Chapter 19

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I grip tightly to Christian’s arm as he leads me through the casino after Kate and Elliot, thinking all the way of the questions I have for him. I wish he would walk slower so we could fall farther behind Kate and Elliot, not that we’d have much privacy with the sea of people milling about the casino around us. It’s getting so crowded we have a difficult time walking through the narrow hallways and I know it’s because everyone is coming out for the holiday. We head towards the front entrance of the hotel and Elliot tries to turn left towards the sky bridge that leads to the boulevard but Kate yanks him right to the line waiting for cabs.

“Aw, come on, babe. It’s barely a mile walk down to the Wynn and there’s a lot going on on the strip tonight,” Elliot complains.

“Then look at it out the window,” Kate says. “I’m wearing six inch heels, I’m not walking.”

Begrudgingly, Elliot allows himself to be pulled out the doors by Kate and Christian and I follow. My mood as we get in the long line of people waiting for cabs reflects Elliot’s. I would have liked to walk too, despite my heels. It’s going to be impossible to speak to Christian in the confines of a taxi and I’m desperate to find out what’s been going on since we spoke last.

We walk into the Wynn beneath a canopy of trees decorated in strings of white lights and giant red and silver balls. The opulence around us is staggering and I recall a vague memory of my grandfather saying once that the world would look like the Wynn if God had more money. Even in the buffet, we are served glasses of champagne with our dinner, surprisingly without being ID’d. I wonder if Elliot knows someone here too or if it’s assumed that anyone out on the Strip on New Year’s Eve is probably over 21. Maybe it’s just the air of importance Christian gives off, or possibly the ridiculously large tip Elliot hands the waiter who brings us each glass.

The food is endless, delicious, and overly decadent. Kate and I share a slice of rich chocolate cheesecake while Christian and Elliot book us tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show “O” on their cell phones for after dinner. Elliot promises us it’s the best show on the strip and describes the water acrobatics the entire way back to the Bellagio.

By the time the show is over, it’s 10:30 and Kate is ready for the club. She’s giddy as she and Elliot lead the way across the street from the Bellagio to the Paris. I still haven’t gotten a single moment alone with Christian to talk and I’m slightly frustrated, though the feeling is immediately diminished by the awe I feel staring up at the Eiffel Tower standing over the entrance of the resort.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” He asks, looking down at me with a pleased expression on his face and intertwining his fingers with mine. “The real one is immeasurably more magnificent.”

“I’d love to see it,” I say softly, and he smiles.

“Perhaps I’ll take you there.”

I bite down on my bottom lip as my lips curve into a smile at the thought of spending time with Christian in Paris, having coffee (or tea) in a quaint cafe, exploring the magnificence of the Louvre, an evening stroll along the banks of the Seine, and a candlelit dinner below the Eiffel Tower glowing brightly beneath moonlit sky. The look he gives me intensifies into something dark and hot as he notices my reaction to his words, and he grips my hand more tightly, pulling me forward into through the main doors.

To the left of the main entrance, there is a flight of stairs that leads to the nightclub, Chateau. As we climb to the second floor, Elliot whispers something in Kate’s ear and she nods, lets go of his hand, and falls back to wrap her arm in Christian’s.

“What are you doing?” Christian asks, his brow creasing with displeasure as he turns to look at her.

“You aren’t 21, stupid,” Kate says. “Elliot thinks they’ll probably be less likely to check your ID if you’re with a group of hot girls.”

Christian rolls his eyes, but doesn’t shrug Kate off. When we get to the door, Elliot rushes forward and raises both hands in the air to high five the doorman.

“Elliot, my man! Where the fuck have you been?” The bouncer asks.

“I spend all my time flying to Massachusetts to see this asshole.” Elliot says, gesturing back to Christian with a nod of his head.

“Oh, that’s right.” The bouncer says. “I heard your baby bro went Ivy. Hey Christian, how the hell are you?”

“Well,” Christian says shortly. “How are you Carmichael?”

“Whoa, man. Cool it on the Carmichael shit. It’s Big Mike here. This ain’t the ‘burbs of Bellevue.”

Christian raises an eyebrow in amused incredulity, but doesn’t say anything more.

“And what’s your name, sweetheart?” Big Mike says to Kate, eyeing her up and down with a look of satisfaction. Kate smirks at his reaction.

“My name is Kate, I’m Elliot’s girlfriend,” She says.

“Damn son, did you bring a sexy lady like this up here to break my heart? Or… did you do me solid and bring me a hot brunette?” He asks, nodding to me with a knowing smile. Christian wraps his hand around my waist in an obviously possessive manner and pulls me closer to him. I glance over at him, noticing he’s glaring at Big Mike. His eyes are a dangerous, cold, gray steel.

“We cool to go inside, bro?” Elliot asks, turning back to his friend.

“Sure, have a good night. Take some shots for me,” Big Mike says, stamping the back of Elliot’s hand and waving him in. He stamps both Kate’s and my hand, but as we walk forward, Mike reaches out and stops Christian.

“Aren’t you like, 19 or something?” He asks, narrowing his eyes. Christian stares back at him, keeping his cool composure but clearly at a loss for what to say. Fuck maybe we aren’t getting in. Or maybe Christian and I could go somewhere else and talk? Mike eyes him up and down for a moment but his face breaks into a joking smile as he stamps the back of Christian’s hand.

“I’m just kidding, bro. Get the fuck in there and have a good time. Happy New Year’s.”

Christian nods and takes my hand as we walk into the hypnotic lights of Chateau. The music is extremely loud inside, too loud, and I’m glad when Elliot leads us out to the terrace where he buys a table and bottle service for the night. It’s a little chilly out here but after a few drinks and some time on the dance floor with Kate, I feel just fine.

The music is a mix of dance and techno beats, both fun and easy to move to. I have to dance without moving my feet as the dangerously high heels mixed with the three cocktails I’ve had don’t seem to be doing good things for my balance. There are several occasions where I have to reach out and grab Kate for balance and she laughs and pulls me into her to help keep me steady. I glance over to see Christian watching us, staring at me appreciatively as Kate and I dance pressed together on the floor. Elliot takes a long, draining drink from his glass, sets it down, and moves towards us.

“Mind if I cut in?” He asks me, wagging his eyebrows like a vaudeville villain. I’m wondering if he’s trying to make some kind of innuendo.

“Not at all,” I tell him, gesturing to Kate, who’s still dancing, seemingly entranced by the music. I turn from them, weaving through the crowd of people, and plop down next to Christian at the table, feeling immediate relief from the pain my shoes are causing me. He hands me a double old-fashioned glass filled with ice, Grey Goose, and a splash of lime juice, and as I take it, he moves in close to me.

“Your dress is very short,” He says, his voice torn between disapproval and pleasure. He gently runs his index finger up my thigh, tugging at the hem of my dress as he reaches it.

“Kate picked it out,” I tell him, feeling slightly out of breath, and I’m not sure if it’s the dancing or the fact that he’s so close I can feel his heat next to me.

“Your shoes, too? I was worried you might fall while you were dancing they’re so high. You would have given everyone here quite the show.”

“Is there anything you like about what I’m wearing?” I ask.

“Your earrings are lovely,” He says, reaching out to caress the diamond dangling from them.

“I was going to give them back,” I admit quietly. “Kate convinced me to wear them tonight.”

“I’m glad she did,” He says. “Why would you want to give them back? You look beautiful in them.”

“You were very over-generous,” I tell him. “I shouldn’t accept such expensive gifts from you. Not when I have nothing to give you in return.”

“There is something you can give me.”


“Your answer,” He says in a low voice, and I watch his eyes as they bare into mine with expectation.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls or the texts I’ve sent you?” I ask, needing my questions answered before I can answer his.

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“I’ve called you. Several times.”

“I’m sorry, Anastasia, I had no idea. I changed my number when I got home for break so I haven’t gotten any of your calls.”


“So certain…people wouldn’t have my number anymore.”

“People? Like, Mrs. Robinson?”

“For instance,” He says simply.

“So why didn’t you give me your new number?” I ask.

“You told me you wanted time to think without any interference from me. No contact. I thought I was giving you what you wanted.”

“I was worried you were mad at me.”

“Why would I be mad at you?”

“I don’t know… because I didn’t have an answer for you before you left. Kate said you’ve been moody since you got back.”

“Yes, well, there have been some problems that I have been unable to resolve over the last few weeks.”

“Such as?”

“Do you remember what I told you about Ros and I?” He asks.

“That you’re starting a company together?”

“Yes. We got several investment deals back in mid-October that were going to allow us to leave Harvard and start up our company by June. After Thanksgiving, we lost one major contributor and one by one, the other investors started to pull out. I went home to Seattle early to try and salvage what I could, but in this economic climate, people aren’t willing to take a chance on a couple of college students with big ideas and no experience.”

“So… what does that mean?” I ask.

“It means that I’m going to be at Harvard for a while,” He says. “Both Ros and I have enough in our trust funds to start up, but unfortunately, both of our parents are adamant that we will not get access to those funds until we have college degrees.”

“So, what if you don’t graduate?”

“Then my parent’s foundation will become several million dollars richer.”

“That’s harsh.”

“That’s Grace Trevelyan-Grey,” He says.

“But you’d need to stay at Harvard anyway, wouldn’t you? I mean, even if the investment deal had gone through, if you left Harvard, you wouldn’t get your inheritance.”

“What’s a few million dollars compared to a multi-billion dollar empire?”

“You’re that sure of yourself?”


“So… you’ve been in business meetings all week?”

“Some of the time.”

“What about the other times? Kate said you’ve been out with a friend.”

“Did you think I was out with another girl?”

“Well… sort of.”

“You thought it was Elena?” He corrects himself, and I nod.

“I’ve told you before, Ana. I’m through with her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to accept that so she’s been sitting at my house waiting to corner me since I’ve come home. I find the easiest way to deal with it is by staying away as much as possible.”

“You won’t be able to avoid her forever, Christian.”

“I know. Eventually, she’ll have a new Sub and we’ll move past this. It shouldn’t take long. Elena isn’t a patient woman.”

“So that’s it then? Nothing’s changed since we last spoke?”

“Nothing’s changed, in regards to the way I feel about you anyway,” He says and I nod my head and reaffirm myself as I know I’m about to say the thing that will change everything.

“Then I have my answer,” I begin. “Yes.”

“Yes?” He whispers as if he didn’t hear me correctly.

“Yes,” I repeat.

He stares at me, unbelieving for a moment and then I see a look of triumph cross his face before he grabs me and brings me to him, so forcefully I fear that my lips will bruise as they crash against his. I kiss him back with equal fervor, feeling so much more in this kiss than any that we’ve shared before because now it’s real. It’s more, so much more, and yet still not enough.

“Get a room,” I hear Elliot say and as he sits down across from us a pours a drink for himself and Kate. Christian breaks the kiss and glares at his brother, before turning back to me, desire burning in his eyes. Kate glances between us with a smug smile that Christian ignores.

“Come back to the room with me,” He says quietly, turning back to me. I nod. Quickly, he stands and takes my hand to help me to my feet.

“Where are you going?” Elliot asks, handing the drink to Kate.

“Back to the room,” Christian says.

“But you’ll miss the fireworks!” Kate protests. I turn to wave back at her, hopefully reassuring her since Christian is already dragging me away from the table. I struggle to keep up with him in my shoes but I don’t want him to slow down. Excitement, trepidation, elation, worry… so many things rush through me as we cross the street to the Bellagio.

This is it. I know what’s about to happen. I’m about to have sex for the first time. I bite my lip as I try and remember everything I’ve ever been told about sex and everything I’ve read or seen in movies. Will I be terrible at this? Oh god, what if I’m awful? What if he doesn’t like it? What if this ends up being the most humiliating experience of my life? What if Mrs. Robinson is right…?

We rush through the casino of the Bellagio to the elevators. The doors open and a group of people flood out, excited to start their evening in Sin City. Christian leads me in and when the doors close, he pushes me against the wall, capturing my wrists and holding my hands above my head as he consumes me. His lips are unrelenting as he kisses me, and while we’re suspended in this moment of passion, my worries lift and I’m lost in him. I feel him press his erection into me and I groan, desperate for more contact. He grasps my wrists with one hand, holding them in place while the other gently brushes down my side, around to my behind, and up my thigh. He pulls on my leg, hitching it around his waist, and presses himself further into me, grinding his erection against me. I struggle against his grip on my hands, wanting so much to touch him, to investigate his body the way he does mine, but his grasp is unyielding.

A high ping, interrupts his ardor and he releases me just as the doors slide open. Again, he grasps my hand, and he leads me from the elevator and down the hall. I wait impatiently as he pulls out a key card from his wallet, opens the door, and reaches back to pull me into the room with him.

“Do you have any idea how much I want you, Anastasia?” He asks when the door closes behind him. His words are muffled as his lips take mine again.

“No,” I whisper, unable to fathom his feelings as I’m currently so lost in my own.

“Let me show you,” He says, and he leads me into the room to the bed.

I gasp as we pass the small living room suite into the bedroom. The east wall is made entirely of glass and there is an incredible view of the strip below, glowing with activity. I see the fountains of the Bellagio dancing below us, creating a mist of sparkles in the light from the hotel. The music from the fountain show is muffled, but still distinguishable, and as I stare down at the view, speechless, I feel one of Christian’s arms snake around my waist from behind.

“Let’s get you out of this dress,” He whispers in my ear. I feel his fingers slide up to my zipper as his lips brush against my neck in a line of sweet, soft, arousing kisses.

This is it. Am I ready for this?

“Wait!” I cry as I feel him begin to tug at the zipper. I maneuver out of his arms in sudden panic and turn to face him, apprehension most certainly etched in my expression. In my distraction with the view, he’s removed his jacket, button down, socks, and shoes. He’s standing before me, looking delectable in only his black slacks and a tight gray t-shirt. Yes, I want him… but I need this to slow down.

“What is it?” Christian asks, staring at me confused.

“Well… it’s just that, um…”

“You don’t want to fuck?” He asks, and I see a version of concern different from mine cross his face.

“No, it’s not that. I just, well…. Okay, um, Christian, before we… um, before we make love, I think you need to know something,” I stutter. I feel my cheeks redden as I struggle to get the words out, wondering in this moment how hard it actually is to get into Harvard’s English department if I could do it and I’m standing here bumbling like an idiot.

“What?” Christian asks, the concern turning into alarm. I know he’s misreading my queues, I need to get over the anxiety and explain. Right now, he probably thinks I’m about to tell him I have herpes or something.

Breathe, Steele, breathe.

“Okay, I, uh… I haven’t done this before.”

“Done what? This hardly counts as having sex on the first date, Ana, if that’s what you’re worried about. We’ve known each other for months, and have had several dates if that’s what you wanted to call them.”

“No, I haven’t done any of this before. Sex, I mean.”

“You’ve never had sex?” He asks as if I’ve said something in a language he doesn’t understand.

“No,” I say. He looks at me, confused for a moment, and then his face softens and his eyes enlarge with shock as he realizes what I’m saying.

“You’re a virgin?” He asks, his voice suddenly weak. I nod.

We stare at each other for a moment, the awkward silence lying between us like a thick blanket of snow.

“How?” He asks at last, his voice merely a breath.

“What do you mean?”

“How? How have you avoided sex? You’re beautiful! You’re everything. I’ve been dying to have you since I first laid eyes on you that day you asked me about the stupid name tag. How has someone never taken you to bed before?”

“I’ve just never met someone I wanted. Not until you.”

“But you’ve done other things?”

“Not really.”

His hands rush up into his hair as he considers what I’ve just told him. I watch him pace a few times, wondering what he’s warring over.

“Christian?” I ask hesitantly and he stops pacing.

“I don’t…” He begins, but changes tactic halfway through his thought process. “What do you want to do, Anastasia?”

“I, uh…” I stammer. My cheeks flush as I want to say that I want him to take me, here, now, but I’m too embarrassed to articulate the words.

“Do you want to do this?” He asks, seeing my hesitation.

“Yes,” I whisper. “I just wanted you to know, before…”

He crosses the room in two quick strides, cutting my words off with his lips. His kiss is more gentle this time, though still fervent. I feel his hand greedily move up to the zipper on my dress. He pulls it down slowly and then brings his hand up to the one shoulder covered by my dress, brushing his fingertips over my skin and peeling the dress away from me as his hand travels down my body. Once he’s past my hips, the dress falls into a pool at my feet. I’m naked except for my panties and I wonder if I should feel embarrassed, but I don’t. I want to be as close to Christian as possible, to feel his skin pressed against mine. If only he would take off his shirt.

I feel him lift me from the ground and I wrap my legs around his waist, allowing him to carry me to the bed. Gently, he sets me down and I’m enveloped in the luxurious pillows and bedding but I hardly have time to register the feeling of the silky sheets beneath me as he crawls over the top of me, taking my mouth once again. His tongue brushes gently across my bottom lip and I open my mouth, kissing him deeper, and relishing in him. His hands find my arms and he pulls them up over my head, pushing my wrists down into the pillow, silently telling me to keep them there. When he releases me, his hand rests gently on my forearm, waiting as he judges whether or not I’m going to move my hands. While he continues to kiss me, I remember him taking me home from that party where I got too drunk all those months ago. I wanted to reach out and touch his chest but he stopped me.

I don’t like to be touched.

His words echo in my head. If I can’t touch him, how can I…?

I can’t finish the thought as I think he’s decided I won’t move my hands and his fingers begin to brush down my arm and his lips leave mine and begin to journey south. I feel him gently kiss my chin, my neck, my collarbone… Every touch of his lips feels like a shock of electricity and I begin to grind my hips into the bed with anticipation.

“Don’t move, baby,” He says, moving his hands to rest on my hips and hold me down. I’m pinned beneath him, helpless. All I can do is experience the sensation of his touch. I feel the muscles deep within my core clench deliciously with anticipation and then, I feel his tongue begin to circle my nipple.

“Ahhh!” I cry out, feeling an overwhelming sense of pleasure. He sucks hard and, as he pulls away, his teeth graze my nipple. I’m whimpering, breathing too hard, but I can’t feel the embarrassment. I can only feel the unbridled lust that is leading me to a precipice, threatening to push me over into something beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

While his tongue continues to encircle my nipple, his other hand reaches down and slips into my panties. He moves slowly, caressing every inch of my skin as he learns this new part of me, but once his fingers find my clitoris, the sensation I feel all over my body is suddenly heightened. I can no longer take it, I explode into a shattering orgasm that ripples through me, and because he’s on top of me, holding me down and keeping me from struggling against the overwhelming feeling of pleasure, I feel my orgasm pulse throughout my body again and again. Quickly, his mouth moves away from my breast and his lips take mine again, muffling my cries of ecstasy.

“Already, Miss Steele?” He says with a self-satisfied smile when my orgasm finally comes to an end. “You’re very responsive. I like that. I like that a lot. I can’t wait to show you what I can do to you, Anastasia.”

I look up into his fiery gaze, still panting uncontrollably from my orgasm. He sits up, and grasps my leg, deftly unbuckling the strap on my heel.

“These are unbelievably sexy, Anastasia,” He says. “But as much as I’d like to have them over my shoulder, I think we can do without them. I want to be able to move you and I don’t want you struggling with your shoes while I fuck you.”

I gasp as his words tug at my core, lighting me up again, ready for more. While he deals with the clasp on my shoe, I reach up to remove my earrings.

“Don’t,” He says. “I want you to keep those on.”

He slips the shoe from my foot and I find myself squirming again as he runs his thumb up my instep and brings his mouth to my newly uncovered foot. I feel his tongue and then his teeth on the pad of my toe and it feels wrong but so, so good. Quickly, he moves to the other foot and repeats the process.

Christian!” I plead, desperation dripping from my tone as my need for him rises to a level I can no longer stand. I can feel an ache growing between my legs, a deep need that I know only he can satisfy.

“What do you want, Anastasia?” He asks, looking down at me, lust burning in his steel gray eyes.

“You. Please. Now,” I beg, incoherently, and he smiles down at me.

“So greedy,” He whispers. He leans over me and kisses me again. I lean into the kiss, desperate for whatever contact I can have with him, but he pulls away too soon, leaving me wanting.

“Let’s see if you’re ready,” He says and he lowers himself down my body, kissing my breasts, my stomach and each of my hip bones as he goes. I feel his fingers hook through my panties and tug them down. My legs lift into the air as he pulls them over my naked feet and I watch, stunned, as he brings them to his face and inhales.

“So sweet,” He whispers, tucking them into the pocket of his black slacks. Leaning back down, he kisses the inside of my thighs, travelling upwards, and I cry out, practically screaming with pleasure when he continues north and his lips make contact with my center. I feel his fingers touch me, easing gently into me as his tongue begins to circle my clitoris. It’s one of the most incredible things I’ve ever felt.

“Oh, Ana,” He whispers. “You are so ready.”

“Christian!” I plead again, but at this point, I don’t even know what I’m pleading for.

“I like hearing you call my name, baby,” He says. “I like hearing you beg for me.”

“Please,” I whimper again as he stands from the bed.

“I take it you’re not on the pill?” He asks.

“No,” I say, quickly, wishing in that instant that I was. Oh no, that’s not a deal breaker, is it? Shit, why didn’t I think of contraception? Well, I guess I didn’t know he would be here until a few hours ago… fuck!

“I think Elliot has some condoms in his bag,” He says, disappearing from the room. I hear a zipper, then some fumbling sounds, and finally the sound of a deadbolt falling before he re-enters the room, a blue foil packet in his hand. He throws the packet down on the bed and undoes his trousers. In one deft move, he removes his pants and his boxers, and I’m left awed and feeling slightly wary of the sight before me. It’s so… how will it…

“Don’t worry, baby,” He says as he rips open the foil packet with his teeth. “You can take it.”

I watch, mesmerized, as he rolls the condom onto his sizable erection. I want him so badly, every part of him. I bite my lip as, for a brief moment, I have the urge to lunge forward and take him in my mouth, to trace every inch of him with my tongue. He growls and pushes me back on the bed, taking my mouth again, his teeth catching my bottom lip as he pulls away from me.

“You bite your lip, often.” He says. “Do you know how erotic it is? What it does to me? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about fucking you on the desk in Brit Lit because you were biting down on this delectable lip while you read.”

I reach forward and kiss him again, my tongue desperately exploring his mouth. He kisses me deeply, passionately, and the feel of him, pressing against my aching core is almost too much to take.

“Christian, please!” I gasp, my voice strained by my need for him.

“Do you want me, baby?” He asks.

“Yes!” I breathe.

“You’re sure you’re ready for this? You don’t want me to stop?”

“No, god no! Please, Christian!” I beg. I look up at him imploringly as he glances over at the bedside table and smiles before looking back down at me.

“By the end of this night, I will have fucked you on every surface of this hotel room,” He promises and in one, swift motion, he buries himself inside of me.

I gasp as I feel him rip through my virginity, overwhelmed by the pain and the pleasure mixed together in a confusing but wholly erotic cocktail. He gasps, and clenches his jaw as my body attempts to adjust to him.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” He hisses through clenched teeth. “Are you okay? Did that hurt?”

“I’m fine,” I whisper, tensely. It’s painful, but I don’t want to stop.

Gently he eases out of me and then thrusts forward again. I hiss through the pain but the look of absolute pleasure on his face as he continues to stroke slowly in and out of me urges me on. It takes several minutes, but eventually, I become accustomed to him inside of me and the pain evaporates, leaving only an overwhelming sense of pleasure in its absence. I begin to grind against him, meet him thrust for thrust, and he takes the cue that I’m ready and quickens his pace.

I scream, unable to hold back my cries of pleasure as he drives into me over and over again. I can feel the heat deep inside of me building as he pounds on and on, taking everything I have to give and more. He groans as I begin to writhe on him, determined to take all of him that I can manage.

“That’s it, baby. Feel me,” He growls. He leans down and kisses me hard again, pulling me into him. He’s still wearing his t-shirt and it’s the only barrier between us now. I need to be closer to him.

“Take off your shirt,” I plead, and he looks down at me, uncertain for a moment, his movement slowing.

“I won’t touch you,” I promise. “I just want to feel you against me.”

I can see him turning the decision over in his mind as he plunges into me again. I cry out once more and he growls as he reaches over to grasp the collar of his shirt and yanks the fabric over his head. I moan at the delicious contact of his skin pressing into mine as he lowers himself onto me again, resuming his relentless rhythm.

“Christian!” I moan as the quickening begins and I know I’m getting close.

“That’s it, Ana. Give it up for me,” He says. His pace quickens and I’m almost at the edge, feeling every satisfying inch of him deep within me.

“Come for me, Anastasia,” He orders, and at his words, I feel myself shatter into a million pieces as my orgasm rips through me.

“Fuck!” He yells, his fervor increasing as he pounds into me harder. There is a faint rippling sensation as I feel him come, emptying himself into me, and after his last quick thrust, he collapses on top of me.

“Jesus Fucking Christ, Ana,” He says breathlessly as he rolls over to rest beside me. I can’t speak. All I can do is breathe and focus on the blissful euphoria enveloping me.

“Are you okay?” He asks. I turn to look at him, a smile breaking across my face.

“Okay?” I ask, a short breathy laugh escaping my lips at the ridiculous question. “I’ve never been this good in my life.”

“That was pretty fucking incredible,” He says. “We’re perfect together, and now, you’re mine. In every way. Only mine.”

“Yours,” I agree.

He looks at the bedside table again and then back down at me.

“Kiss me,” He says, leaning down to press his lips tenderly against mine. I lift my head, angling it to kiss him back, and as I do, I hear the loud explosion of fireworks from outside the window.

“Happy New Year,” Christian says, and he rolls over on top of me again.

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