legs increase and I want to rub my thighs together, desperate for any form of friction but he keeps my legs spread open with his knees. I feel his smile and a low, breathy laugh against my breast as he begins to fully realize the level of my desire for him. I know he loves this, seeing just how much I need him. How much I love what he does to me. I gasp a high, needy sound, and he begins to travel further down, his tongue tracing over the line down the center of my chest and stomach to my belly button. I tilt my hips up towards him so that he can slide my panties past my behind as his tongue continues down, over my pubic bone until finally I’m rewarded when his lips press gently against my clitoris.

“Christian!” I gasp, only just barely maintaining enough control of myself to know I need to be quiet. His hot breath against my lips is heaven and, as his tongue brushes against me, swirls around my clitoris, dips inside of me, I know I’m going to unravel.

“Don’t stop,” I beg, reaching down and tangling my fingers into his hair. He moans and increases the pressure of his tongue against me, creating suction with his lips. I move my hips in time with his movements, mewling quietly as he teases me in just the right way. I’m on the edge, teetering between excruciating pleasure and complete oblivion until he nips me gently with his teeth and I come. Heat rushes through every part of my body, making me quiver against his lips. He grips tightly to my hips, securing me to him, refusing to let me come down as I writhe in pleasure over and over again.

After what feels like forever, the quivering slows and he places one last soft kiss on my clitoris before moving back up to kiss me again. I taste my arousal on his tongue and it fuels the flames of my desire. Christian reaches down and grasps his erection, rubbing it gently over my opening to lubricate himself before he plunges inside of me. My gasp is muted by his lips as he deepens our kiss and begins to move in and out of me.

I feel so connected to him in this moment. The intimacy of our love making is palpable. I’m as close to him as I can possibly be, experiencing this love with him in its most basic and natural form. I’m overwhelmed knowing I’ll never experience a greater pleasure than making love with someone whom I am absolutely and completely devoted to. Who owns my soul entirely and who also belongs to me.

His movements inside of me are slow but deep. There’s an urgency in his thrusts that is not expressed by a hard, pounding tempo, but rather the meaningful, deliberate rhythm that tells me he’s experiencing, memorizing, every part of me and reveling in the pleasure of it.

“Oh, yes Christian!” I moan.

“I love you, Ana,” He whispers, his voice dripping with ecstasy as he continues to move inside of me, in and out and in again.

“I love you, too,” I tell him.

“Oh, Ana!” He cries. He reaches down and grasps my hips and the urgency of his thrusts increases. I know he’s close and the idea of it, the knowledge of the great pleasure he’s so close to achieving because of what I do for him, to him, is enough to bring me right back to the edge. Our breathing is harsh and yet still synchronized as we climb higher and higher until eventually there’s nowhere left to go and I erupt seconds before he does in a mind numbing, life affirming orgasm that rattles my core.

The look of pure ecstasy on his face as he empties himself inside of me drives me on and on and I want to scream his name, attribute this feeling of absolute euphoria to him as I announce to the universe the very depth of the love I feel for this man. Fortunately, through the sex induced haze that clouds my mind, I am able to remember where I am and settle for simply reaching up and claiming his lips once more.

Eventually, he stills inside of me, and the only sounds are our ragged breathing and the roll of the tide outside. I’m exhausted, but I can’t keep the smile off my face as I enjoy the post-coital bliss that fills me. I wince slightly as he finally pulls out of me and rolls onto his side of the bed, and after a quick trip to the bathroom, I’m back in his arms, cuddled against him, and never more content.

“How is it possible that every time is better than the last?” He asks, his voice laced with wonder.

“I don’t know,” I mumble, my words slightly garbled as I feel myself beginning to fall asleep.

“I love you, Anastasia.” He whispers, “I’m going to love you forever.”

“Forever,” I reply, the only word I can manage as I fall into a deep, restful sleep.

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